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At Indy, we understand the desire to strike out on your own. That’s what indies do. They seek ways to become as independent as they possibly can. If you are an indie you may have noticed something: your full-time employee friends are a little jealous. They probably tell you they wish they could do what you do, or that they'd love to set their own hours, or that they've got a great idea for a business they want to start. Well, they are not alone.

A new survey from SWNSDigital shows that more than half of all workers in America have this same desire, whether that’s to start a business or work as an independent professional.  

Of course, many won’t take the next step to be fully independent because of the risks involved. But as many as 40%, according to the survey, are already working freelance on the side. Isolation due to COVID-19 has inspired many people to contemplate a career change, and working for oneself and setting one’s own schedule is a huge motivator for people. 

One fascinating finding was that most people think they’re prepared for the challenge, ”In fact, 68% of employees believe they already have a skill, hobby or passion that they could turn into a successful small business with the proper resources, including passions for writing (42%), baking (34%) and graphic design (32%).”

68% of employees believe they already have a skill, hobby or passion that they could turn into a successful small business.

It may be that the belief in one's self and drive to success are the most important pieces of success, at least that's what most of those surveyed think.

"When asked which skills and personality traits were essential for entrepreneurial success, current and would-be small business owners alike agreed that ambition (50%), creativity (46%) and customer service skills (47%) were at the top of the list."

As the survey shows, an increased workload is one of the biggest fears that many have about joining the independent workforce. There is no doubt, it is one of the most difficult parts about being a freelancer. Indies are those who have taken that risk and we are here to help make that journey as successful as possible. 

Read the rest of the survey results from SWNSDigital here

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