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Introducing ‘Digital Assistant’: Your Very Own AI Assistant for Writing Contracts and Proposals

Mar 30, 2023
(updated: May 17, 2023)
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The freelancing world is continually evolving as new technologies are released. Our goal at Indy is to keep you on the cutting edge, so you can deliver high-quality work to clients with tools that make your work life easier.

We are excited to introduce your new Digital Assistant, an experimental ChatGPT-powered tool that helps you write contracts and proposals faster than ever! The world of AI is moving quickly, and it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Or how to take advantage of these tools as a freelancer. 

We want to humanize this revolutionary new tool and make it helpful to your everyday work. By leveraging the power of automation with Indy’s new AI-powered Digital Assistant, you can spend even less time on non-billable tasks and focus more on delivering great work to clients!

How Does Digital Assistant Work?

Sometimes it's challenging to know what to say when writing certain sections of contracts, for example, the Description of Services. That’s where Digital Assistant comes in. You can automatically generate the first draft of contracts and proposals in seconds, making it easier to edit and refine the content to your needs.

Here’s how it works for drafting contracts, proposals, and emails on send pages:


So how does it work? It’s simple. Just click the little icon in the bottom right of the text box in Steps 3 and 7 of your Contract Project Agreement template to rewrite the content automatically. 

That’s it!

Indy Digital Assistant

Once your request is processed, we recommend you read through the content to make sure it’s to your liking. You can easily edit any text that you’d like to change. As of now, Digital Assistant can only be found in Steps 3 and 7 of the Contract Project Agreement template, but it may expand to other areas of your contracts in the future.


Your Digital Assistant works the same way for Proposals and can be used for any text blocks. That means you can draft all of the content in your proposal using Digital Assistant if you wish!

In each section, type the headline you would like the text box to be about, and that headline will prompt your Digital Assistant to generate the content you need.

For example, if you need a section to describe the scope of the project, just write “Scope of Work,” and your Digital Assistant will begin writing a detailed scope of work statement.

Indy Digital Assistant

Digital Assistant is perfect for any areas that feel daunting to write or when you just want to zip through creating a proposal!

Send Pages

You can also use your Digital Assistant to draft email messages when sending invoices, contracts, and proposals through Indy. Just browse through a list of options and pick the prompt that best suits your needs, and it’s ready to send!

When Can I Try Digital Assistant?

Digital Assistant is currently in Beta. You can try it now to see how these features speed up your contract and proposal creation. Check out our help article to see exactly where and how to start using your new Digital Assistant. As always, we would love to hear your feedback so we can refine the experience.

Wrapping Up

As a freelancer, there are many administrative tasks you have to complete each week to keep your business running, like proposals and contracts. The problem is these tasks take time out of your day that could be spent on other important items that get you paid. We hope that Digital Assistant helps speed up the time it takes to create proposals and contracts, so you can focus on growing your business.

Until next time,

- Jonathan Ramos, Co-Founder of Indy

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