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Introducing Indy’s All-New Free Plan

Nov 16, 2022
(updated: Dec 1, 2022)
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We have exciting news coming to you as an indie! Indy is officially unveiling an all-new Free plan. As you may know, Indy has two different plans: Free and Pro Bundle. Our previous free version gave you full access to Tasks, Chats, and Calendar, but limited the number of Proposals, Contracts, Forms, Invoices, Files, and Time Tracks you could create and send each month.

Well, we’re happy to announce that you will now have unlimited use of all nine of Indy’s basic tools for free. Yep! You read that right! Indy’s tool suite is now free forever with no limits to how often you can use their basic features. 

Why are we making all of our basic tools available for free? Because we want to help every freelancer be successful, and that means giving you the tools to “own it”: Your business, your work, and your money.

Let’s break down what this means for both of our plans: Free and Pro Bundle.

What’s included in the new Free plan?

You might be familiar with Indy’s previous free version, which was a great way to get a feel for each of Indy’s productivity tools. 

Our all-new Free plan says goodbye to the previous limits placed on our tools by giving you unlimited use of Indy’s nine basic tools…free forever!

Now you can create and send:

✔️Unlimited Proposals

✔️Unlimited Contracts

✔️Unlimited Forms

✔️Unlimited Invoices

✔️Unlimited Tasks

✔️Unlimited Time Tracks




Our commitment to you is that you will never have to pay a dime for the Free plan.

With Free, you’ll have everything you need to manage your independent business, and you can use them as often as you want!

What does this mean for the Pro Bundle?

While our Free plan gives you unlimited access to Indy’s basic tool suite to fully manage your business from beginning to end, the Pro Bundle will give you more advanced features and expanded functionality. 

What kind of advanced features can you look forward to when you choose to upgrade? 

You’ll get plenty of ways to make your branding shine, cross-functionality between Indy’s tools, and integrations with third-party apps, including another major feature we recently announced: Zapier integration. Zapier helps you create automated workflows to put your recurring tasks on autopilot, empowering you to get more work accomplished in far less time. 

Automation will be a big theme of the Pro plan, so you can expand upon our already powerful tool suite.

Think of the Free plan as getting front-row tickets to your favorite concert and the Pro plan as getting backstage passes. You won’t be missing out on the big show, but you’ll get a deeper experience.

The Pro Bundle lets you save time with increased automations, integrations, and customization. You can learn more about everything the Pro plan has to offer in our help guide.

Despite the new automations coming to the Pro Bundle, our pricing hasn’t changed. You can upgrade and take advantage of an automated workflow for just $9/month or $6.75/month if you pay yearly!

Wrapping up

We appreciate you considering Indy to be the software solution for managing your independent business and look forward to continuing to ensure your best success. You are the future of work, and we’re excited to give you the tools you need to take back control of your time, your freedom, your money, and your work.

Until next time,

✌️Team Indy

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