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New pricing taking effect August 3rd

We founded Indy to help make freelancing simpler and empower independent professionals around the world to own it: their work, their success, and their way of life.

Over the last year, we have grown and improved our platform to respond to the needs of our customers. There’s so much more we have planned ahead that we can’t wait to show you.

As a result of working toward these plans and continuing to deliver a quality product to you, we have some increases in our operating costs.

Starting August 3rd, 2022, the value of our monthly Pro subscription will increase from $5.99 to $9. Our yearly plan will continue to reward subscribers with three months for FREE. The Yearly plan will cost $6.75/month ($81/year).

Here’s a visual overview of what that looks like:

Want to lock in today’s pricing?

If you aren’t subscribed yet, you can do so before August 3rd to lock in today’s prices for the lifetime of your subscription. Just sign into Indy and hit the Upgrade button to get started.

Good news for existing subscribers

We’re pleased to announce that existing subscribers will continue enjoying today’s prices for the lifetime of their current subscription. There are some additional details we want to highlight in this quick FAQ:

Q: I’m a yearly subscriber. How does this impact me?

A: It doesn’t! You can just kick back and relax with a margarita on the beach or wherever your happy place is. As long as you keep your current subscription active, you’ll continue enjoying today’s yearly price of $4.49/month ($53.88/year).

Q: I’m a monthly subscriber. How does this impact me?

A: You’re sitting pretty with your existing $5.99/month subscription as long as your current subscription remains active. That said, if you want to save a little bit more, you have until August 3rd to switch to the yearly plan and get three months off, which equates to $4.49/month or $53.88/year (down from the $71.88 you’re paying for a year on the monthly plan). You can make this change under the Plan page of your Account Settings. If you switch to yearly on or after August 3rd, it will be at the new yearly price.

Q: What happens if I unsubscribe temporarily?

A: If after August 3, 2022, you downgrade to a free account and then decide to upgrade to Pro again, it will be considered a new subscription at the new price point.

Want to help your friends save time and money?

Love Indy and have some friends you think could benefit from using it? Refer to them today by clicking “Get a month free” inside of Indy (found in the left-hand sidebar and your user menu in the top right) to refer friends and get rewarded when they join and subscribe.

If they subscribe before August 3rd, they’ll lock in today’s prices for the lifetime of their subscription.

That’s all, folks!

Thank you for being a valued subscriber or someone who’s considering Indy for your business admin needs. We look forward to continuing to deliver a great product that makes your work life easier.

✌️ Team Indy