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Freelance content writers looking for work
Erica Rosas
Dec 30, 2020
Business Development

Nine Companies With Content Writing Jobs for Freelancers

Starting out as a freelance writer and embarking on a new writing career can be stressful. Although there is no shortage of job opportunities in the virtual marketplace, it can still feel challenging to find a great job that allows you to show off your writing skills and pursue content creation online. 

Fortunately, there are dozens of websites that freelance writers can use for finding work. Interested in getting paid to write from the comfort of your own home? Keep reading to learn more about where to go to land the freelance writing gigs of your dreams.


FlexJobs is a job board specializing in flexible, freelance, and part-time jobs. Although FlexJobs requires a fee, it prides itself on offering vetted job opportunities (not scams or ads) that allow freelance writers to search for potential clients (and vice-versa). Additionally, members of FlexJobs are given access to numerous job search resources, which can be used for helping them land the perfect online job. With its emphasis on flexible jobs and working conditions, FlexJobs has something to offer for just about everyone.


With thousands of writers offering content creation and writing blog posts for customers, iWriter is a great site for freelance writers to get started with their writing career. After prospective writers provide writing samples that are analyzed by iWriter experts, they can begin tackling assignments that potential clients can decide to purchase or decline. As they continue writing more, writers have the opportunity for earning more money for each assignment, making iWriter a potentially lucrative job site for dedicated, full-time freelance writers.


As the world's largest remote talent platform, Upwork is full of writing opportunities for freelance writers. Whether you're hoping to specialize in writing for digital marketing, copywriting, ghostwriting, or more, the sheer amount of freelance work available on Upwork makes it one of the top job sites that are currently active. However, there is a downside of Upwork: it takes a percentage of each freelance writer's pay after they successfully bid on a project. Although this is hardly uncommon among job boards, it may be worth factoring into your job searching considerations.


Guru is a popular job site for writers and translators. It works by allowing writers to post writing samples or sample blog posts on their profile; then, writers can bid on potential clients' projects, or clients can approach writers in whom they're interested for specific projects. Guru also offers its writers a virtual workspace to allow you to invoice clients or work with other writers. Although Guru does charge fees for its usage, its writers are also able to set their own rates and can customize invoices to be sent on their ideal schedule.


If you're looking for a job site where potential clients are looking to hire freelancers who are comfortable writing for digital marketing projects and/or high-tech operations, Freelancer.com may be a great first stop. Although there are hundreds of writing gigs on Freelancer.com, most of them are often more focused on copywriting, technical writing, and translations. The website, similar to others described here, allows writers to bid on projects that can range from brief assignments to longer-term opportunities. If you're looking for an online job that allows you to make money with your writing skills, Freelancer.com is worth checking out.

Constant Content

In the field of content creation and social media engagement, Constant Content is a giant. They focus on allowing freelance writers to generate content for websites, blogs, and social media accounts, ranging from SEO-friendly blog posts to industry-specific articles. Writers have the option to respond to a call for articles or write material for an on-demand content catalog that potential clients can shop from directly. If you're interested in digital marketing or have a specialized area of expertise, Constant Content may be home to a great writing opportunity for you.

The Writer Finder

Just as its name suggests, The Writer Finder specializes in finding freelance writers and pairing them with potential clients looking for writers with specific skill sets. How does it work? Clients pay a fee to be matched with 3-5 writers, and then they select the one with whom they're interested in working. Writers are promised a steady stream of work and the ability to write about a wide variety of topics. As one of the newer job sites on this list, The Writer Finder is an intriguing project that could appeal to a wide range of freelance writers looking for a unique challenge.


Contena is a job site with a clean interface and easy-to-navigate design that offers plenty of opportunities for freelance writers. Writers on Contena are able to show off their writing portfolios to attract potential clients, take courses and receive coaching from other users, and set their own rates. Although writers are required to pay a fee to access the site, Contena prides itself on offering enough high-quality, well-paying job opportunities to make up for it.


As one of the most popular content creation sites on the web, Textbroker is a great resource for anyone looking for freelance writing gigs related to content creation or website content. Textbroker also offers translation services and prides itself on providing content in any field, so if you have a rare or unusual area of expertise, Textbroker may be a great place to help you find potential clients in need of your knowledge. With past clients such as eBay and Staples, Textbroker could be an effective tool to kickstart your freelance career.

Get Tools To Help Your Freelance Career

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