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Scope of Work Template for Digital Marketing

May 8, 2023
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Businesses can't escape from the fact that they need to complete online marketing. And there are lots of digital marketing agencies that are available to complete complex projects. If you're offering this service, then you might want to write a digital marketing scope of work template for clients.

When you write a scope of work template for digital marketing, then you are providing the client with set expectations so that they can compare the work provided with the deliverables. Luckily there are lots of templates for digital marketing scope of work, and we will detail how you can create a marketing agency scope of work. And will also provide a sample editable marketing scope for you to base your own. Finally, we will detail how Indy, the freelancer support platform, can help you with managing any digital marketing project.

Why Write a Marketing Agency Scope?

Marketing campaigns and projects are very complex. What you think is a sensible deliverable can be completely different for the clients. One of the common mistakes made during the provision of a marketing project is that generalized terms are used, like social media campaign, social media management, email marketing management, etc.

However, there is no definition of what these tasks mean and the marketing strategy from agency to agency can vary. So without clear direction, the client might be disappointed or the marketing agency might be over exceeding the stated scope of work that the client would like.

Therefore, it is important to have a project scope of work from the very start. With the work template, you can then manage the contracts better, retain clients and reduce costs.

The scope of work is also there to say what the client needs to do for the work to be completed. For instance, they might need to provide passwords, login details, and more. It should also detail when the client is going to pay invoices.

One of the most important reasons why you need to write a marketing scope is that it should be detailed enough that anyone can pick it up and manage the marketing project.

What is Included in the Digital Marketing Scope of Work?

Several key aspects must be included within the digital marketing scope of work. Including all of these sections allow you to properly manage the contract and ensure that both you and the client are happy.


This section is an introduction to the specific needs of the contract. It will include the agency name, the client name, and the generalized services that are being offered. You should be specific when they are taking on certain work, like website design, social media marketing, email marketing, and more.


Next, you need to list all the deliverables for the client's expectations. One of the common mistakes that are made in this part of the marketing agency scope is that the results of the campaigns are often listed. However, these cannot be guaranteed.

What you should do is list what tasks are being completed, the services being offered and what will be supplied.

This list tells the client what they are getting which is specific to generalized tasks. Digital marketing agencies should be relatively precise here. So instead of saying content for social media, it should list the number of pieces of content that are to be produced and in what time frame.

You might also need to determine exactly when the deliverables can be expected for the client. For instance, when doing social media marketing campaigns, you might need to say that you're going to offer five pieces of content between 50 and 60 words with one free-to-use image that will be delivered by noon every day.

Or for a blog marketing scope, you might want to include how many words, images, and SEO scores and perhaps that they will be delivered by Thursday.


Timelines for a marketing campaign project are really important. You need to start when information from the customer needs to come in and when the project will be delivered. For instance, you will need to say that blog titles will need to be delivered by the client by the Monday end of the day, first drafts completed by Wednesday noon, the editor completes work within 24 hours and then the client can review the content by Friday noon.

The timeline is a great way to ensure that everyone meets the deadlines for deliverables, and this includes the goals. It can also work as a great way for you to build a working template that others can use.


This section is breaking down the marketing project into tasks and subtasks that need to be completed by the marketing agency team and the client. It can assign tasks to specific individuals and help them to complete the work.

Each task should be assigned to someone. In large digital marketing agencies, you might assign a backup person to cover holidays and absences.

At the same time, you will need to consider the clients' responsibilities. They will need to know who should be communicating with your team and ensuring that all the information that you need to deliver at the times specified in other parts of the document.


To complete at work, you will need to have lots of resources for the marketing scope to be delivered successfully. For this, you will need to speak to the client and ensure that they provide you with resources. You will also need to detail what resources you are offering to use for your client.

You should also detail costs for the resources should they be added to the fees that you are charging them. For instance, you might offer a royalty-free image per social media content or blog post. You can use free images, or you can say that you need payment for any premium images used within the marketing campaign project.


As part of the work template, you need to assign everyone to their specific roles. This should not just include those individuals who have responsibilities for the marketing campaign project's goals, but also those who are managing the contract.

It also needs to detail who is responsible for ensuring the quality of the marketing scope deliverables. If there is a problem with the quality of work like a blog post needs some revisions, who is going to deliver this change?

You need to also assign roles to your client. Who is going to be responsible for the payment of invoices, who is going to deliver the content briefs, who is reviewing content, etc?


Every marketing scope of work will need to have some form of management. Whether you're delivering a basic marketing research scope or a more extensive marketing scope of work for you to deliver a wide range of services there needs to be someone who monitors the performance.

Some of the things that you might need to do are to consider who is arranging all the work and who is responsible for ensuring deadlines are matched.

In addition, there needs to be a section that details the cancellation of the contract. Be sure to offer protection for you here, and ensure there is a sensible cancellation period, of at least 14 days, if not longer.


Be sure that you have a section where the client's management team has signed to acknowledge they've read the marketing scope and understand their responsibility and what you're offering.

How Can Indy Help a Digital Marketer?

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Creating a marketing agreement is essential when you're a digital marketing company offering services to clients. It is a relatively simple document that can be enhanced with the free templates from Indy. Why not check out Indy’s tools and templates today?

Example Digital Marketing Agreement

Here is a sample marketing scope of work that you might consider using for a new client.


Digital Marketing Company A has been offered a chance to help Retail Business A with its latest marketing campaign project. The main services that will be delivered include writing blog posts and using email marketing.

Part of the process will be delivering content that will appeal to the target audience of the client. The work required by the client is predictable and there is no on-demand part of the process. Therefore, it is easy for both parties to set deadlines for the work to complete marketing goals.


Several deliverables are essential for effective scope delivery. These are:

  • Three blog posts are delivered every week on Thursday by 4 pm.
  • Two email marketing campaigns written and scheduled, delivered by Friday 10 am.

For this to be complete, the client needs to deliver these items to the service provider.

  • A brief description of the content they would like written about by Monday 4 pm.
  • Email marketing brief by Wednesday noon.
  • Access to the website to upload content.
  • Access to the email marketing system.


For the successful completion of the marketing campaign, the project must be carefully managed. Therefore, the timeline below must be followed very carefully.

By Monday 4 pm - A brief description of the blog post content is required to be delivered by the client.

By Monday 5 pm - Writers assigned to blog posts.

By Tuesday 5 pm - First drafts of the blog posts delivered by the writing team.

By Wednesday Noon - Email marketing brief delivered to the service provider.

Wednesday 1 pm - Email marketing team to create an email marketing campaign.

By Wednesday 5 pm - Editor to have checked blog posts for spelling errors and factual accuracy.

Thursday 10 am - Management team to deliver the first draft to clients.

Thursday 11 am - Email marketing draft to be submitted.

Friday 10 am - Client to have reviewed blog posts and email marketing draft.

Friday 5 pm - Complete upload and scheduling of all content.


For the project to be completed successfully several tasks need to be completed. For this, the tasks that are needed, with the party responsible will include:

Digital Marketing Company
  • Management of the writers, editors, and team uploading the content.
  • Delivery of briefs to writers.
  • Delivery of work samples to client.
  • Uploading of content to the website and email marketing system.

The Client
  • Delivering briefs to the marketing agency.
  • Reviewing work samples to ensure they are happy with the content.
  • Payment of the invoice.


Numerous resources are required for the successful completion of the marketing project. These include:

  • Access to all website logins.
  • Premium images (paid for by the client).
  • Access to any experts that might be required by the audience.


Numerous tasks need to be completed for the project to be completed successfully. Aaron from the digital marketing agency will deliver all project materials, collect feedback from the client and ensure that deadlines are met. They will also manage all the self-employed writers.

For the retailer, Beth will be responsible for all communications between Aaron and the company.

Payment for the work completed is to be completed by the accounting team at Online Retailer. Payments need to be made by the 14th of each month.


Arron (Digital Marketing Agency) and Beth (Online Retail Client) are the management team on both sides of the contract. Arron is there to check that all the work submitted matches the quality of the project that is required. Beth is to double-check the work submitted.

In addition, the online retail client has the option to cancel the contract at any time, in writing with 14 days' notice.

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