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Ben Zampa

Independent web designer
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About me

Hello! I am an independent web designer based in Airdrie, AB, Canada. I started building websites for friends and family members who ran small businesses and artist portfolios, which sparked my passion for web design. I treat each website I build as if it's my own and I will not be satisfied with my work until you are as well. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have - I'm easy to work with and I'm very adaptable to your unique needs.

My roles and specialties

Web Designer

UX Design, Web Hosting, eCommerce site

What is the latest project you completed?

The latest website I built was for a local artist in Airdrie who needed a space to showcase her large portfolio of work. This was a big undertaking as she also had hundreds of blog posts that needed to be ported over from her previous website. I enjoyed the challenge of both designing new elements to the site while also retaining her large body of work and finding a way to make them mesh well together.

How do you continue to grow your professional skills?

Every day I try to work on furthering a new skill in the web design space. I build practice sites for fun to test out new concepts, and I also subscribe to a number of industry newsletters to keep up-to-date on the latest trends. In my spare time, I also take a number of online courses to learn new skills in building e-Commerce sites, as this is an ever-changing area of the web design scene.

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