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Cheniece Patrick, VA Solutions

locationRichland, MS United States

Cheniece Patrick

DON'T pay | Hire a VA
Cheniece Patrick, VA Solutions

About me

Small Business Owner, YOUR job should be simpler..

Get the job done without hiring an inexperienced employee and paying out their salary, taxes, benefits, and overhead...

Save time and money, and work with me to streamline and simplify your many demanding business processes with proficiency. Stop spending half of your day tied up in administrative work, and create some work/life balance (without employees). Experience the ease that a business owner like yourself has worked hard to earn.

I remotely assist small business owners: I free up their time from being tied up in too many busy and time-consuming daily administrative tasks. Then, they are open to finally tackle the higher-level work that requires their effort...

Administrative, Technical, Research, Design, Social Media, Marketing, Writing, Project Management, Business Development, Online Business Management

My roles and specialties

Virtual Assistant

Administrative Assistant, Copywriting, Project Management

Social Media Management

Content Creation, Engagement, Targeted Ads

What is the latest project you completed?

I've recently just helped an entrepreneur Client with some business development. I assisted her with the legal details and requirements of forming her business. She was able to take actionable and ordered steps from consulting with me, and she finally had the free time to do so while I took care of her more minor "busywork".

What kinds of projects are you open to?

As a skilled Virtual Assistant, most of my Clients' projects fall within one of three categories. Because so, I'd say that I've come to be most open to administrative, technical, or creative projects for my Clients.

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