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Revel Roan Copy & Design

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locationMontgomery, TX United States

Kristyn R. Guerra

Copywriter and Content Strategist
Revel Roan Copy & Design

About me

Hey there! I'm Kristyn. The copywriter, content strategist, and creator behind Revel Roan Copy & Design. I'd best describe myself as a goal-driven individual with a proven track record of growing & expanding existing branding strategies as well as target audiences. My unique skill set focuses on creative & collaborative media strategies, content creation, digital & print advertising, intuitive copywriting, creative writing, and media marketing consulting. I innately possess a keen eye for detail and convergent thinking and thoroughly enjoy thinking outside the box. My productive skills are exemplified in proofreading, editing, & strategically conveying a brands' message through the fine art of the English language. I'm passionate about providing optimal customer service, engagement, retention, and exemplifying my clients' message in copy, tone, and voice. I'm motivated to exceed expectations in my realm of expertise & deliver exceptional works.

My roles and specialties


Content Creation, Technical Writing, Creative Writing

Digital Content Strategist

Logo Creation, Business Cards , Content Strategy

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What makes you uniquely special?

I take an intuitive and creative approach with my clients when it comes to obtaining their overall content & creative goals. As a copywriter, my job is to make your already existing content POP to your current, congruent, and potential clientele. I can create conceptual content & creative writing as well as refresh your already existing content to more so, cohesively invoke your branded voice in a way that not only reaches your target medium, it entices broader mediums to your unique brand & message. I process copy intuitively and communicate with you through an intrinsic process using the voxer app till I produce the perfect copy for your specific brands' message. I also produce content for social media stories, advertisements as well as radio & tv ads. I convey your brand, tone & message in an engaging way that leaves the audience eagerly anticipating your next work. Dependent on the package agreed upon, I can either do a complete refresh on your already existing content, produce creative content for multi-purpose digital use or create conceptual copy to best suit your needs.

Why do you love doing what you do?

I thoroughly enjoy the process of creating conceptual pieces of work, content creation & more so, specifically bringing clients inner most thinking, ideas & voice to life within the magic of copywriting.

As a proud graduate of Texas Tech University, I found my love for copywriting and content creation within the realm of media marketing. I obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Media Strategies as well a dual minor in psychology & social work respectively while attending Texas Tech University. My education brought with it a love for agricultural communications, western heritage, copywriting for various business mediums, platforms and creative, engaging content creation for multi-use and cross-channel communication through digital marketing.

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