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Ask A Doula Newborn

locationAtlanta, GA United States

Tenisha Bibbs

Pregnancy & Postpartum Health Coach | Lactation Counselor
Ask A Doula Newborn

About me

Dr. Tenisha Bibbs is a 10-year Postpartum Doula, a Pregnancy and Postpartum Health & Wellness Coach, a Lactation Counselor, and the founder of Ask A Doula Newborn Services. She lovingly nurtures and educates new mommies on how to care for their infant at home, and how to practice self-care, and she helps families embrace having a new sibling.

My roles and specialties

Account Support Manager

Are all the ADNCS trained?

Yes, all ADNCS are trained in newborn care, basic lactation, and identifying postpartum and sleep training.

Visit our website for more FAQ.

When can I start sleep training?

1. When the pediatrician releases the baby to sleep longer than 3 hours.

2. The baby doesn't have a serious medical condition

3. He or she drinks enough calories during the day

4. Do They show signs of sleeping longer at night?

Please keep in mind your baby's night will not look like an adult night.

Sample night sleep schedule 9pm-2am or 8pm-2am

Ask A Doula Newborn Services typically start sleep training at 6 weeks old. We no longer sleep train at 4 weeks old.

Visit our website for more FAQ.

When can I start my services?

You can start your services the day when you get released from the hospital.

Visit our website for more FAQ.

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