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Adriana Dickerson

Art Director + Designer

About me

I am an art director and designer currently based in Charlotte. I concept campaigns and build digital/traditional identities for brands in order to create content that leverages human insights and cultural trends across platforms.

My roles and specialties

Art Direction


Social Media

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What kinds of projects are you open to?

My heart is truly within advertising and branding. Through a combination of compelling visual expression, close attention to detail and strategic rationale I love to help bring brands to life by telling their unique stories. I understand how important it is to create a brand identity that not only captivates a target demographic but propels the business into the realms of long-term success.

Branding and advertising extend far beyond tactics and visuals, it’s the feeling it evokes when people see it for the first time, it’s the way it is able to grow with its audience overtime whilst still remaining true to the brand values. Ultimately design is an investment, but when done right, one that can bring so much value and growth.

What is your primary focus as an independent professional?

While I like to create brands that are rooted in strategy and filled with cultural relevancy, the most important factor is holding a brand accountable to a compelling narrative. My goal is to leverage critical human insight and cultural trends to build identities for brands that are revolutionary. Whether your goal is to launch a new brand, refresh an existing brand, or re-imagine your brand, I specialize in creating brands that are impactful and stay impactful.

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