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Brita Loppnow

All things Human Resources | Interim HR + Consultant
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About me

Hi! I'm Brita, and I founded Prosper HR to provide expert boutique HR consulting and fractional HR services to help your business grow.

I am a certified SHRM-CP HR consultant dedicated to being a trusted partner and advisor. I bring 10 years of HR experience from working at start-ups and large organizations like McKinsey & Company.

I have a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) with a concentration in Strategic Leadership and Organization Behavior and I'm a certified Life and Career Coach (CLC).

I primarily work with startups and small to mid-size businesses to create operational structure, refine HR processes, design HR functions, and navigate through a wide range of your Human Resources and business needs.

I look forward to working together!

My roles and specialties

HR Consultant

Strategic HR Projects, People Intiatives, Transformation Projects

Fractional HR Support

Let’s connect

Who are some of the clients you have worked with?

I have worked with a variety of clients in different industries and of varying sizes. I primarily work with startups and small to mid-sized businesses. The commonality of each client is that my clients are within the technology sector.

My clients have been involved in robotics, SaaS, online professional services providers, ecommerce, website designers, real estate, education, and more!

I've worked with clients with teams as small as 5 employees up to 300, and even McKinsey & Company which has tens-of-thousands employees.

I specialize in clients who are based in California and specifically the San Francisco Bay Area. Most of my HR experience was based from what I learned while living in SF, and because there are many unique labor laws and nuances to HR in California, I'm proud to have learned the ropes there initially. I have worked with clients in other states too like Washington, Pennsylvania, Illinois, New York, Massachusetts, Maine, Georgia, and Texas. I have worked with global clients located in Canada, Costa Rica, South America, Turkey, Scotland, UK, and more!

Why do you love doing what you do?

I love what I do for several reasons:

  1. I am able to share my expertise with my client teams and become an HR partner. I've fully committed myself to the People side of every business, and I take pride in the knowledge I've gained. I also know holding onto this knowledge wouldn't serve me well, so I feel lucky to be able to help my clients with their HR needs and share my deep expertise.
  2. I am able to build trusted partnerships with my clients. I get to choose who I work with everyday. I work with clients who I am excited to partner with, who I believe I can serve beneficially, and who have impactful projects. It's a two way street, so I want to work with clients who are also excited to work with me. I'm able to work with clients who understand my value and the impact I can make on their HR function.
  3. I get to spend time with my dogs. I'll admit, I am somewhat of a workaholic, so having my dogs by my side day after day is incredibly rewarding. After working in a coporate setting for four years, I was burnt out. I worked long hours and it didn't feel like it was worth it. I decided it was more important to work long hours knowing it's worth it because I'm excited about what I am doing and which clients I was helping. On top of it, my dogs make excellent co-workers and often make a cameo appearance on client calls.

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