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Dena Nguyen

Art Director, Designer, & Content Creator

About me

I’m an art director, designer, and content creator based in Texas. I love the challenge that creativity brings as I’m constantly inspired to think, create, and design in different ways that are fun, impactful, and innovative. I graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor in Visual Communication from UTA and am currently working as a freelance designer and full time art director at The Marketing Arm.

For the moments I feel stagnant and need to relieve stress, I punch bags and pretend I’m Mike Tyson, explore new coffee shops, and enjoy creating design & art related content on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. It’s another outlet for me to express myself, document my creative journey, and bring content that I hope is helpful, inspiring, and enjoyable for others.

My roles and specialties

Art Direction

Graphic Design

Content Creation

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Why do you love doing what you do?

It gives me a sense of purpose that goes beyond just creating designs for businesses. Humans are more driven if there's a mission they're working towards and I believe that what I do is help other businesses and people elevate their brand by visually communicating who they are in an authentic and innovative way. We work for the majority of our lives so I think we should all pursue something we enjoy because a life that's lived hating what you do is no life to live.

Who are some of the clients you have worked with?

Doritos, Comcast, Netflix, Envato Elements, Yellow Images, Advance Auto Parts

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