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locationGrodno, Hrodna Region

Employee 09012021

UI Engineer at Indy

About me

Artur is a Software Engineer with a strong frontend and testing focus. He lives and works in Grodno, Belarus, and is passionate about web technologies and all related fields like graphic design, UX, interaction design, accessibility, typography, server-side engineering, network protocols, and databases.

Outside of programming and helping his wife take care of their two kids, he enjoys charcoal and digital drawing, collecting stamps, as well as reading about local history. After all, he sometimes speaks in local meetups and writes articles on his own blog.

My roles and specialties

Frontend Developer

JavaScript, CSS, HTML

Software Engineer

Programming, Software Testing, Software Design

Web Developer

UI Software Architecture, Single Page Application, Server Side Rendering

Let’s connect

What is the latest project you completed?

I am currently working on an Indy platform as an UI Engineer and Web Developer.

Prior to that, I was involved in the development of user interfaces for several projects (website, landing pages, single-page application) of the German bolkchain startup Lition based in Berlin.

What does the perfect job look like to you?

Definitely where there is a lot of creativity. Work should provide an opportunity to realize oneself in a creative way. I am sure that programming is more a creative process close to the disciplines of art.

What makes you uniquely special?

I am a T-shape specialist. I have deep knowledge and experience in web programming and user interface engineering, but I am also superficial in skills of server-side development, databases, graphic design, typography, and accessibility. I guess that makes me stand out a little.

Who inspires you?

I think I am inspired by any creative and passion person who meets me on the way. It doesn't matter what his profession or specialty is. When you see a professional who loves his job, is passionate about it, it is always very motivating.

How do you continue to grow your professional skills?

I grab new info and knowledge from everywhere - from my team and colleagues, from books, from Twitter feed and Medium blogs, from MOOC-platforms, etc. I am always try to continue learn.

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