Indy Commitment

We exist to give you the power to own it:
your work, your success, and your way of life.

Built for freelancers

Indy is a company of freelancers—just like you—and we’re familiar with the challenges and struggles freelancers face each day: Landing more work, handling clients, and juggling the seemingly never-ending amount of tasks that pile up.

A one-stop shop

Indy is a one-stop shop to get the tools, the resources, and the knowledge you need to manage your independent business from start to finish.

Clear out the chaos

In our experience, having to use multiple services to meet the demands of freelancers only wasted time and complicated the journey. After all, shouldn't freelancing make you feel free?

Freelancing simplified

We're here to simplify freelancing, so you can focus on your work, and, more importantly, bring you closer to the vision you independent way of living. And that starts with having everything you need in one place.

Sebastian Gyr
We believe that with the right tools and resources, indies can use their talents and skills to make a living for themselves, untethered to the demands and systems that keep people from pursuing their dreams.
Sebastian Gyr
Indy CEO

We’ll help you grow professionally and personally

Just because you’re a freelancer doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. We will provide you with the tools, resources, and advice we’ve learned along the way to empower you to grow professionally and personally. In our Indy University, you’ll find useful resources that will help you thrive in the freelancing world.

We’re going to be free to use, forever

We believe you have the right to manage your business no matter what your budget is. That’s why we'll only ask you to pay for premium features and content. Our basic, most useful tools will remain free to use… for everyone…. forever!

We’ll never try to own your client relationships

We’ll give you the platform to establish and nurture amazing client relations, but we’ll never come between you and your client. We will give you tools and resources to grow those relationships on your own.

We’re never going to tell you how to do your job

You're the expert in your field, and while we believe our resources and tools will make your job easier, you have the freedom to get work done your way. Our templates and artifacts will always be editable, so you can personalize them to reflect 100% who you are and what you want to achieve.

We’ll never force you to lower your rates

You deserve to make the money you’re worth, and you shouldn’t have to settle for anything less. You’ll never hear us suggesting you lower your rates and our tools won’t force you to do so.

We’ll always value freelancers' voices

Feedback from our users is extremely important as it helps Indy become better. We’ll always listen to the voice of freelancers and consider their needs when developing new products, functionalities and materials. We have dedicated feedback channels for proposing new features and our customer rating is top notch.

Our team.

At Indy, we both respect the subject-matter expertise of our amazingly talented staff, and acknowledge that the seed of the next big idea can come from anywhere.



We lead with integrity and base decisions on the well being of our community’s work and livelihood.


We empower independent professionals, their work, their communities, and their future.


We make interactions with our products and services easy.


We are adaptive and agile to the ever-changing needs of our community.


We treat people how we wish to be treated.
Together we’re building the future of independent work.

Join us.

We believe that geographic location shouldn't define who can join our team. We’re headquartered in Santa Monica, California, but we also have offices in Warsaw, Poland, where most of our development, product, and design teams work. We support remote work and some of Indy's team members are located in Spain, Croatia, UK, and other places across the world.

We’re a fun, hard-working, and candid culture that thrives on open communication and collaboration between all of our team members.

Indy has an inclusive and diverse work environment and we are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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