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How to Write An Invoice and Get Paid?Indy Notes: Forbes on How to Stay Focused While Working from HomeThe Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing ProposalsGraphic Design Retainer ContractVirtual Assistant Contracts and Template SamplesDigital Marketing Contracts for FreelancersStop Driving Irrelevant Traffic: Why 1 Relevant Lead is Better Than 100 Irrelevant OnesGoing Freelance in 2020: How This Year Has Shaped My CareerBecoming a Freelance BloggerHow to Work Most Effectively, According to Your Enneagram TypeWant a Sample "Follow-Up Email to Client After Sending Proposal?" Here are 5 Templates.How to keep track of progress on freelance projects5 Tips for Getting Started With Freelancing I Wish I Knew SoonerWhen to Send an Invoice to Finish the Payment Process Quickly?Avoiding Project Failure: The Art of Writing ProposalsMarketing Proposal Templates, Free SamplesHow to Write an Invoice for Freelancing Work What is a Freelance Contract? A Quick OverviewHow to Create a Budget for a Small BusinessHow to Write an Executive Summary for Your Proposal?What Is a DBA: Everything You Need to KnowHow To Write An Influencer Contract: 12 Essentials For Your ChecklistHow to Ask Your Client About Their Budget Before Creating a ProposalWhat Is a Model Release Form (and Why Does It Matter)? Collaborating With Clients As A Freelance Web Developer How to Negotiate Your Rate as a Freelance Writer?Late Payment Fees on an Invoice - Everything You Need to KnowProject fee or hourly rate - what should a freelancer choose?How to Tell Clients They Need to Pay MoreHow to Create an Electronic Signature and Sign up for a ContractHow to to manage your freelance business, when you become a parent How To Ask For A Deposit Or An Upfront Payment?How To Successfully Deal With Common Cash Flow Problems in Freelance LifeHow to maximise your pitch acceptance rate with the pre-pitch checklist?Tips to negotiating as a freelance graphic designer.How to Do Your Freelance Marketing in 2 Hour or Less Per Week Statement of work vs. scope of workIndy Guest Post GuidelinesInterview with Nicaila Matthews Okome of Side Hustle Pro Announcing a special Indy partnership we think you’ll love...Is a 10-Hour Work Week Really Possible for Freelancers?Your Simple Guide to Invoice Types for 2021How to write a proposal email?Top Reasons You Should Ask A Client For A DepositHow to Write a Business Proposal?Partial payments: what are those and how to request an upfront payment form your clients?Ways to Generate Freelance Passive incomeHow to get paid faster as a freelancerWhat are Freelancers Health Insurance Options?How Can You Know if a Client is Right for You? Ask Yourself These 5 QuestionsHow to Make the Most of Your Interviews as a JournalistHow Can Freelancers Switch from a Scarcity Mindset to an Abundance Mindset?How Freelancing Allows LGBTQ+ Folks More Agency Over Their IdentityHow to Improve the Cybersecurity of Your Remote WorkforceHow to Write a Winning Upwork Proposal?Why Are Queer Millennials More Likely to Freelance?Miss Independent Serves Freelance Realness on TikTokWhy Do You Freelance? 5 Steps to Build Better Relationships with Freelance ClientsScope of work template: all that you need to know Top 5 Project Management Hacks Every Freelancer Should KnowHow to Plan for Vacations as a FreelancerSmall business owner's thoughts: why should I hire a bookkeeper?Secrets of an Editor: The 8 Worst Things You Can do as a FreelancerBest HoneyBook Alternatives to Manage Your Projects 5 Ways Freelancers Should NOT Use Social MediaHow Hiring Freelancers Can Help You Meet The Post-COVID Public Relations BoomBrainstorming Tips for FreelancersWeb Developer Phillip Lamb On His Career and Why He Loves Coworking at CityCentralHow and Why to Get Reviews as a FreelancerPPP Loan Forgiveness for Freelancers and Other Self-Employed Workers6 Tips for Negotiating Rates Like a ProSix Tips for Avoiding Burnout While Freelancing How Do Digital Nomads in the United States Pay Their Taxes?Surprising Things Freelancers Can (and Should) Ask for in ContractsWhat to Do When a Client Doesn't Pay on Time?Four Strategies to Heat Up Cold IntroductionsIndy Notes: The Guardian on the Dangers of the PRO ActPro Forma Invoice vs. Invoice: What Is the Difference and When to Use Each?Five Questions with Derrick Brown, Poet and Founder of Indie Publishing House Write BloodySecrets of an Editor: How to Negotiate a Higher Rate with MeHow to Break Up with a Difficult ClientThe Freelancer TO DON'T list6 Tactics to Increase Your Productivity as a FreelancerUnconventional Indie: Adrienne Leah, Digital Marketer and Virtual Event PlannerHow Freelancing Can Help You Pay Off DebtA Simple Email Template for Negotiating a Higher RateWhat the PRO Act Means for Female FreelancersHow to Make Your Online Content Accessible for AllFour Ways Freelancers Block Themselves from ScalingThe Art of Gratitude: How to Write Business Thank You LettersWhy You? How to Build a Bulletproof Portfolio to Get Hired By Your Dream Clients12 Tips to Manage Your Freelance Small Business and Your ProjectsFive Questions with Beau Jennings, Indie Rocker8 Top Ways to Make Your Freelance Projects SuccessfulHow Journalists Can Support Their Careers Through Copywriting From 0 to 1: Our Top Tips for New Freelance ProgrammersHow to Write an Invoice for Freelance Work? Tips and TricksHow Freelancers Can Use Clubhouse to Benefit Their CareersSecrets of an Editor: Get My Attention with the Perfect Email Subject LineIndy Notes: Forbes on the PRO ActHow to Keep Your Freelance Work Organized and Keep Yourself SaneUnconventional Indie: Food Photographer Lindsey MossGoing Digital: The Pros and Cons of Virtual TeamsCould the PRO Act Cause You to Lose Your Freelance Work?Getting Started: Top Freelance Tips for BeginnersHow to Sell Adventure StoriesHow to Stop and Prevent Scope CreepFive Questions with Arturo Torres, Three-Time New York Times Bestselling Illustrator9 Best Practices On Optimizing Your Day-to-Day Operations As A FreelancerTime is Money! Top Time Management Tips for FreelancersThe Freelancer’s Secret Weapon: Turning Rejection Into SuccessWhy Every Freelancer Should Open a SEP-IRATips for Finding Freelance Writing JobsThe Best Websites for Freelance Jobs in 2021A Freelance Graphic Design Career: Everything You Need to KnowTop Reasons to Use Time Tracking as a Freelancer5 Software Trends Entrepreneurs and Freelancers Need to Know The Most In-Demand Freelancing Skills and How to Learn ThemFree SWOT Analysis Template: Use This Tool to Plan Your Next StrategyHow to Politely Ask for Payment (with email samples)How Ableism Shows Up in the Freelance WorldWhat's the Best Way to Keep Track of Multiple Projects?As a Freelancer, How Do You Collaborate?Professional Development as a FreelancerHow to Find a Graphic Design Job as a FreelancerFreelancers’ Independence Is At RiskHow to Use Google My Business As a FreelancerFinding A Good Niche For Your Freelance Web Developer CareerIt’s Time for Indies to Take Back the Term “Freelancer” A Freelancer's Guide to Web Design ProposalsA Freelancer’s Guide to the California v Texas Case and the ACAIndependence is the FutureHow to Hire and Manage Multiple Virtual AssistantsHow to Work From Home: Tips for the WFH LifeHow to Be a More Productive FreelancerThe Ultimate Guide to Freelance Writing for BeginnersWriting a Content Marketing Proposal: The Freelancer's GuideWriting a Great Marketing Research Proposal: Outline to CompletionHow to Get Started in Freelance Digital MarketingThe Best Productivity Tools for Freelancers and Remote WorkersBest Productivity Hacks for Freelancers and EntrepreneursTop Success Secrets in Project Management for FreelancersFiring a Client: A Freelancer’s GuideTips to Develop and Maintain Relationships with ClientsHow to Bill a Client in a Professional WayShould I Hire a Virtual Assistant?Self-Care for Writers: The Ultimate Freelancer's Survival GuideEmail templates and tips for connecting with your past clients during COVID-19Follow Up Email Templates After MeetingsHow to Announce You're Becoming a FreelancerExamples of Personal Development and Professional GoalsWhat is the Best Recurring Billing System for Freelancers?What do I need to know if I plan to be a freelancer?How to Become A Freelance Network Engineer4 Brutal Truths About Freelance WorkTips and Advice For A New Freelance WriterIs Being a Virtual Assistant Worth It?How Should I Grow My Freelancing Business?How to Be a Voice Over Artist as a Side GigHow To Manage A Strong, Effective Freelance TeamHow to get genuine clients for freelance content writingTips For Managing Your Small BusinessFreelance Copywriting With Upwork: Is It Worth It?What is a Freelancer Management System and Do I Need One?What is Freelance Teaching?The Project Life Cycle (Phases) - Project ManagementHow Should One Handle Not Getting Paid on Time?Net 30 Payment Terms: Why Should Freelancers Avoid It?How Much Does a Freelance Writer Earn Per Article?How Should You Charge for Freelance Work?Staying Happy While Working Remotely as a Graphic DesignerHow to Set Up a Collaboration Between Freelancers10 Reasons Why Freelancing is Better Than Any 9-5 JobWhy Creative Project Managers are Essential for SuccessHow Freelancers Really Spend Their Time: A Day in the LifeHighly Creative? 6 Tech Careers That Are Perfect for YouStarting a Freelance Business from Scratch: A How-to GuideThe Covey Time Management Matrix Explained: 4 QuadrantsHow Freelancers Can Better Manage Their Time: 5 Key TipsProject Management Processes: Freelancer EditionTop Ways that Copywriters Approach Landing Page Copy5 Automation Tools for Small Business to Start Using Today7 Tips on How to Balance Freelancing and Family6 Things to Do When a Client Doesn’t Like Your DesignsHow To Start A Freelancing Business From ScratchWhat Are the Steps to Beginning an Illustration Career?I Want to Start an Online Business. What should I Do?How Does a SWOT Analysis Help in a Startup?Is Agile the Future for Project Management?How to Collaborate with Your Remote Team9 Tips to Overcome a Creative BlockHow to Get Started Finding and Using a Virtual AssistantHow My Life Changed Since I Became a Full-Time FreelancerHow to Apply Your Skills to Become a Virtual AssistantWhat skills does an online freelance writer need to succeed?5 Signs You Will Enjoy Working as a FreelancerWhat is exactly meant by online freelancing?My Advice to Aspiring FreelancersIs having an inactive social channel bad for your brand?How to Deal with Non-Paying Freelance ClientsThe Ultimate Guide to Starting a Freelance BusinessWhat Is the Future of Copywriting?What Profit Do Freelancers Make and How?How to Choose a CopywriterHow to Stand Out as a Copywriter in a Sea of CopywritersChanging the Project Cost and Deadline26 Freelance Jobs You Can Do From HomeIs a Personal Website Worth It for Freelancers in 2021?How to Manage Multiple Freelance Projects like a ProDo I need a business license to freelance?Where can I find a good freelance business developer?How to Start a Sustainable Freelance Writing Business25 Ways to Find Freelance Writing Jobs (Even in a Pandemic)Can One Be A Freelance System Administrator?The Top 8 Best Alternatives to | By IndyHow to Become a Graphic Designer: 5 Questions You Must KnowIs There a Limit to Innovation and Creativity?How Stressful Is It Being a Work-From-Home Freelance Writer?What is... a matrix organization structure, you may ask?Make The Jump & Learn How To Build A Freelance BusinessHow to Find a Software Engineering Job Working RemotelyWhere can I find freelance product management jobs?How To Use Networking Connections to Start FreelancingHow To Start a Small Freelance Web Development BusinessHow To Find Work As a Freelance Social Media ManagerWhy It’s So Important to Have an Effective Social Media Strategy5 Ways to Find Freelance Writing Jobs (Even Without Experience)Top Tips for Time Tracking for Freelance DesignersHow to Break Into Freelance Advertising and Consulting?What Are Some Tips to a Freelance Writer Just Starting Out?How to Promote My Freelancing Business with LinkedIn?8 Tips for Effectively Marketing Your Freelance BusinessWhat are the Skills Every Freelancer Needs?Getting Started In Entry-Level Writing RolesHow to Manage Time Efficiently as a Software EngineerWhat's the best freelance website for illustrators?How to Start Working as a Freelancer in Digital Marketing
How To Manage More Projects and Meet Your DeadlinesThe Link Between Happiness And ProductivityThe Freelancer’s Top 5 Tips for Networking at EventsHow Much Should a Freelance Writer Charge?5 Jobs For People Who Want to Use Their Creativity at Work Collaborating with Other Freelancers to Grow Your BusinessesFreelancer vs. Employee: Which Is the Better Choice for Me?How Can I Start Working as a Freelancer? A How-To Guide5 Financial Goal-Setting Tips for FreelancersWhat’s Something I Can Do Right Now to Increase My Productivity?What Is the Best Small Business Management Software?What Is a Simple but Good Time Management Tool?How I Built my Freelance Career via Social Media14 Brilliant Computer Desk Organization Ideas and HacksCan a Freelancer Really Become a Good Entrepreneur?6 of the Best Modern Web Data Scraping Tools On the MarketHow to become a successful freelancerDo You See Freelancing as Running A Business?Do I have to be a sociable person to freelance?How can mindfulness improve your productivity?What project management is suitable for small teams?What is the best software for client project management?The Top 8 Project Management Bloggers to Read Right Now16 ways to network remotely when you work from homeWhere to Find Part-Time Freelancing Work to Build a Side GigThe 8 Best Project Management Tools For ArchitectsHow to Effectively Use LinkedIn to Build a Personal Brand6 Events for Freelancers in 20215 Websites to Help You Find Work as a Creative FreelancerHow to get a freelance digital marketing projectA Guide To Registering as a Legal Entity While FreelancingIs freelance digital marketing hard? 4 tips to start todayThe Tools You Need as a Freelance Web or Software DeveloperHow Can Six Sigma Apply to Increasing Productivity?What Is the Best Way to Keep Track of Multiple Projects?Should I Include My Freelancing Experience on My Resume?What is the most difficult part about being a freelancer?Do lunch breaks increase productivity?What Does It Take to Be a Freelancer?How Is Life as a Web Developer Who Works Remotely?Can you use Slack to replace Basecamp? Or is there a third option?8 Tools Every Remote Worker and Freelancer Needs in 2020What is PMP Certification and Can It Help Your Freelancing Career?How to Start a Freelance PR Business6 Steps to Improve your Networking as a FreelancerIs it a good idea to have a daily to-do list?How Did You Start Freelance Writing? A Big Career PivotThe 6 Software Products I Can’t Live Without as a FreelancerWhich is Better, PC or Mac, for Designing/Creative Work?How Do People Become Freelance Consultants?How to Start a Company with Digital Freelancing Today7 Freelance Career Opportunities for Creative IndividualsThe Top 10 Most Creative Job Titles & Why They WorkThe 5 Top Overlooked Careers for Creative IndividualsDesign Without Borders: A 2020 Survey of Freelance CreativesWhat Is the Best Tool to Keep Track of My Startup’s KPIs?How to Manage Your Accounts as a Small Business?Can You Succeed Online Without Personal Branding Today?How to Make Money as a Freelance Facebook Marketer?Alternatives to Atlassian’s JIRA Software, By FunctionHow to Market Yourself Online as a FreelancerWhat Are The Steps to Becoming A Freelance Engineer?Top 5 Freelance Groups on Facebook You Need to Know AboutManaging Multiple Projects as a Freelancer: A How-To GuideHow to manage your tasks from different projects as a freelancer?6 Tips for Becoming a Successful Freelance Project ManagerThe Knowledge Freelancers Need to Know to Build a BusinessA Day in the Life of FreelancerAvoid the "Urgency Trap" with the Eisenhower Matrix5 Effective Freelance Marketing Strategies to Boost BusinessHow to Build a Good Personal Brand StatementWhy Social Media Managers are Underrated & UndervaluedWhat Are the Best Productivity Books for Freelancers?5 Pain Points All Project Managers Face & How to Solve Them4 Top Tips on How to Write Photography Proposals10 Steps to Start a Freelancing Business (On the Side) in 2021The Ultimate Freelancers Guide: Everything You Need to KnowCan You Make Freelancing Your Career? 5 Expert TipsHow to Handle Deadlines- 6 Strategies for More ProductivityShould I quit freelancing and go back to a full time job?How to Structure UX ProposalsThe How & Why of Becoming a Freelancer with Details for 2021Making Sense of the Freelance Business ModelGetting Started in Email Marketing as a FreelancerGrow Your Client Base: Lead Gen for FreelancersNetworking 101 for FreelancersHow Do Freelancers Get The Job? 5 Ways To Land Your Next ClientThe Top 10 Best Project Management Tools for FreelancersWho Are the Top Project Management Bloggers?What Do You Use To Manage Your Freelancing Projects?Use an Action Priority Matrix to Set Freelancer Priorities10 Unconventional Ways to Find Freelance Gigs That WorkHow Does One Become a Freelance Coder?What Are Some Good Time Management Strategies To Use Daily?11 Tips to Hit Deadlines in Your Freelance BusinessHow Many Clients Do You Freelancers Take On a Year?Avoiding Project Failure: Following UpWhy Did You Choose Freelancing Over a Full Time Job?How to Start Working as a Freelancer in the IT IndustryWhat are Action Items and How Can Freelancers Use Them?Don’t Forget the True Purpose of BrainstormingThe Best Places to Find Creative Freelance WorkUsing Action Items to Get More from Your To-Do List4 Tips To Creating a Proposal Cover Letter (& Templates)KPIs Freelancers Can Use to Measure GrowthHow to Write a Design Proposal That Closes Every Time3 Types of Measurable Objectives To Track as a FreelancerHow to Build Trust at Work: Freelance EditionA Freelancers Guide to UX/UI Proposal TemplatesTop 5 Factors in a Successful Brainstorm6 Proven Brainstorming Techniques to Build an Action PlanHow to Write a Freelance Design ContractRules for Brainstorming: A Freelancer’s Guide to Generating IdeasA Freelancer’s Guide to Tracking Business Expenses4 Great Design Tips for Your Home Office 3 Ways to Calm Down at Work When Feeling StressedHow Do You Pay Yourself in a Sole Proprietorship?Quitting the Chaos: How to Not Forget Things at WorkThe Best Websites for Freelance WritingHow to Send a Quote to a ClientA Freelancer’s Guide for Going Back to Work After a Vacation6 Questions To Ask a Business Coach Before Hiring ThemHow to Manage Multiple Projects at the Same TimeChoosing Between A Fixed Mindset vs. Growth MindsetTask Automation Tips and Trick for FreelancersHow to Recover From BurnoutHow to Track Action Items as a FreelancerThe 4 Communication Styles: How to Connect with Clients Effectively Staying Relevant in the Workplace as a Freelancer3 Communication and Collaboration Strategies to Use During ProjectsBlasting Roadblocks: Effective Problem Solving StrategiesHow to Overcome Overconfidence Bias and Grow True ConfidenceGetting Started with BrainstormingHow freelancers and organizations can communicate more effectively How to Write a Cold Email That Will Actually Get a ResponseThe Best Ways to Educate Yourself as a FreelancerGetting Started With FreelancingClient Meeting Note Templates You Can Use TodayHow To Avoid Decision Fatigue Top Tips for Managing Work While Dealing With Life ChallengesHow I Manage My Money as a FreelancerWhat is a digital nomad and what do they do?When Personal Struggles & Mental Health Meet the WorkplaceThe Best Methods for MemorizingTricks & Tips for Remembering People’s NamesHow to Manage Meetings EffectivelyRemove Indy Branding is Here!3 Best Strategies to Overcome BurnoutFreelancer on the RoadHow to Apologize for a Mistake at WorkHow to Say No to a Client or ColleagueHow to Stop Thinking About WorkHow to Find Opportunity with a Point of Contact (POC) TransitionHow to Find Fulfilling WorkHow to Improve Your Focus at WorkHow to Set Goals at Work7 Work From Home Office Setup Tips to Boost ProductivityThe Ebb & Flow of Freelancing WorkThe Ultimate Guide to Time BlockingOur Top 10 Favorite Morning Routine Activities to Jump Start Your DayDealing with recessions: how to prepare and how to surviveThe pandemic productivity struggle is realPayment Processors Comparison ChartTop 5 Things to Know About Late Fees for FreelancersHow to Ask for Client Referrals6 Best Time Trackers for Freelancers in 2020A Neighborhood Guide to Los Angeles Coworking SpacesObjective Strategies Tactics (OST) Document for Goal Setting [Template Download]How to Get Testimonials for your Website or LinkedInBuilding a Website for Freelancers - Part 2Building a Website for Freelancers - Part 1Top Book Recommendations for Digital NomadsHow to Find Networking Events in Los AngelesFour Ways to Make Your Network Stronger in 2020Indy's Favorite Tool for Freelance WritersFreelancer Hourly Pricing CalculatorThe Best Questions for Freelancers to Ask their New ClientsHow to Set Up Boundaries as a FreelancerHow to Stay Motivated as a FreelancerIndy's Favorite Books for FreelancersChoosing the Right Coworking Space for FreelancersThe Ultimate Linkedin Checklist for FreelancersFinding Freelancing CommunitiesHow to Overcome Freelancer Loneliness Without a Coworking SpaceIndies Favorite Ergonomic Workstations for Freelancers on the MoveHow to Make Friends at Coworking SpacesHave Customer Loyalty and CRM Become Synonyms?Digital Transformation Is Not About Tech! It's About PeopleFreelancers Lessons: What Has 2018 Taught Us?Marketing Trends to Keep an Eye On in 2019Customer Follow-ups: Retention Strategy Made Easy6 Tips On How To Build A Scalable BusinessBusiness Card InspirationDIY Benefits: Freelancer Health Insurance & Retirement Savings5 Common Reasons Why Your Proposal Isn't Working (And How To Fix It)How Millennials are Reinventing the Traditional Ideas of Employment5 Free or Cheap Resources for Stock PhotosTop 7 Tips to Ensure You Get Paid for Your Freelance Work!Gentle LivingHaving it All: 5 Tips to Balance Your 9-5 and Side HustleTax Time: 14 Common Freelancer Pitfalls to AvoidTax Time: Which Business Entity is Right for You?Tax Resources for 1099 EarnersIndy Notes: Apple Invests $50 Million in Independent Music Distributor UnitedMastersWhy and How to File Your Quarterly Taxes as a FreelancerLLC vs S Corp: Best Options For FreelancersIndy Notes: Yet Another Thing to Watch Out for While Working From HomeIndy Notes: Moneywise's Tax Tips for FreelancersHow to Find the Best Freelance Clients for Your Business in 2021The Five Questions to Ask Yourself Before Returning to a Full-Time JobShould You Find a Niche or Be a Generalist?Building Your Personal Brand: A How-To GuideFive Questions to Ask Before Quitting Your Job to Freelance Full TimeYou Got Paid! What’s the Best Way to Budget as a Freelancer?What I Wish I Knew Before Going Freelance Full-TimeEverything Freelancers Need to Know about PPP LoansThree Reasons You Should Hire Disabled FreelancersWhat Will Freelancing Be Like Once the Pandemic Ends?Indie Women are Built to Withstand the ChallengesWays Female Freelancers Can Overcome the Gender Pay GapHow Freelancing Helps Women Close the Gender Pay GapIndy Notes: The Struggles of Securing a Mortgage as an IndieStick to Your RatesGoals vs. Objectives and How Freelancers Can Use BothHow a Lack of Rate Transparency Hurts FreelancersHobby vs HustleIndy Notes: Yahoo! Finance On What to Do When a Client Won't PayUnconventional Indie: Cris Edwards of Rescue Squad DesignTips for Getting More Freelance ClientsThe Top Ways to Find Freelance WorkHow to Set and Manage Priorities: Tips for FreelancersHow to Turn Your Passion into a Freelance CareerIndy Notes: Bloomberg Law on How the UK Uber Ruling Affects US Gig Economy WorkersIndy Notes: Survey Says Majority of Americans Want to Work IndependentlyIndy Notes: Forbes on the Need for Boundaries in Your Work RelationshipsHow to Hire a Freelancer for My Startup?Would You Recommend Working with Freelancers?