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A Neighborhood Guide to Los Angeles Coworking Spaces

Jan 29, 2020
(updated: Jun 27, 2023)
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Coworking is continuing to grow and become more prominent, especially in major cities like LA. In this article, we want to break down the different LA neighborhoods and the different coworking spaces you can find there. 

Whether you're looking for a Los Angeles coworking space for the first time, moving to a new neighborhood, or just seeing what office space is out there, this is a great starting place for you! Coworking spaces are one way many freelancers network. If you're hoping to expand your networking opportunities check out our article How to Find Networking Events in Los Angeles.

We've tried to find up-to-date information for every location. However, neighborhood coworking spaces can come and go quickly, so a quick phone call should help you make sure the one you're interested in is still open for business.

Echo Park / Silverlake

Big & Tiny

Big & Tiny caters for workers who need childcare and a place to work. They offer several different plan options that include varying levels of childcare in addition to flexible working spaces in a stylish coworking space. They call themselves a ‘playworking' space to help with the movement of balancing family life and work life.

They management team of this want to make it one of the best coworking spaces in los angeles and around for those who want effective working conditions and childcare. Big & Tiny also has event spaces for both adults and children.

Location: 2624 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, United States

Pricing: Starting at $185/month


Cross Campus

Cross Campus in Pasadena offers multiple options to access one of the best coworking spaces in Los Angeles. In addition to a nap room and great views of the nearby mountains, there are dozens of restaurants in the area to satisfy any cravings you might have. There's also tons of natural lighting and barista serviced bar for when hosting business meetings on-site.

The facilities here offer excellent access to meeting rooms, as well as office space that can cater for freelancers and small business teams, with some coworking spaces of up to 15 people available. Though if you want a private office space, then you can look here too.

Location: 87 N Raymond Ave, Pasadena, los Angeles, CA 91103

Pricing: Starting at $325/month

CTRL Collective

At CTRL Collective there is tons of natural lighting, views of the city, and comfortable furnishings. From hot desks, to dedicated desks, and office suites, there are tons of different options for whatever your needs. CTRL Collective coworking space is also dog-friendly and offers a ton of features from printing, mail services, and complimentary coffee & tea.

There are few options in coworking spaces, Los Angeles that offer the connection to the beautiful surroundings and a pet-friendly space at the same time.

Location: 45 S. Arroyo Parkway, Los Angeles

Pricing: Starting at $199/month

Downtown Los Angeles Coworking Space

Downtown LA, has a range of great locations for you to consider. All offer flexible workspace solutions, that can help you get work down and network.

Serendipity Labs

Experience the benefits of upscale, flexible coworking and shared office space at the downtown Los Angeles based Serendipity Labs. Located in LA's historic Bunker Hill, this office space has a lot of potential.

Thrive in their spacious, modern coworking spaces situated in the stunning City National 2CAL near cultural, dining and entertainment venues. Local artists are featured on the walls of their Lab, enhancing their serene and welcoming space.

They offer flexible full and part-time memberships and a variety of secure customizable office and coworking options to fit your lifestyle. So if you want the same office space on a regular basis, that isn't a problem.

If you're looking for just some event spaces, Serendipity Labs can also offer you an excellent experience in downtown los Angeles, amongst the artists and other cultural highlights of the city.

Location: 350 South Grand Avenue, Suite 150 & 1800, Los Angeles, United States

Pricing: Request Information through their website

Centrl Office

Centrl Office in downtown LA, offers some of the best workspaces, coworking office space or meeting spaces that you can find in Los Angeles. With a stylish coworking space and garden offices available on a wide-variety of plans, you can find the workplace solutions that are best for you here with no problem.

Those on the downtown LA site get access to free tea/coffee, fast wi-fi and other office space essentials. Plus there are private space for telephone calls and access to kitchen/dining room.

Location: 360 E 2nd St, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Pricing: Starting at $95/person/month

The Collection

The Collection is one of the best coworking spaces offering both private offices and shared working spaces in los Angeles. It has an upscale, feel with creatively furnished areas which provide an alternative to other coworking spaces in DTLA. There are great amenities including a cafe and bar, dual kegerator, phone rooms and 10+ GB internet. There's also firewall protection and an onsite IT specialist.

The spaces in los Angeles are perfect for freelancers or getting team rooms. There are also options for a permanent desk, should you need one in los Angeles.

Location: 527 West 7th Street, Los Angeles, United States

Pricing: Contact this location for a price for your needs

Indie Desk

Indie Desk is located in the Financial District in DTLA. It's on it's way to being a tech and creative hub if you want to be part of a developing neighborhood. There are lots of different types of seating from counters, lounge chairs, or shared spaces. There's also your standard perk like fast wifi, snacks, drinks, and more.

Location: 333 South Grand Ave. Suite 3310 Los Angeles CA 90071

Pricing: Starting at $20/day

The Park

The Park is a community where there is a blend of private offices and shared spaces. It's large with over 7,000 square feet. This is a great space for building community from start ups, entrepreneurs, individuals, and businesses. Amenities include conference rooms, kitchen, bar area, and a lounge.

If you're in the fashion space, there's also specific amenities to help you show your work.

The peaceful environment in outdoor workspaces is also good for those looking for wellness rooms, as there are lots of elements and amenities here for that. If you're looking for a dedicated desk, you might feel more at home here too.

Location: 201 – 281 S Figueroa St. Los Angeles, CA 90012

Pricing: Contact this location for a price for your needs

Westchester / El Segundo


BizHaus is centrally located to make it easy to grab lunch or dinner, or walking after work for shopping, entertainment, or recreational activities. There's locker and shower rooms located at the office for those who love to workout before, during, or after work. 

Located at the property are both private offices and dedicated work spaces depending on your needs. There's standing desks if you want to take a break from sitting for a while, as well as free coffee, beer, and events. 

Location: 1730 East Holly Ave, El Segundo, Los Angeles, United States

Pricing: Starting at $175/month

Unità Club

Unità Club is a Los Angeles workspace for creatives. There's both communal and private workspaces depending on your needs. It offers lots of different things that any creative might need - a photo studio, meeting room, and even a 3D printer. Parking is easy and there's great events. 

Unità currently exists in an old warehouse that was converted into an inspirational workspace in El Segundo, and is a location you'll want to keep coming back to.

Location: 215 Arena Street, El Segundo, Los Angeles, United States

Pricing: Contact this location for a price for your needs

West LA / Marina del Rey / Mar Vista

Village Workspaces

Village Workspaces pride themselves on a coworking space that reminds you of a boutique hotel with modern decor. Their located on the Westside Media District, right next to Santa Monica. There's a lot of vibrance with located near all the top brands in Silicon Beach. If you're looking for affordable and luxurious or permanent office or coworking space, Village Workspaces has you covered.

Location:11845 West Olympic Boulevard, Suite #1100W, Los Angeles, United States

Pricing: Contact this location for a price for your needs


BizHaus in Marina del Rey, is located in a former brick warehouse. There's several amenities including hot desks and private office spaces, as well as free coffee and tea, as well as ergonomic chairs and standing desks in the entire office.

Any business needs are easy to take care of at the office as it's equipped with a printer, scanner, and photocopier. 

It's easy to get around due to its central location, especially if you're often traveling to LAX.

Location: 4136 Del Rey Avenue Marina del Rey, Los Angeles, United States

Pricing: Starting at $275/month

Santa Monica / Venice / Playa Vista


BLANKSPACES Santa Monica is between the beach and 3rd Street Promenade which makes it easy to go to the beach whenever you want. There are over 150 people to help build your network. There's plenty of different membership options depending on your needs and budget. Some of the best amenities are fast WiFi, printing, free coffee, and bookable conference rooms. Finally, there are networking events in the coworking spaces to help you better get to know your neighbors.

Location: 1450 2nd Street, Santa Monica, United States

Pricing: Starting at $275/month

Satellite Centers

Satellite Centers is a one-block stroll to the beach and a dazzling assortment of great restaurants, gyms, yoga studios, markets, coffee shops and boutique shopping all within walking distance. And it's pet friendly!

They offer fast wi-fi, a variety of seating choices and private phone booths, The Satellite Center at Santa Monica offers everything you expect in a full-service coworking community with the relaxed atmosphere of your favorite cafe. Their hospitality bar features healthy snack options and a variety of teas, plus great coffee. 

Location: 3110 Main st. The Annex, Santa Monica, United States

Pricing: Starting at $275/month

BeachHouse CoWork

BeachHouse CoWork, like the title suggests, is right next to the beach in Santa Monica. It offers custom workspaces from shared desks, conference rooms, and private offices. There's a lot of natural light and many amenities like 24/7 access, lounge areas, 3 fully equipped kitchens, and an outdoor patio and bar.

Location: 2219 Main Street, Santa Monica, United States

Pricing: Starting at $29/day

Big & Tiny

Big & Tiny caters to families who need childcare and a place to work. They offer several different plan options that include varying levels of childcare in addition to flexible working spaces. They call themselves a ‘playworking' space to help with the movement of balancing family life and work life.

Location: 1731 Ocean Park Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90405, USA

Pricing: Starting at $185/month

Culver City / Palms


Located in Downtown Culver City, “the Heart of Screenland,” this BLANKSPACES location sits across the street from Arclight Cinemas and Amazon Studios, with Sony Pictures, Culver Studios, City Hall, and the Culver City Stairs nearby. There's a lot of natural light, street views, and easy access to countless restaurants and shops.

Blankspaces Culver City offers Hot Desk, Dedicated Desk Space, Meeting Rooms, and private office spaces, depending on your needs. 

Location: 9415 Culver Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232

Pricing: Starting at $275/month

Phase Two

Phase Two is a curated coworking space where entrepreneurs, technologists, creators, and storytellers, come to work, mingle, and grow. It's a dog-friendly workspace that also houses creative spaces like green rooms and projectors to help support creation or viewings. Phase Two is a quick five-minute walk from the La Cienega/Jefferson metro station. If you love to workout on your lunch break or bike to work, there are showers for your convenience.

Location: 5877 Obama Boulevard, Los Angeles, United States

Pricing: Contact this location for a price for your needs

West Hollywood

Industrious West Hollywood

Industrious offers access to all of its locations with membership to one. It's between West Hollywood and Beverly Hills and has amazing views with a beautiful interior. There's lots of different types of people here to help you build your network. There are shared workspaces or private offices as well as conference rooms and lounge areas. And per standard, there are always stocked coffee and snacks.

Location: 9255 Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, United States

Pricing: Contact this location for a price for your needs


Spark Spaces

Complete with breathtaking views of the Hollywood Hills to the ocean, Spark Spaces on the Walk of Fame was built for creative professionals. Residents thrive with penthouse workspaces, private offices, events and meeting spaces. Spark Spaces offers private offices, hot desk services, coworking space, event areas, and a content creation studio.

There's lots of events hosted in the space to help you build your network! Spark Spaces in los angeles has been used by those in the creative industries for years to help them start and grow their businesses.

Location: 7080 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, United States

Pricing: Starting at $550/month

Beverly Hills

dots Space

Dots Space membership gives you access to all of their locations, in Culver City, Beverly Hills, and West Adams with one membership. In their Beverly Hills office they have hot desks, private offices and conference rooms, as well as an indoor and outdoor patio, yoga and meditation rooms, as well as brainstorm rooms.

There's tons of different amenities here for both your personal and professional needs. From Valet Parking to onsite classes, this is a great option if you're looking for luxury.

Location: 113 N. San Vicente Blvd, Beverly Hills, 2, Los Angeles, United States

Pricing: Request Information through their website

Your Studio Beverly Hills

Your Studio Beverly Hills is a beautifully decorated, professional space which provides access to a lot of amenities including unlimited access to the LA location and the other spaces around the world. There's multi-media spaces which help those who are working with audio, screening, or video editing.

Three levels of on-site parking are available and a surplus of different activities for members.

The communal workspaces are also very comfortable.

Location: 407 N Maple Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Pricing: Starting at $400/month

Central LA

Ethos Society

Ethos Society is for people who want to achieve their dreams and help others along the way. There's a concierge service for all memberships as well as meeting rooms, cold brew and beer on tap, showers, lockers, a photo room, editing rooms, private phone booths, mother's room, massage room, and many others. There's tons of amenities, and a great place to meet like minded people.

Location: 14th Floor, 3435 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, United States

Price: Starting at $35/day

Allmost Studio & Gallery

Allmost Studio & Gallery is catered to creatives - especially photographers, designers, artists and writers. There are many membership tiers depending on your needs and ability to access spaces. To gain access to this space you have to fill out an application and complete an interview with the founder. This helps keep the small creative community strong.

Location: 1287 South Citrus Avenue, Los Angeles, United States

Price: Starting at $79/month

All Over LA


Spaces has nine locations across Los Angeles. There are flexible work stations, dedicated desks as well as private offices, depending on your needs. Spaces has hundreds of locations around the globe, which offers consistency if you're traveling abroad often. 

Price: Start at $219/per person per month, depending on location


WeWork has 28 spaces all over Los Angeles. Wework los Angeles are one of the leading coworking spaces and have locations all around the world. WeWork offers events, networking opps, meeting rooms, hot desks and dedicated office spaces.

Price: Starting at $299 per month


When you're looking for LAX coworking spaces, then there are lots of options. And with options for local membership, floating desks, tech startups all under the same roof, you can really find the coworking spaces in Los Angeles that are right for you.

And to help you manage your business better, it is highly recommended that you look at Indy. Indy can help you with your virtual office plans, getting your team all across the world in coworking spaces, to work better on the same projects in unison. Take a look at the free option today.

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