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What's the best freelance website for illustrators?

Dec 8, 2020
(updated: Dec 6, 2022)
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As a freelance illustrator, you’ve probably already built your online portfolio for the clients you really want. As an illustrator, finding the sites that will connect you with work that makes your talent shine is important. There are several strategies you can consider when choosing a freelance site for your portfolio, and we’ll cover strategies for using each for your freelance career today.  

Best Websites to Build An Audience: 

While you are making money with the art you’ve already created, you can get creative with building your digital brand. Make sure that you’ve established a social media site where people can share and follow your visual work. Instagram is the best platform for your content, allowing you to link it to a personal website or to the web platforms where they can buy any existing pieces or commission a new one. 

LinkedIn is also a great place for building a network as an illustrator. While it’s not a traditional spot freelancers consider, it’s a great way for your portfolio to gain more visibility by more potential business clients. LinkedIn’s Profinder feature is a great way for potential unique gigs to come directly to you. Many tools and strategies around using social media platforms to broaden your client audience can bring in clients who are truly inspired by the work you share. 

freelance illustrator using a tablet for creation

Best Websites to Share Skillsets

As an illustrator, you probably have a unique tone and perspective that makes your work stand out. If you think you have a skill you could share with the world around your art and process, consider creating a course on it on sites like Udemy and Skillshare. Not only does building this content give you a wider audience to your art, but it can help you hone your brand image and establish you as the go-to illustrator for the kind of art you love doing. 

Best Websites for Inspiration:

Many freelance websites offer the chance to compete for potential clients. One of the best sites for finding new gigs as an illustrator is 99 Designs, where you compete with other artists to ‘win’ the bid. This is a great way to find prompts that inspire new and interesting gig, and even if it’s not chosen for the project, it’s a unique and enjoyable way to build out an online portfolio. 

white screen as a start of freelance illustrator work

Best Websites to Sell Passion Projects:

If you’ve got canvases stacked in the house, and memory drives full of favorite creations already sitting at your desk, it’s time to get your portfolio more visibility online. You can take a traditional single-canvas sell approach using a site like artwanted. Another great option for you is to consider the stock image and illustration sites, where with a one-time upload, you can gain a commission on your digital works over time. 

As a creative freelancer, it’s important to use several digital platforms that can amplify your talent, and each has its own benefits. Using them together allows you to create new opportunities when and how you want to, organically developing different types of client leads through each website. You’ll build out a portfolio of projects that inspire you and the clients who value your work. 

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