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How to Communicate Value and Win More Clients Through Your Business Proposal

Jan 20, 2023
(updated: Jan 18, 2023)
Lesson duration: 5 min

When it comes to winning over clients, one of the most important tools in your arsenal is a well-crafted business proposal. A good proposal can make all the difference in getting that contract and establishing yourself as a reliable provider for future work.

 But how do you create an effective business proposal? The key is to communicate value - showing potential clients why your services are worth their time and money. In this article, we'll look at five communication tips for including this critical information in an impressive business proposal that will help you win over new clients.

What is a unique value proposition?

The first thing you need to do when crafting a business proposal is establish what your unique value proposition (UVP) is. This is the main point of differentiation between you and your competitors. 

It's important to communicate this in your proposal so that potential clients can see why they should choose you over someone else. Your UVP could be something like lower costs, faster turnaround times, or specialized expertise in a certain area. This will be the meaningful work you do that sets you apart from your competitors.

Here are some examples of a unique value proposition:

  • We offer custom software solutions at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.
  • Our experienced team can provide same-day turnaround on complex projects.
  • Our expertise in online marketing allows us to help you reach more customers.

The key to writing an effective UVP is to clearly explain why your services are better than those of other potential vendors. Be sure to include specific details and evidence to back up your claims.

Showcase your expertise to show your value

If you want to win over clients with your business proposal, it's essential that you demonstrate your value. To do this, you need to showcase your expertise and provide evidence of why potential clients should choose you over competitors.

In this section, we'll look at five tips for crafting an effective business proposal by communicating value through showcasing your unique skills and experience.

Demonstrate your value and win more clients as a freelancer

Here are the 5 tips you can use to demonstrate your value:

  • Provide a breakdown of the services you offer and explain why you are the best provider for them.
  • Explain what sets your services apart from other vendors in the field.
  • Describe how you can solve a potential client’s problems with your expertise.
  • Highlight awards, certifications, and other credentials to prove your reliability.
  • Include customer testimonials to demonstrate the success of your services.

By following these 5 tips, you can create an impressive business proposal that communicates value and shows potential clients why they should choose you over other competitors.

Use customer testimonials to provide proof of value to your target audience

One of the most effective ways to demonstrate your value in a business proposal is by including customer testimonials. Testimonials are a great way to provide proof that you can deliver on your promises and solve clients' problems with your expertise.

By showcasing satisfied customers who have already benefited from working with you, potential clients will be more likely to trust your services and choose you over other competitors. 

In this section, we'll look at how to use customer testimonials effectively when crafting an impressive business proposal.

Here are 4 creative ways to include customer testimonials in your proposals:

  • Feature testimonials on the first page of your proposal to show potential clients what you have achieved. Customer testimonials are a powerful tool for convincing potential clients to choose you over other competitors. They provide proof that you can deliver on your promises and solve their problems with the expertise of satisfied customers who have already benefited from working with you. When crafting an effective business proposal, it's important to showcase these customer testimonials strategically in order to get the most out of them. This could include featuring them prominently on the first page of your proposal to immediately show potential clients what you have achieved or including quotes from previous customers to provide tangible evidence of your success.
  • Create an entire section devoted to customer feedback, where people can share why they chose to work with you. Providing this type of personalized feedback can help potential clients feel more connected to your services and see how they could benefit from working with you as well. Make sure each review highlights all relevant details, such as company size, industry, service received, etc., so that readers can understand how your services might be useful for their own needs.
  • Incorporate customer quotes into the body of your proposal to emphasize key points. By incorporating customer quotes into the body of your proposal, you can emphasize key points and provide tangible evidence to back up your claims. Not only does this show potential clients that your services are reliable and effective, but it also helps to build trust through authentic feedback from previous customers. Additionally, make sure to include relevant details about each customer, such as their company size, industry, and type of service they received, in order to better illustrate how your services might be beneficial for their own business.
  • Include links to reviews and ratings from third-party websites for additional credibility. Finally, don’t forget to include links to reviews and ratings from third-party websites. This can help add an element of credibility to your proposal, as potential clients can see that other people have spoken positively about your services. When including these links, make sure they lead back to a reputable source, such as Google or Yelp. This will help build trust and demonstrate that you are reliable and trustworthy in the eyes of potential clients.

By using these 4 creative strategies for incorporating customer testimonials into your business proposal, you can provide proof that you have achieved success with previous customers and create an effective presentation that will convince potential clients to choose you over other competitors.

Offer competitive prices to you potential clients

Offer competitive pricing

One way freelancers can communicate their value is by offering competitive pricing to their customers. 

Being clear about your pricing shows value by communicating to potential clients that you will go the extra mile and work within their budget. This also helps to ensure that your services stand out from other competitors and will make customers more likely to choose you for their project needs. 

By offering competitive pricing, freelancers can show potential clients that they have the experience and expertise necessary to deliver a quality product at an affordable rate.

Here are a few short tips for setting competitive rates and discussing them in a proposal:

  • Research the rates of other professionals in your field, and consider offering slightly lower pricing to stand out
  • Clearly explain the services you offer and the value they will provide
  • Be flexible with payment plans and discounts in order to accommodate a customer’s budget
  • Explain why customers should choose you over another professional

By setting competitive rates and communicating them clearly in their proposal, freelancers can show potential clients that they are the best choice for their needs. This will help to set you apart from other competitors and increase the likelihood of customers choosing you for their project.

Create tailored solutions

If your work lets you offer a high degree of flexibility and customization, then you should talk about it. Customers will respond positively when they know that you can provide custom solutions to their particular problems. 

So make sure to highlight your ability to customize services and create tailored solutions in your proposal. This can help differentiate you from other competitors, and it shows potential clients that you have the skills necessary to meet their specific needs.

Determine your value to win more clients as a freelancer

Here are some things to be aware of when offering custom solutions:

  • Clearly explain the process for creating tailored solutions
  • Outline the benefits of customizing a service
  • Highlight your ability to create unique and innovative solutions
  • Include examples of previous customized solutions you have created

By offering customized solutions, freelancers can demonstrate their value to potential clients. This will show that they are capable of understanding each customer’s unique needs and creating tailored solutions that will be beneficial for their own business.

Be responsive and flexible

Once your customer has seen your proposal, they will ask questions and (hopefully) begin to negotiate. Try to look for ways to be flexible and help your customer. This will create a feeling in them of your willingness to work together.

Here are 3 areas you can demonstrate your willingness to adapt to your customer's needs:

  • Be responsive to their questions and requests
  • Propose payment plans or discounts that could be beneficial for them
  • Be flexible with timeline changes if needed

By being responsive and flexible, freelancers can show potential customers that they are willing to work together towards a successful outcome. This will create an environment of collaboration, trust, and respect between the customer and you.

Indy can help

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By using Indy's software to create and manage your proposals, you can save time and energy while still delivering a great customer experience. Plus, our Proposals tool allows you to track the progress of each proposal you have sent to a customer.


In order to stand out from the competition and win more customers, freelancers need to be aware of how their services are perceived by potential clients. By offering competitive pricing, creating tailored solutions that meet each customer’s unique needs, and being responsive and flexible when discussing payment plans or timeline changes, you can show value in your work and differentiate yourself from other competitors. With these strategies in mind, you will have a better chance at turning casual visits into sales for your business.

A great by-product of being good at communicating your value is your customers are more likely to remain loyal to you. When they understand the importance of working with someone as good as you or your organization, they will be more likely to continue to work with you over a longer period of time. If you’re ready to create a professional business proposal, you can check out Indy’s free Proposals tool to start pitching clients today.

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