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Is HoneyBook a Good Option for Photographers, or Are There Better?

Jun 10, 2023
(updated: Jun 9, 2023)
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HoneyBook is a CRM for photographers that includes numerous features to help photographers and other freelancers to manage their businesses. The service includes scheduling tools, calendars, invoicing options, and other tools to improve the workflow for photographers. All for a set price.

In this article, we're going to evaluate HoneyBook and see whether or not it has the features that make it a great CRM for photographers or whether there is better CRM software out there for photographers. We will also look at Indy, comparing what they have to offer and whether or not you should use Indy or HoneyBook.

Overview of HoneyBook

Running a photography business is challenging. There are many tasks to do including project management, scheduling meetings, client communication, and many other tasks that need to be managed almost constantly. It is no wonder many freelancers are working more than the average person, with over half of self-employed business owners working 44 hours or more.

To help people manage their workload, there is business management software for photographers. One of these is HoneyBook, a software package that offers lots of different tools to help them automate their workload, reduce some of the 'busy work,' and improve work-life balances.

Some of the tools included in the photography studio management software are:

Invoicing Operations: Send invoices to clients and get paid through their system.

CRM Software: Client management software that allows photographers to manage contacts. Photographers can see all the details of customers, including their contracts, contact details, how much they've paid, and more.

Contract Templates: These can be edited, sent to clients, and there is a digital contract signing option. This option ensures that sales are closed, which can be one of the barriers to securing work.

Project Management: Set up task reminders, schedule work, and keep on top of all the tasks in a business. Project management tools help to keep businesses running smoothly and efficiently.

Calendar Management: Helping to manage availability and sort out when photographers are available and not. It can also help to manage contracts with clients, ensuring there are no double-booked time slots that can disappoint customers.

Number Users: Photographers often need a team to help them fulfill their obligations; with HoneyBook, photographers can include 10 users on the account.

Website and Image Delivery: When it comes to getting deliverables to clients, there are lots of options. But relying on email can be troublesome. Therefore, HoneyBook allows for image delivery via a customer portal.

HoneyBook for photographers

While HoneyBook could technically be used by any freelancer, it has been designed with the average photography business in mind. They even have lots of marketing centered around photography businesses.

Many of their features have been designed for photography studios. For instance, there is lead management and qualification where users can create forms for lead generation that can be added to social media or websites. Then potential clients can fill these in, and the photographer can review them. The photographer can edit the contact forms to include questions they want answered.

Users can create multiple forms for different purposes.

There is also a simple invoicing tool that allows a photography business to send invoices directly to clients. The client can then make a payment online through numerous payment gateways that are suitable for them.

Then there are the improvements to the business proposals for the photography business. With HoneyBook, there are customizable smart file templates. These are sales tools that small business owners can edit to something that is best for them. This can include brochures, pricing guides, mood boards, and online galleries. Owners can start with a simple template and then build a customized design.

Business project proposals can include an interactive package selection, allowing the client to see the pricing and choose services from the brochure. And there is the chance to add a photography invoice or online booking contract that allows you to bring on new clients with a better booking process.

There is also an excellent calendar system that allows photographers to synchronize with Google Calendar to know when you're available and when you're not.

And every professional photographer will need to have access to their own CRM as well. This allows professional photographers to manage existing clients and improve revenues/profitability. Retaining 5% more customers can improve profits by up to 95%. HoneyBook is a CRM for photographers, allowing you to keep your client data easily.

Another benefit of using a platform like HoneyBook is the ability to create customizable workflow templates. Therefore, photographers can manage their work, knowing the exact process for every single client. These customizable workflows can be adjusted for every niche.

Benefits of Using HoneyBook as a Photo Client App

There are numerous key features included with HoneyBook that can help as a studio management software package. Here are some of the features that photographers can expect to benefit from.

Streamlined client management tools

The first thing that photographers can benefit from is the streamlined management tools that are embedded in the cloud-based software. The business owner can create automated workflows so they don't take up as much time. This can include managing the workload for photography clients and, in addition, managing administrative tasks.

The user-friendly system is perfect for those who don't have much experience with online tools. Anyone can learn how to use photography management software within just a few hours. And once professional photographers have learned the system, they can save time.

Some of the tools within the photography business management software include the CRM for photographers, for better client management, as well as contract management, contact tools, project management (timelines, workflows, etc), and task management tools.

Simplified communication and collaboration

This photo studio management software includes lots of helpful tools to help with communication and collaboration. For instance, there are communication templates that can be edited and used. And there are contact forms that can be edited for initial queries.

With a centralized communication channel for conversations with clients, any wedding photographer or other professional can manage all their clients in one spot. They can also create client portals, allowing clients to access their photo products.

To help save time, the photography client management software tool includes email automation and file sharing.

Efficient proposal and contract creation

Bringing on new clients is important for any successful business. However, this is often the one area that many business owners fail at. But this studio management software is one of the best options to get past this. Photographers can create professional proposals and contracts, editing the examples and templates on the system.

The system allows photographers to also collect digital signatures, so clients can agree to terms and set up the job quickly. And the contracts can be stored digitally on the system to be referred to if necessary.

Financial management and invoicing

For the financial health of your business, you need to ensure you're managing your cash flow. For many businesses, this is where they fail. So many businesses will not succeed because they don't get the payments in. However, with this studio management software, photographers can build a strong cash flow.

Photographers can create customized invoices that can be sent to clients. If they don't pay on time, then a reminder email can be forwarded to the client. Using automated emails improves the collection of payments.

In addition, photographers can use the software to manage their finances. They can track payments into the business and expenses such as when outsourcing work or purchasing insurance, leases, or equipment.

User Experience and Interface

One of the selling points of HoneyBook is that it is supposed to be very easy to use. Photographers, even those who aren't used to using cloud-based software for photographers, can learn to use this photography studio management software within just a few hours. It is very intuitive, with everything needed within just a few clicks.

However, there is always going to be a learning curve. And there aren't the technical documents that are available on other studio management software that you might expect, like Indy or Studio Ninja.

Another problem for some is that this studio management software does require the photographer to have the time to learn the new system. And when photographers are busy, that isn't easy for business owners.

Limitations and Considerations

Numerous limitations of HoneyBook can sometimes put individuals off. Here are some of the issues with the photography studio management software.

Third-party integrations

There are limited integrations with third-party software. Therefore, those that already have numerous apps they use to manage their business might struggle to use the photography studio management software with all the other app subscriptions they already have.

Freelancers might become frustrated when they want to integrate their accounting software with their photography studio management software. However, this can be harder with HoneyBook.

The high cost of HoneyBook

In addition to the lack of third-party integrations, HoneyBook is more expensive compared to other photography studio management software. The higher costs of the platform make it harder to maintain the financial health of your business.

Compared to some of the other options on the market, such as Indy, there is no free option. Indy allows photographers to have a free account for up to three contracts at a time. Therefore, it can be more cost-effective when starting.

Limited capacity

There is limited capacity for those businesses that have large user needs. HoneyBook only has the capacity for about 10 users per profile. There are others, such as Sprout Studio, that can support up to 1000 users per account.

While many freelance photographers might not have many user requirements, they might require more than 10 for certain work, such as video work, or if they want to expand their business.

Comparison with Other Platforms

HoneyBook is not the only photography studio management software. Numerous studio management software options are available online to choose from. For instance, there is Studio Ninja, Indy, Bonsai, and others. Here are some of the options to consider, many of which include free trials.

Hello Bonsai

Hello Bonsai is a studio management tool that is very similar. There are numerous integrations outside of the system to help streamline processes and improve freelancer workflows. One of the integrations includes integration with accounting software and the ability to sign contracts digitally.

Studio Ninja

Studio Ninja has been specifically designed as photography studio management software. Therefore, it is one of the most well-known options for photography professionals. It includes a fully automated booking system, a studio management system, contact management, and photography business scheduling. Those small business owners that want to improve their business health will consider this.

Sprout Studio

Sprout Studio is a photography studio management software that is designed for large-scale businesses. Compared to HoneyBook, there are some slight differences. For example, automated emails are better on Sprout Studio, but managing your quotes and estimates is harder on the platform. Therefore, some business needs aren't met on Sprout Studio. This option is more expensive than HoneyBook as well.


Indy is one of the best options for photography studio management software. It has all the tools that are needed for task management, client management, and files. It includes integrations with Google and Apple Calendars for a stress-free online booking process. Some forms form an effective part of lead generation tools. Communication with clients can also be improved with effective email templates.

Why Indy Is a Better Choice

There are numerous reasons why Indy is one of the best photography studio management software options. It is an all-in-one software tool that includes CRM systems for improved lead management, a proposal tool and client management. In addition, the user-friendly system can be easy to learn. 

Numerous tools provide better systems for the photography studio:

  • Help with client communications through the effective use of email templates, and lead capture forms that can be embedded in social media and websites.
  • Email scheduling tools that allow for effective communications, including sending contracts that can be digitally signed by the customer.
  • Task workflows that can help improve time management for the photography studio.
  • A great customer support team is available via email, or live chat support online with the paid plan.
  • There are two simple plans: a free plan and a premium option.

Indy offers an effective photography studio management software that can integrate with numerous third-party software options including Google Calendar, payment options, and ways to store customer data.


Those looking into CRMs for photographers might be confused by the numerous options that are available online. While HoneyBook is often considered to be one of the best, there are some limitations with this photography studio management software. For example, there are limited integrations, and it costs a lot more than some of the other options.

For those looking for an all-inclusive solution, you might want to consider Indy. Not only is there a free option for freelancers—there are also options for integrations, payment solutions that improve cash flow, and task management software that can improve work-life balance. So why not try Indy for free now?

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