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Why Freelancing is Better than A Regular Job

Freelancing is an incredibly rewarding career choice that allows you to control your work, choose your clients, and decide how to spend your time. This level of freedom and control is unparalleled and doesn’t exist in many careers.

If you’ve been considering freelancing, and are wondering ‘what are some great things about freelancing?’, here are some of our favorite parts about the freelance lifestyle to help convince you.

You're the Boss

No more micromanagers, overtime work because your boss didn’t manage their schedule effectively, or weird requests. You won’t get in trouble for running a quick errand or going to the doctor’s in the middle of the day. You get to make all the decisions and control your work life. This control is both powerful and freeing.

Set Your Working Hours

Gone are the days of the typical 9-5. Create your schedule in a way that best supports the lifestyle you want to lead. If you perform best in the morning, you can organize your schedule so you’re off by 2pm everyday. Not many jobs allow for this kind of flexibility.

Working from Home

Say goodbye to those long hours sitting in traffic waiting to get to work. Instead, imagine waking up, making a cup of coffee, and sitting down at your desk without ever hearing a beeping horn or slamming on your breaks. This life is completely possible as a freelancer. Your home becomes your office, so you never have to compete with morning traffic again.

No Dress Code

Yep, no more stuffy suits or uncomfortable heels. Work in your most cozy outfit. If you want to work in your sweatpants, no one is stopping you. There are no office politics to abide by, so dress however you like. If you want to get an arm sleeve of tattoos or dye your hair a crazy color, there’s no company manual forbidding it. 

Freedom to Work From Anywhere

One of the best parts of freelancing is getting to work from anywhere with a reliable internet connection. You can work from a local coffee shop, sit outside, or go to another country. Since there's no physical office, anywhere in the world can be your office. If you love traveling (like I do), this is an amazing career that supports a nomadic lifestyle.

Do the Work You Love

You get the chance to choose projects you truly love and want to work on. If you're approached with a project that doesn’t sound fun or fulfilling, there’s no obligation to sign on to it. No one dictates your work. Everything is your decision. And there are so many different freelance jobs to choose from, you can focus on those that fill your passion.

Take Control of Your Future

When you work for someone else, you’re at the mercy of the company. If there are budget cuts, your job could be on the chopping block. With freelancing, this isn’t the case! Even if you lose one client, it's possible to quickly score another one. You're in charge of your destiny and future, so you don’t need to depend on some big corporation. 

You Can Earn More Than a Salary Job

Yes, a full-time salaried job and benefits might sound appealing, but as a freelancer there's an even higher earning potential. With a salary job, your rate is set. With freelancing, you can continue onboarding new clients and earning money as long as you can keep up with the workload. More hours, or overtime, leads to more earnings. This isn’t true with a salaried position. Your earning potential is uncapped when you work for yourself!

Build Up Your Confidence

Freelancing is a great way to build confidence. You have only yourself to rely on. You’re in charge of everything — managing expectations, communicating with clients, delivering great results, invoicing, and so much more. With so much responsibility, you’re sure to gain confidence in yourself and your abilities.

You’ll Learn A Lot

Freelancing is a unique job. Since you’re the entire business, you’re also the HR, marketing, and business department. Usually a company has dedicated people in charge of every department, but when you freelance, you become all the departments and are forced to learn how each one operates. When you get started freelancing it can be a lot to take on all at once, but this knowledge becomes invaluable. 

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