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The 8 Best Project Management Tools For Architects

Nov 29, 2020
(updated: Mar 16, 2023)
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It can be challenging to discover which project management tools will best improve your task management and resource planning in architecture. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with eight of the best PM tools for architects.


Project management methods can vary depending on the complexity, teams involved or innovation required. actiTIME wisely combines work management with time tracking features and can distribute workloads between collaborating partners. 

Once duties are assigned, the software can track working hours plus billable time in an easy-to-read spreadsheet, then monitor progress on the Kanban board.


As one of the undisputed kings of time saving, Archisnapper is a mobile-first solution used by thousands of architects. This app enables the user to save time spent creating field maps and effortlessly observes progress, takes notes and reports generation. Best of all, this PM tool securly uploads all user data to the cloud then provides feedback options for collaborative sharing.

project management architecture tool


Task management and project management are the top features of nTask, the application is an incredible tool that can help the architects working in the market to keep track of the tasks and processes that they have to perform daily. The application also has risk management and meeting management features which can be perfect for them while they work every day.


Complex visual projects come into view with Asana, a project management tool that features a strong portfolio with workload reporting. Admin tools that measure access, security and team management combine with top notch communicative and collaborative features to save time, ensuring important projects and deadlines are met with ease.


As one of the leaders in communication and collaboration, Basecamp is an essential resource management tool for architects. Hill charts expertly visualize project progress, while to-do lists, message boards, calendars and schedules save time by ensuring each team member is on the right track.


As one of the top-of-the-line, all-around project lifestyle management resources, CMAP features project management plus accounting software tools catered toward architects. Users can manage then schedule workloads using simple drag and drop tools, while the software’s live project tracking, timesheets, expenses and invoice data allow you to save time when budgeting.

Deltek Ajera 

Resource management is made easier with Deltek Ajera, an enterprise resource planning software specifically designed for architects and engineers. From easy to monitor project accounting functionalities like billing and payroll to PM software for architects that have CRM functionality, Deltek Ajera is a key component for those looking to save time when scheduling tasks in real time.

project management tool


Another crucial time tracking/productivity management software is Hubstaff, which enables architects/engineers to stay on top of multiple projects by offering top-down analysis from any device. Managers can assess in-depth reports in real time to draw conclusions while team members can track their billable hours. Hubstaff also offers Hubstaff Tasks for a more complete PM system.


Drag and drop Gantt charts are created with ease using TeamGantt, a web-based tool with a simple user interface, making it an ideal PM system for architects. With Gantt charts that can easily be applied to whatever architectural project you’re working on as well as time tracking capabilities and workload management tools, TeamGantt is an excellent option for small projects.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your project management, check out our 10 Amazing Secrets of Successful Project Management blog. 

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