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How to Make Money as a Freelance Facebook Marketer?

Nov 25, 2020
(updated: Dec 1, 2022)
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Successful freelancing business ventures don’t have to start with college degrees or decades of experience. Anyone who’s good at what they do can get paid for it.

For some people, the perfect path to freelancing is social media. It’s a lucrative marketing method for businesses everywhere but few businesses know how to get great results. If you do, why not become a freelance Facebook marketer?

Before you jump in, let’s discuss who these specialists are and how they make money.

What Does a Freelance Facebook Marketer Do?

Freelance Facebook marketers handle clients’ Facebook growth strategies. Their goal is to build each client’s presence on the platform, giving them more brand visibility and ultimately more revenue.

This takes many forms. Some marketers handle every aspect of marketing on the platform, including content creation as well as ads. Others exclusively manage Facebook ads, including developing ad strategies, designing ads, and buying ads for specific targeted audiences.

Whichever path you choose, strong project management skills are a must. Expect to have multiple campaigns for each client at any given time, all with varying goals, parameters, and needs.

facebook marketer working on phone

Steps Toward Making Money as a Freelance Facebook Marketer

Ready to jump in and start earning a living with freelance Facebook marketing? Start with these clear steps.

Grow Your Own Facebook Presence

In social media marketing, your skill is developing engagement and impact for clients’ brands on Facebook. If clients see that your own Facebook page only has 30 followers or gets two post likes once in a blue moon, how can they trust that you can build their brand if you haven’t managed to build your own?

Start today with multiple engaging posts daily, like blog posts and fun pictures. Incorporate variety too with Facebook Live videos, interactive questions, or other content types. Invest in Facebook ads. Bonus perk: this gives you more Facebook experience so you can better serve future clients.

Define Your Skill Set

Freelancers can choose which services they offer, so you can too. Decide whether to offer services for Facebook alone or add other social media marketing platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, or others. Choose whether to execute clients’ marketing plans or create their strategies alone as more of a marketing consultancy.

Some social media marketers offer other online marketing services too, like email marketing automation or search engine optimization. Ultimately, it’s about knowing how you want to spend your days.

Get Familiar with Facebook’s Ad Policies

Facebook’s ad policies can be tricky, but digital marketers should know them inside and out. Those policies regulate types of content ads can include, claims they can make, and more. Now is the time to start reading up on them, getting familiar with every detail so your clients’ ads aren’t rejected.

These policies change often too, so be sure you’re using up-to-date resources. For example, Facebook finally ended their long-time policy limiting ad images to 20% text or less several months ago. Even seasoned pros must keep up with these ongoing shifts.

facebook symbols

Fill In Any Experience Gaps

Do a mental audit of your social media experience. What aspects of the platform’s digital marketing features do you have little or no experience with? Some marketers need to brush up on using Facebook groups for instance.

The platform’s Ad Manager is especially critical. Dig into it, hunting down any unfamiliar features and figuring out how they work.

Develop Detailed Case Studies

As I mentioned, business owners want Facebook marketers who have successfully built their own brands on social media. They also want to see success for past clients, though.

This should come in the form of detailed case studies. Your case studies should show Facebook ad campaign strategies from recent years as well as the results data. Show before-and-after data like page likes, conversion rates, engagement rates, and more. Include lead generation data as well as revenue too.

If you don’t have that data for past campaigns, I highly recommend you start tracking it today. Create a storage drive folder with as much data as possible for future case studies.

Decide on Rates and Goals

Now comes the fun part: deciding how much to make. Consider how much you want to bring in for bills and living expenses this will be your full time job. Use that to calculate your hourly rate or price out work on a per-project basis.

For hourly contracts, remember to use time tracking software. It establishes trust with clients while saving you the hassle of manually tracking minutes or hours.

using facebook ads

Establishing Yourself as a Freelance Facebook Marketer

Facebook marketing is in demand today; not surprising considering how much time many of us spend on social media. Now is the time to seize that opportunity, whether you want social media marketing to be your side hustle or full-time career. The steps above will set you on that path.

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