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How to Break Free From Burnout as a Freelancer—This Week’s Must-Read Tips

Feb 27, 2024
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Have you ever felt drained, unmotivated, and craving for a break that never seems to come? You might be experiencing burnout. No matter how much you love your work, burnout can still affect the best of us.

This week, we’re giving valuable tips on conquering burnout, mastering time management through the Covey Matrix, and uncovering more insightful strategies!

Weekly Must-See Tips

6 Tips to Dodge Burnout Blues

Feeling overwhelmed and on the brink of burnout? Take a breather and explore our 6 tips for avoiding burnout.

Mastering Time: Unveil the Secrets of the Covey Matrix

We all know the struggle of trying to manage time effectively, so this week, let's dive into the Covey Time Management Matrix. Discover the secret sauce to prioritizing tasks and boosting productivity.

Explore 4 Must-Have Gmail Integrations

Curious about optimizing your Gmail experience? Uncover the 4 best Gmail integrations that can revolutionize the way you handle emails and tasks.

DIY Benefits for Health and Retirement

Health insurance and retirement savings don't have to be daunting. Explore the DIY benefits of managing your financial future.

The Inner Workings of Retainer Agreements

Ever wondered about the ins and outs of a retainer agreement? We’re breaking down how this essential contract works, empowering you with the knowledge to navigate professional partnerships seamlessly.


Let’s break free from the shadows of burnout and rediscover the fuel for our motivation.

If you’re looking for an easier way to manage client relationships, Indy helps you create strong contracts that manage client expectations, communicate more effectively with clients, and get paid faster through simple yet powerful invoicing.

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