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Highly Creative? 6 Tech Careers That Are Perfect for You

Dec 27, 2020
(updated: Dec 2, 2022)
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Have you ever wanted a job that mixes your creative side with your logical, analytical, and problem solving side? With a huge increase in jobs these days merging art and technology, this is more a possibility than ever before. The creative tech industry is booming and now is the perfect time to become a creative professional.

 Below we’ve highlighted some of the most in-demand creative jobs in tech for individuals to help them answer the question: “What are some tech careers for people who are highly creative?’

Virtual Reality Designer

 Virtual reality is a rapidly expanding field that has recently become especially popular in the entertainment industry. The virtual reality market is supposed to increase from  2.2 billion U.S. dollars in 2017 to more than 19 billion U.S. dollars by 2020. This field is highly creative as you’re in charge of creating immersive experiences for a viewer. 

 Like a filmmaker, you need to create an alternate reality that transports a viewer to another world. You get to flex all your creative muscles to do this.


  • Create projects for different mediums including video games, apps, movies
  • Work closely with architects and game developers to create alternate worlds
  • Skilled in software programming, 3D Design, filmmaking, and product interaction

UX Designer

 With an increase in technology and mobile apps, the demand for this job continues to grow. UX means user experience. A UX designer focuses on the relationship between people and the products or services they use everyday, like websites, apps, etc and works closely with clients, graphic designers, web developers, and industrial designers.

 In this role, your responsibilities could vary greatly depending on the company or client you work for. You could be in charge of anything from working on a mobile app to conducting user research to creating interactive prototypes.

 Regardless of the client or company, you're in charge of creating the best possible experience for your users.


  • User research
  • Pay attention to user expectations and desires to design products
  • Create mockups and interactive prototypes
  • Understand CSS and HTML

UI Designer

 A UI Designer is similar to a UX designer, but they focus on User Interface design. UI designers are more concerned with the look and usability of a product as compared to UX designers. Oftentimes, the two roles are considered interchangeable, but UI design is much more about aesthetics and how a user interacts with a product visually.


  • Understand design, typography, color choices, and graphic design
  • Be an expert in tools including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.
  • Create overall look of a website, app, or product from start to finish 
  • Possess great visual communication skills

Digital Marketer

 Digital Marketers are in charge of marketing on any digital platform including social media, email, websites, apps. If you’re a creative person who loves thinking analytically, but you don’t want to code, this might be a perfect fit for you.

 As a digital marketer, you’re in charge of promoting products or a service and creating brand awareness. Ultimately your marketing will lead to conversions for a company. As the world goes digital, this job will continue to be more in demand.

 Depending on the company, digital marketers could be in charge of all inbound marketing efforts or they could oversee a specific area like increasing traffic through SEO (search engine optimization), social media, or brand partnerships. 


  • Writing and editing
  • Working knowledge of SEO best practices
  • Email marketing
  • Create engaging marketing campaigns
  • Promoting brand awareness

Game Designer

 A game designer is responsible for creating everything that makes up a video game -- the theme, characters, story arcs, plot, and the overall aesthetic. This role is extremely creative as they have to create a believable world for these characters to live in and experience life. They need to come up with the different levels for each game and think quickly on their feet.

 In this role, you’re not in charge of coding, but instead you’re in charge of the “story” of the game. You have to think about your characters, what actions they might take, and how that could affect the trajectory of the game. The gaming industry is incredibly fast-paced and one of the most lucrative entertainment fields.


  • Create the core of the game
  • Decide on the theme, characters, story arc, and aesthetic of the game
  • Problem solve and determine the actions of the game characters and potential outcomes
  • Write dialogue for characters
  • Come up with a storyline for the game 

Mobile Designer

 A mobile designer is responsible for designing apps that can be used on smartphones, tablets, or other devices. These apps need to be easy to use, responsive, and aesthetically pleasing. With a new app coming out everyday, this job is in high demand.

 This position works closely with UX and UI designers to apply their designs to mobile platforms. Since technology is constantly changing, these designers have to be highly adaptable and flexible.

 Ultimately, mobile designers work to create an engaging interface right at your fingertips.


  • Collaborate with UX/UI designers to create content
  • Understand IOS, Android, and Windows Phone
  • Create an effective interface 
  • Learn the mobile interface patterns of 3 major mobile platforms

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