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25 Ways to Find Freelance Writing Jobs (Even in a Pandemic)

Dec 16, 2020
(updated: Dec 5, 2022)
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Let’s start by saying - this has been no regular year. Especially if you are a freelance writing business! 

I mean, when you start freelancer writing, you get used to work having busy times and not so busy times. You get used to pay fluctuations. But no-one can prepare for a worldwide pandemic!

In saying that, we’re probably better prepared than most.

We’re already used to working from our kitchen bench, or sofa, or… bed. We know how to manage our own time and work from home. So we have the upper hand there! But for most of us, gone are the days of face-to-face networking to get jobs. 

Finding freelance writing jobs in these unprecedented times

  1. Find out what your niche is - what is the industry you work in? What do you enjoy writing about the most!
  2. Once you find that - go and follow small and medium businesses in that field
  3. Then engage with their profiles! Like their posts, comment on it…
  4. And build yourself up to flicking them a DM with your writing skills
  5. Oh - you’re ready to start those cold pitches… better make sure its is kick-ass!
  6. How? Start by building your own writer website! Add your writing services and writing samples to your website!
  7. Take some cool brand imagery - and add that to your website.
  8. Go and ask previous clients for testimonials - add these to your website! Trust me, they help sell your skills!
  9. Post regularly on your social media - a strong presence shows you’re serious about yor freelance writing business.

Great so you’ve followed steps 1-9. You have found some companies in your industry, got your portfolio up to scratch and sent a couple of pitches. That’s a great start…

Where to Find Work

  1. Join networking groups online - websites, social media pages - you name it - they are there!
  2. Search for keywords in these groups daily. If you’re an expert in SEO - search “SEO” - if you are a mom blogger, search “blog writer” - there may be new posts asking for people with your set of skills.
  3. Come up with a killer elevator pitch!
  4. For social media posts, you want to say something that will stand out. After all, there are others in your position. Use your elevator pitch on social media threads to get noticed.
  5. Search your local job searching service for part time content roles - pitch it to be a remote work instead!
  6. Do a quick google search, looking for companies that already hire freelancers - they’re more likely to take you on.
  7. Find successful freelance writers online that are already successful - and ask to help them out at a discounted rate. This will help build your portfolio and also get you noticed!
  8. Go through your old content and make sure it is relevant and fresh - after all you may have time and be able to make your portfolio even better!
  9. Tap into your own network and offer a referral fee. Tell your friends, family and previous clients that you’re available and offer 10% of your first payment or something similar for passing on your details.
  10. Start freelance writing through writing samples or blog posts and send it to companies you want to work for as part of your pitch - now they know you can get them good content too! Cold pitches this way are worth trying.
  11. Post on social media pages and groups - don’t be afraid about telling a bit about yourself and ask for work there. Or even feedback on your newly created website! Other people will be cheering you on

Create a Positive Mindset

I’ll be honest with you there is no point in even starting on this journey if you’re not in a positive mindset yourself. This year has been extra hard - and finding freelancing writing jobs can be stressful at the best of times! We’re working remote, staying at home - and quite frankly losing our minds! 

Before you jump online, pitch yourself, create your website, call a lead - do the work internally! It will help you feel confident and happy even if you don’t get the call back or nail the job right away. 

  1. Remind yourself every day why you chose freelancing. On the days it feels too much, it’s important you remember WHY. 
  2. Stay in touch with other freelancers - it’s good to stay connected (and also, they may end up having work for you)!
  3. Breathe in. Breathe out. Everything will be ok - take some time and make sure you breathe!
  4. Do some yoga. It will not only help you to stay calm while putting your name out there, it will also help your mind to stay focussed when you do get the jobs!
  5. Tell yourself you are good at what you do. It may seem like a funny activity - but standing in front of a mirror and saying things like:

“I deserve to be here.” 

“I am good at what I do.”

“My clients enjoy working with me.”

Will help you to believe in yourself. And there is no better feeling than that.

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