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Scope of Work Template for Videographers

May 7, 2023
(updated: May 8, 2023)
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Being a freelance videographer is a great living for those who love telling stories with moving images. And there is a lot of demand for the services. However, you have to ensure that you're offering the best services to your customers. Part of this should be offering basic video production scope of work to your customers in the proposal stage.

In this article, we will discuss why you need a video production scope of work and how you can create a scope of work template for a videographer. Finally, we will also discuss how Indy can help you manage your team and the clients to help you complete a video project with limited issues.

Why Use Video Production Scope?

There are numerous reasons why you would want to use a video production scope of work template. For one it enables clear communication, objectives, and also business goals. They can help you to determine how the work can be completed and what the customer will get at the end of the project.

One of the clear objectives of the scope of work is that anyone from the production company team could use the document to complete the work for the customer. Many brands will use the video production scope of work and send this with work samples.

Videography can be one of the hardest scope of work documents to write because there are some very complex elements to video production. For example, there is the pre-production phase, scout locations elements, filming the shooting schedule, and deliverables such as a finished film.

However, when you have the guidelines used within the video production scope of work, you can make it easier. Therefore, those that use these tend to produce work that is of a higher standard of quality and within budget.

Any goal of the video production scope of work is to ensure that both the client and the videographer are on the same page.

What is Included in the Video Production Scope of Work?

There are several key aspects when it comes to creating the video production scope of work. You might want to use scope of work samples to help you create a document the entire video production team can use. Most of the example video production scope of work samples include the same elements. These are easy to follow for all video production professionals and include the following information.


The first part of the video production scope of the work document is the general information that is required for the production team to know what is being delivered and information about the client and the videographer. You might want to include information about the project goals, the team responsible for deliverables, and other elements that can be fitted into a couple of paragraphs.


In the next section of the video production scope of work document, you need to tell the client what is going to be delivered. In some respects, this is the project goal of the whole element. However, there are other aspects.

For instance, you might include things like the edited film including the outtakes and other elements. Or you might want to think about including the entire process within the standard video production scope of work. It depends on how complex the project is.

However, the more complete the deliverables section is, the better it will be for someone to follow.


There should also be a section where you are looking to deliver the timeline of the project. This will require you to direct where the client will need to be for the shooting schedule and what the production team needs to know for every aspect.

There are lots of moving parts to include in the film project, so be sure that you include the teams that are involved. This might include camera operators, sound technicians, actors, prop masters, and others. You might need to work with more than one production company to make this work and they need to know exactly what to do. Also you can use those elements when signing a separate scope of work with your subcontractors.

One of the best pieces of advice is to make sure that you are using a printable video production scope of work because then people can print the schedule out to ensure that they are keeping to the timing.

The more detailed the timeline is, the less chance there is of something going wrong.


The tasks that need to be done for the shoot day and around these times are going to be important. You need to assign tasks and subtasks to individual people. For instance, you might assign one team to the establishing shots, while another team does the close-in of actors or presenters of the work.

The video production scope of work should include lots of information on not just those working for you, but also those working for the client. They need to know what they need to do in the pre-production phase, on the shoot day, and afterward. In the standard video production scope of work template, there are also usually timeframes and deadlines for all.


When filming anything there is going to be a lot of resources used. You will need access to the actors, props, locations, and more. You also need to list all the equipment that is required for success. For instance, you might need to consider the camera, sound equipment, and other elements that will be necessary for your film to be a success.

In addition to labeling what you need to make the shoot a success, you should also include any other fees that are essential for the client to pay. Necessary parties also need to be told how much they should budget for resources needed on the day.


There are lots of roles involved in the shooting process. This doesn't include just the video production, but also the editing, the scout locations process, the story writing, and other elements that can bring a story to life.

Therefore, you need to list all the roles that are essential for the project to be complete. You need to consider the ability of all those involved and the objectives and vision of the client.

Listing the production roles of the video production will need to be carefully done. The video production scope of work should be very detailed and you might need to check that no one in the production company team is supposed to be in two places at the same time.


Management of video production can be very simple. Most of the time, the video production scope of work should have a simple list of those who are responsible for certain elements.

However, there should also be parts of this that detail the payment for services. And there should also be details about how the client can cancel the contract and video production stop. However, there should be notes about what payment is required to that point.

How Can Indy Help a Production Company?

Are you a videographer looking to simplify your freelance business? Look no further than Indy! Our all-in-one platform is designed to revolutionize the way you manage your work processes, giving you more time to focus on your creative projects.

With Indy, you can consolidate all aspects of your business, from proposals and clients to projects, tasks, contracts, and invoices, all in one easy-to-use platform. Our lightweight CRM capabilities and integrations with popular tools like Zapier and Google Calendar make it easy to efficiently manage your contacts and projects without getting bogged down in admin tasks.

Plus, with seamless online payment options through PayPal and Stripe, you can rest assured that you'll get paid on time and with ease. Indy takes care of the business side of things, so you can do what you do best - create amazing videos!

  • Create and manage proposals, contracts, and invoices easily and professionally
  • Stay organized with integrated calendar, tasks, and project management features
  • Automate workflows and keep everything in one place with automations and popular integrations
  • Enjoy the support of Indy University with articles, tips, and advice tailored for freelancers

In addition, Indy offers a variety of free resources to support your growth as a graphic designer, including templates, calculators, and an invoice generator. By making it simple to stay on top of your work and ensuring you look polished and professional, Indy can help you to thrive in your freelance career. 

With its free plan, you get access to all the necessary tools, while the option to upgrade to Indy Pro offers even more empowerment. Start using Indy today and experience the difference this comprehensive platform can make in your freelancing journey.


A production company needs to have a video production scope of work when they're managing projects for clients. It allows them to ensure that everyone has the right expectations for the role and that the client knows their responsibilities to get the project goals completed.

Example Video Production Scope of Work

Here is a sample video production scope of work that can be edited for your next project to ensure you and your client are on the same page.


Joe Bloggs Video Production has been hired by A Entertainment to shoot a 30-second advert for a new product. Joe Blogs Video Production has been hired to produce the entire advert from pre-production to post-production. Included in this video production scope of work are the specific details including the production timeline and responsibilities of all parties involved.


At the end of the production schedule, we will aim to have a 30-minute advert that is suitable for national television. The video should include a compelling story underpinned by quality writing of the script.


There are specific timelines to make this project work. Here are the specific elements that are required.

  • May 1 - Script Writing Team to write the story for the film. Three options are to be submitted.
  • May 2 - The production Manager and the client review scripts and choose one for shooting.
  • May 3 - Scout locations for the filming. The creative director should also hire actors. Actors are to be given the creative treatment to rehearse.
  • May 4 - Day one of the location shooting.
  • May 5 - Day two of the location shooting.
  • May 8 - Editing by the post-production video team.
  • May 9 - Second day of editing by the video editor and his team.
  • May 10 - The client to review the short film with the creative director and production manager.
  • May 15 - An in-person event to premier the video production results to senior members of the team.


Numerous tasks are important to the success of this project.

  • Script Writing
  • Pre-production scout locations
  • Hiring actors
  • Camera work
  • Sound work
  • Editing

The client is responsible to review the content at two points of the production timetable to ensure we meet business goals. Clients should also make payments.


While there are numerous resources to be used within the production of the film, these resources are the sole responsibility of the production company. They include the camera, computer equipment, and sound equipment. Only the product is required by the client, so we can feature it in the film.

All costs for the production of the video are covered in the proposal.


There are several roles during all production days. For simplicity, we've noted the main roles during the video production below.

  • Script Writing - Script Writing Manager
  • Location Scouting - Production Manager
  • Actor Casting - Creative Director
  • Shooting - Production Manager
  • Camera Work - Cameraman
  • Sound - Sound Technician
  • Editing - Editing Team
  • Review of Content - Client


The management of the project is done by the production manager and the creative director. The client's two senior executives are to manage the review of the content.

The client has the right to cancel the control. The deposit will be retained if the contract is canceled. Other fees charged can be refunded if a full week's notice has been provided. After this, 50% of the other monies paid will be reimbursed to the client.

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