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Zoho Invoice Review (Plus, 3 Great Alternatives)

Feb 21, 2024
(updated: Feb 27, 2024)
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Juggling between crafting professional-looking invoices, tracking time and expenses, chasing overdue payments, and maintaining a healthy cash flow can feel like a never-ending chore, but invoice software makes it simple.

In this article, we're breaking down Zoho Invoice's standout features, reviewing its pricing structure, and sharing 3 compelling alternatives that might just be the missing piece to your invoicing puzzle.

What is Zoho Invoice?

First, let's talk about Zoho Invoice. If you've been searching for an invoicing solution, you might have stumbled upon this name. Zoho Invoice is part of the Zoho suite, known for its user-friendly business tools. It promises to simplify invoicing processes, helping you get paid faster and keeping your financials in check. Beyond the Zoho finance operations apps, Zoho also has:

  • Zoho CRM: A comprehensive CRM platform.
  • Zoho Books: An accounting platform.
  • Zoho Mail: A secure email service.
  • Zoho One: An all-in-one suite for managing your business.

Each one of these apps is a separate paid service that requires its own subscription. However, we'll be focusing on just the Zoho invoice apps in this review.

Top 5 Zoho Invoice Features

While Zoho Invoice is packed with features, here are the top 5 highlights:

1. Customizable templates

Zoho Invoice offers a range of templates to make your invoices look professional. You can add your logo, choose colors, and tailor the template to match your brand identity, ensuring that each invoice reflects your brand identity cohesively, leaving a lasting impression on your clients.

2. Time tracking

For those who bill by the hour, Zoho Invoice has a time-tracking feature that streamlines the entire invoicing process. This enables users to effortlessly log the hours dedicated to a specific project.

As a result, Zoho Invoice automatically generates an accurate and detailed invoice, eliminating the need for manual calculations. This not only saves time but also enhances accuracy, ensuring that you get compensated fairly for your time and effort.

3. Expense tracking

Keeping track of expenses is crucial for any business. With its effortless expense reporting platform, Zoho Invoice lets you log and categorize expenses, ensuring that every penny is accounted for in your financial reports. By simplifying expense management, Zoho Invoice facilitates better financial decision-making and ensures that your business remains fiscally responsible and well-informed.

4. Online payments

Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional payment methods. Zoho Invoice integrates with popular payment gateways, allowing your clients to settle invoices online, reducing the turnaround time for payments.

By embracing online payments, Zoho Invoice enhances the efficiency of your financial transactions, providing both you and your clients with a secure, convenient, and expeditious means of settling financial obligations.

5. Automated reminders

Chasing overdue payments can be awkward, but it's a necessary evil. Zoho Invoice automates the process by sending friendly reminders to your clients, nudging them to settle their dues. By automating this often uncomfortable process, Zoho Invoice not only improves the efficiency of your accounts receivable management but also helps maintain positive client relationships.

This proactive approach to payment reminders underscores the professionalism and reliability of your business operations.

Zoho Invoice Pricing

Now, let's talk dollars and cents. How much does it cost? Zoho has made its invoice software free to use, allowing you to create invoice templates, send automated payment reminders, and track expenses at no charge.

Top 3 Best Alternatives to Zoho Invoice

While Zoho has some pretty strong invoicing features, it won't be your perfect match if you're in need of tools beyond invoicing. Here's some alternatives that are definitely worth your attention:

1. Indy

Indy is a rising star in the world of invoicing, catering to freelancers and small businesses. Create professional invoices with a clean and intuitive interface, set up recurring invoices, add branding elements, send automated payment reminders, and get paid flexibly through credit and debit cards with Stripe, PayPal, bank transfers, wire transfers, and mailed checks.

However, invoicing isn't the only thing you need as a business owner, which is why it's nice to have a platform like Indy that can handle every area of your business. You can create contracts and proposals, automatically track time spent on projects, create to-do lists, manage client portals, monitor your schedule, store and share files, and so much more!


  • Free Plan: Indy's Free Forever plan gives you 3 invoices each month, plus access to Indy's other tools.
  • Pro Plan: For unlimited invoicing and access to a suite of enhanced tools, you can sign up for the Pro plan at just $12/month (billed monthly) or $9/month (billed yearly).

2. Wave

Wave has made a name for itself by offering a robust set of features for free. From invoicing to accounting and expense receipts scanning, Wave doesn't compromise on functionality. You can create estimates, bills, and bookkeeping records. However, for more advanced features like recurring invoicing, you might want to consider their paid add-ons. Wave also has an expense reporting platform to simplify business processes.


  • Payroll Services: If you need payroll functionality, Wave offers a paid payroll service starting at $20/month.
  • Payment Processing: For businesses looking to accept credit card payments, Wave provides payment processing services with transparent transaction fees.

3. FreshBooks

FreshBooks is a household name when it comes to invoicing and accounting. With its user-friendly interface, powerful features, and strong customer support, FreshBooks is a solid choice for businesses of all sizes. You can track expenses, capture receipt data, run financial and accounting reports, and invite your accountant to your account.


  1. Lite Plan: Starting at $7.60/month, the Lite plan covers basic invoicing needs for freelancers and small businesses.
  2. Plus Plan: Priced at $13.20/month, the Plus plan expands on the Lite plan by including additional features like expense tracking and time tracking.
  3. Premium Plan: For those with more extensive business needs, the Premium plan, priced at $24/month, offers advanced functionality, including team collaboration features.

A Quick Recap

Finding the right invoicing software is like finding the perfect pair of shoes – it should fit your style, be comfortable, and help you put your best foot forward. So, consider your business needs, budget, and the features that matter most to you.

While Zoho Invoice has an impressive amount of features, it may not be the right fit for your business if you're in need of more than just invoicing. That's why Indy does it all, so you can create invoices, send business proposals, manage contracts and to-do lists, engage clients, track time, share files, and monitor your schedule, all in one place. Get started today for free!

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