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Surprising Ways to Protect Your Freelance Business – This Week’s Must-Read Tips

Aug 11, 2023
(updated: Aug 4, 2023)
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There’s a reason why contracts get talked about a lot around here. Protecting your work-life balance, squashing late payments, and minimizing miscommunications—it all starts with having a strong contract.

In this week’s tips, we’re sharing some surprising contract clauses you should know about. Plus, strategies for picking better clients, working on retainer agreements, and where to find freelancer benefits.

Weekly Must-Read Tips

7 Surprising Things You Should Ask For in Contracts

There’s a lot you can add to your contracts beyond just the basics. We're revealing the surprising things freelancers can (and should) ask for in contracts to protect your interests and set clear expectations.

Statement of Work vs. Scope of Work

These terms are used interchangeably, but there’s an important difference. Sound confusing? We've got your back! Let's demystify these terms, so you can navigate your projects like a pro.

Types of Clients You Should Avoid

Client selection is crucial, and sometimes, certain types of clients can be best avoided. Check out these tips on the types of clients you should avoid to save your time, energy, and sanity.

How Does a Retainer Work?

Curious about retainers? We'll break down how a retainer works and how it can bring stability and predictability to your freelancing income.

Freelancer Benefits, Health Insurance, and Retirement

Let's talk about the future for a moment - freelancers need benefits too! Find out where you can find health benefits. Plus, get retirement planning tips for a secure and thriving freelance career.


You're all set to take charge of your contracts, projects, and client interactions like a pro. Remember, your freelance journey is unique, and you have the power to shape it the way you want. Don't forget to stay true to yourself and your goals as you navigate the freelancing world.

And if you’re looking for an easier way to manage client relationships, Indy helps you create strong contracts that manage client expectations, communicate more effectively with clients, and get paid faster through simple yet powerful invoicing.

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