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What Is the Best Coworking Space Dublin Has to Offer?

Mar 30, 2023
(updated: Apr 5, 2023)
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Living in Dublin, you get to experience the incredible environment and the worldwide culture this Ireland capital offers. Dublin is the perfect spot to experience the Guinness culture, Dublin Castle, Grafton Street, and Phoenix Park. With such a vibrant community and so many people come the rush, the hustle, and the noise.

If you're considering coworking but aren't sure where to start, this guide will introduce you to some of the best coworking spaces Dublin has to offer. We'll cover what coworking is, the benefits of using a coworking space, and how to choose the right space for your needs.

In Dublin, coworking space is not that difficult to find. Listed below are some of the best coworking spaces with a dedicated desk area, event spaces, business advisors, and meeting rooms, in a clean environment. Every coworking space in Dublin has its own amenities that can work with any startup. So if you need a location or shared office space for your business, here's a list of coworking spaces in Dublin with prices and memberships!

1. CoworkInn

CoworkInn is a bustling hub for freelance workers and is located in the Sandyford neighbourhood of Dublin, five minutes from Stillorgan Luas station. A great bonus is a secure underground car-parking zone just 3 minutes from CoworkInn.

As for the amenities, there is a conference room, printing and faxing equipment, storage lockers, internet and Wi-Fi, and tea and coffee stations. Everything is shared by everyone present.

There are two membership categories: Drop-In and Dedicated. A dedicated membership includes a desk and some storage, whereas a drop-in membership gives you access for up to 15 days each month and lets you use any available desks. Prices range from €95 for two days of access each month to €295 for full-time access.

2. WeWork Charlemont

Our coworking space at Charlemont Exchange, located in the centre of Dublin's thriving technology sector, provides everything you need to succeed. You can easily access the modern private offices, extremely practical conference rooms, and art-filled lounge spaces because the whole seven-floor building is devoted to WeWork.

There is a bike station immediately outside, the Charlemont Luas rail stop is close by, and there is a bus service that runs directly to the city centre, making it simple to commute. With our Charlemont Exchange office space, professionals in the fields of technology, design, and media feel at home. 

Three membership levels are offered. A dedicated desk costs €470 per month, with the Hot Desk starting at €390. Four out of the five sites provide private offices, which start at a monthly cost of €700. Additionally, day passes start at €45 per day, and conference rooms start at €15 per seat per hour.

3. The Tara Building

This city centre coworking space is set over two open-plan offices and provides a variety of customizable packages and deals with 24/7 access. The Tara Building is only a short stroll from the shores of the River Liffey. There is a heavy emphasis on the community, and there is a regular schedule of events for members, including social functions, fitness courses, and seminars for creative growth.

The amenities at the Tara Building include conference rooms, storage areas, post and printing facilities, phone booths, lockers, bike storage, showers, and a shared kitchen. The monthly cost of a full-time hot desking membership is €285, or you may purchase multiple-day bundles beginning at €95 for a 4-day per month bundle. Day permits are additionally offered at the Tara Building and cost €28 per day.

4. Iconic Offices

With 15 office spaces throughout Dublin, you can choose whichever Dublin coworking space suits your needs. Iconic Offices creates settings that allow you to achieve your best work. These promote cooperation, creativity, and production. Iconic Offices make sure the space, facilities, and services support the success of your business.

Iconic Offices provides a wide variety of coworking alternatives, including dedicated and floating desks in shared office space, as well as private offices.

A private office comes completely equipped, tastefully furnished, and with everything you could possibly need. The world-class amenities include specialised IT support, round-the-clock Video surveillance, access to break rooms and kitchens for meetings and events, as well as dedicated support staff for all your business needs.

Iconic Offices also offers meeting rooms, which are suitable for conference calls, with screen share, glass board, and refreshments. Prices start at €199 per person per month.

5. Regus

Regus' serviced offices take care of everything, from the furnishings to the high-speed Wi-Fi, and feature customizable terms that allow you to hire coworking space from one hour to years.

With 10 locations in Dublin, you can find the nearest coworking space at all times.

Regus provides private offices, coworking desks, and excellent meeting rooms together with professional workplaces and contemporary décor. Also, the area has good transportation options if you need to leave for networking or client meetings.

On-site services feature wheelchair access, parking, showers, bike storage, break rooms, and a business lounge.

One of Dublin's most popular coworking spaces offers a variety of membership choices. The monthly rent for a coworking membership is $239. And you must pay at least $539 a month for private offices.

6. Dogpatch Labs

At Dogpatch Labs, you can join Ireland's largest digital community to meet and learn from a variety of young entrepreneurs, founders, and freelancers. To help your business development, this coworking space in Dublin, located in The CHQ Building, Custom House Quay, North Dock provides flexible space with a number of benefits.

The coworking facilities are divided into three regions and provide dedicated desks, hot desks, and private offices.

The bulk of hot desks is located in the Urban Garden, which also doubles as a site for community gatherings, hackathons, and workshops on innovation. Prices for part-time membership for hot desks start at €150 per month for access for 8 days per month and go up to €300 for unlimited access.

7. CoCreate south

CoCreate South is home to a vibrant community of freelancers, creatives, technologists, entrepreneurs, and other professionals. This coworking space in Dublin has desks combined with ergonomic chairs to provide a comfortable, homely workspace, and there is always access to a fully-stocked kitchen and lounge area.

Also, the location offers a regular schedule of workshops, courses, and different networking activities. Hot desks cost €200 for unlimited access during the week. At €225 per month, dedicated desks are also available for a minimum one-month lease.

8. DoSpace

DoSpace, located at Enterprise Campus, Pearse Street, is home to more than 60 members, including startups and single proprietors working in a variety of business areas. This coworking space has meeting rooms, top-of-the-line furniture (including standing desks), high-speed internet access, and event space. A cosy lounge space, a bar serving draft beer, and weekly community and networking events are available.

Dedicated desks cost €299 per month, and employees who need access to a hot desk occasionally can purchase five- or ten-day tickets for €125 or €200, respectively.

9. Guinness Enterprise Center

The Guinness Enterprise Centre, a non-profit coworking space with offices on Taylor's Lane in Dublin, offers top-notch amenities, a welcoming startup atmosphere, and a strong sense of community. Amenities include conference and meeting rooms, photocopying, parking, a café, and restrooms.

Regular networking opportunities, business seminars, and leisure pursuits like yoga and running clubs may all be helpful to employees. The monthly rate for this coworking space in Dublin for 10 days begins at €120. Freelancers must sign a 12-month contract in full, although they are allowed to break it with one month's notice.

10. Fumbally Exchange

Fumbally Exchange at Argus House is unique in that it is a complete coworking space Dublin has to offer that caters to many sectors. What's more, everyone thinks that this is where they should be working because of the coworking options and the atmosphere.

This coworking space in Dublin is dedicated to the growth of startups, small companies, and single owners.

Prices are not listed on their website, so you'd have to contact them directly.

11. Huckletree

Huckletree on Pearse St is a large coworking space near Trinity College that provides a variety of hot desks and private studios. Meeting spaces, a massage studio, and a forest-themed area with a Zen-like atmosphere are a few of the services offered to members. The coworking environment is appropriate for presentations and product launches. Hot desk renting starts at €195 per month. Dedicated desks start at €500 per month.

Indy can help freelancers thrive in coworking spaces

Dublin is a vibrant city known for its rich history, friendly atmosphere, and flourishing tech scene. The city also offers a diverse selection of coworking spaces catering to freelancers, creatives, and startups looking to work, collaborate, and be inspired. Dublin has something for everyone, from sleek, modern offices to cosy, artistic studios, and specialised workspaces.

If you're a freelancer seeking to enhance your work, consider using Indy, a platform designed to streamline your freelance business management. Here are some ways Indy can support you as a remote worker in Dublin:

With Indy, you can focus on your passion while managing the business aspects of freelancing. It's like having a personal assistant by your side wherever you go. So whether you're working from home, in a coworking space in Dublin, or anywhere else in the world, Indy can help you thrive as a freelancer.


Those were our picks for the best coworking spots in this vibrant community! Dublin has a thriving coworking scene and offers some of the best shared work spaces in Europe. There are many locations in the city where startups or small companies can work from. Whether you are looking for an inspiring workspace to launch your business or just want somewhere to get away from distractions and focus on your work, you'll easily find it in Dublin.

Once you’ve made a decision about your perfect coworking space, the next step is to make sure you have all the tools required to do the job. Here’s where Indy can help! Indy comes with nine exclusive and powerful tools that will help you save time and money, including contracts, invoices, proposals, and time trackers

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