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Best Uses for ChatGPT for Freelancers - A Comprehensive Guide

May 25, 2023
(updated: Jan 15, 2024)
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ChatGPT continues to amaze the internet with AI-generated content, evolving from a unique chatbot into a piece of technology driving the next phase of innovation. However, not everyone is on board yet, and you may be wondering: What is ChatGPT all about? Since its inception in late 2022, the AI chatbot has dominated headlines and has captured the attention of large companies such as Google, Amazon, and Twitter. Additionally, the AI language model surpassed TikTok as the fastest-growing 'app' of all time.

ChatGPT is an AI chatbot that uses natural language. At its most basic, this implies that you may ask it any question and it will respond with an answer. ChatGPT can aid freelancers with research, coming up with ideas, and making work satisfaction more efficient. Here at Indy, we aim to make freelancing simple. In this article, we'll explore the different ways freelancers can maximize their potential by effectively using ChatGPT.

Understanding ChatGPT

ChatGPT is an advanced language model developed by OpenAI. It has become a powerful tool across a wide range of applications by analyzing context, creating coherent replies, and supplying relevant information.

ChatGPT, as opposed to a basic voice assistant like Siri, is built on what is known as an LLM (Large Language Model). These neural networks are trained on massive amounts of data from the internet for deep learning, which means they develop whole new replies rather than simply regurgitating specific ready-made ones. They are not designed for a specific purpose, as were previous chatbots, and they are far smarter.

How ChatGPT can improve the productivity and quality of work for freelancers

Contrary to popular belief, ChatGPT can be used for much more than generating text. One major concern circling the freelance world is the replacement of freelancers, particularly writers, with the AI chatbot. While this may be true in some instances, most publications and websites find ChatGPT content to be too derivative and still prefer employing professionals.

In reality, ChatGPT can be an incredibly useful tool for freelancers. Here are three benefits for freelancers.

  1. SEO Writing: ChatGPT allows freelance bloggers and writers to improve the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of their work. Through ChatGPT, you may enhance your SEO by using carefully prepared instructions. For example, you may ask ChatGPT whether it believes your post's title is SEO-friendly, or for input on the SEO of your content and methods to enhance it.
  2. Research Assistance: Freelancers are frequently required to perform research in order to obtain information and insights for their tasks. ChatGPT may be a helpful research aid, giving you access to a wide range of information. Freelancers may ask questions, seek clarification on certain issues, and acquire pertinent material, therefore saving time and effort in the research process.
  3. Ad Content: ChatGPT can help you write text for site-specific ads. It may also assist you in identifying current trends and which forms of advertisements get the most positive replies. ChatGPT is a fantastic tool for individuals suffering from writer's block and may be really helpful in filling in the spaces.

Areas Where ChatGPT Can Be Used

There are several areas in your business that ChatGPT can be used for. Below are just a few examples.

Customer service

Some freelancers offer customer assistance as part of their services. ChatGPT may serve as a virtual assistant, assisting freelancers in responding to typical client inquiries and providing prompt replies. Freelancers may improve their customer support interactions and provide a more fulfilling experience to clients by employing ChatGPT's contextual comprehension and language creation capabilities.

Here's some of the ways:

  • ChatGPT can provide rapid solutions to customer queries and is available around the clock.
  • ChatGPT allows businesses to handle a higher volume of inquiries from customers at the same time. It is capable of handling several conversations at once, allowing customer care teams to grow their operations without sacrificing response quality.
  • ChatGPT can answer simple enquiries and frequently asked questions successfully. It can answer questions regarding product features, pricing, delivery, and other frequently asked questions.

Content creation

ChatGPT can help with content creation by aiding with idea formation, content outline, writing assistance, language refinement, and more! Freelancers can use ChatGPT to expedite their process, improve their writing quality, and explore new creative possibilities.

Examples of how ChatGPT can be used for content creation include:

  • Idea Generation & Brainstorming: Freelancers frequently have creativity difficulties or struggle to come up with new ideas. ChatGPT may act as a virtual brainstorming partner, assisting freelancers in the generation of ideas, the refinement of thoughts, and the exploration of fresh perspectives.
  • Content Structure: ChatGPT can assist with the structure and outlining of content. ChatGPT can help freelancers organize their thoughts and goals by suggesting subheadings, adding subheadings, and building a logical flow. This can help to speed up the content creation process while also ensuring a logical framework.
  • Writing: ChatGPT can also assist with writing by suggesting ways to improve sentence structure, grammar, vocabulary, and overall writing style. Freelancers can also receive real-time criticism and ideas, which helps improve their writing and generate high-quality material.

Time management

Freelancers frequently work on many projects with conflicting deadlines. ChatGPT can help you manage tasks, set reminders, and organize your schedule. Freelancers can stay on top of their workload, optimize their time management, and increase their overall productivity by combining ChatGPT with productivity tools or using it as a conversational task manager.

Here are two ways ChatGPT can automate repetitive tasks and free up more time for productive work:

  • Integration with Workflow Platforms: To enable task automation, ChatGPT can be connected to workflow platforms or task management systems, such as Microsoft. Users can engage with ChatGPT to request specific tasks, and the underlying system can carry out such requests depending on established rules or interfaces with other tools.
  • Chatbot Frameworks: ChatGPT's conversational abilities may be used to automate specific tasks within chatbot frameworks. The chatbot can communicate with freelancers and conduct automatic activities depending on their requests!

Alternatively, you can use Indy's time tracker tool

Say goodbye to wasted minutes with our Time Tracker. Indy's time tracking widget displays the number of hours that have been paid or that still need to be invoiced, and time tracks can be sorted and connected to projects for easier timekeeping.

With our time tracker, you can:

  • Track time with a simple click, pause to take a break, and then resume when you're ready.
  • Filter timesheets by project, date range, and invoice status to discover how you're spending your working hours.
  • Make the payment procedure easier. You can add a time track to an invoice, define your hourly rate, and submit it to your client for payment in a matter of seconds.

Time Tracker allows you to focus on your tasks rather than the timer. You may be amazed how many hours have previously escaped invoices once you start tracking.

Tips for Effectively Using ChatGPT

As noted above, there are numerous benefits to using ChatGPT as a freelancer. Below, we have listed some tips for effectively using the AI chatbot.

  1. Provide clear and specific prompts: When interacting with ChatGPT, provide clear and specific prompts to get the desired output. Clearly articulate what you're looking for and include any necessary context. This will help ChatGPT generate more accurate and relevant responses.
  2. Experiment with different prompts: ChatGPT can be sensitive to the wording and structure of prompts. Don't be afraid to experiment with different variations of prompts to see how it impacts the generated responses. Try rephrasing, adding more context, or asking specific questions to get the best results.
  3. Use the system messages feature: Utilize the system messages feature to guide the conversation with ChatGPT. You can set the tone, provide instructions, or clarify the desired output through system messages. This helps in guiding the model's responses and keeping the conversation on track.
  4. Control the response length: ChatGPT has a tendency to generate lengthy responses. If you prefer shorter, more concise answers, you can specify the desired response length in your prompt or through the 'max tokens' parameter. Experiment with different response lengths to find the balance that suits your needs.
  5. Combine automation with a human touch: While ChatGPT can automate certain tasks, it's important to balance it with human involvement. Incorporate your expertise and personal touch when reviewing and editing the generated content. This ensures the final output aligns with your style, tone, and specific client requirements.

Challenges and Limitations

While ChatGPT offers a wide range of support for freelancers, there are some challenges and limitations to consider. These include:

  1. ChatGPT provides replies based on patterns learned from training data; however, it may not always deliver precise or trustworthy information. Before depending on ChatGPT information for their task, freelancers should take caution and check its correctness.
  2. ChatGPT's replies are created depending on the conversation's immediate context. It may lack a thorough awareness of the larger context or project-specific information, thus leading to misconceptions or incomplete replies. When working with ChatGPT, freelancers must guarantee clear communication and offer relevant context.
  3. ChatGPT might struggle with ambiguous inquiries or requests. ChatGPT may deliver unclear or inaccurate replies if a freelancer's inquiry or direction is not explicit or clear. To gather accurate and valuable information, freelancers must ask well-defined questions and offer precise directions.
  4. ChatGPT has been trained on a variety of topics, but it may lack specialized domain knowledge or industry-specific expertise. Freelancers working in specialized or technical industries may discover that ChatGPT's replies are not precise or thorough enough for their unique needs.
  5. There is a risk of overuse of ChatGPT, particularly if freelancers depend only on its ideas or guidance without critically examining or double-checking the material. Freelancers should remember that ChatGPT is a tool and should be used as a supplement to their own knowledge and judgment, not as a replacement for it.
  6. Because of the biases in its training data, ChatGPT might occasionally provide biased or improper replies. Freelancers must exercise caution to avoid unintentionally propagating or amplifying negative prejudices. To guarantee ethical and responsible use, it is vital to thoroughly examine and filter the information offered by ChatGPT.

To address these issues, freelancers might use tactics such as cross-referencing information from credible sources, using ChatGPT as a starting point for research rather than a definitive source, and being aware of the system's limits. Frequent information validation, critical thinking, and a conservative approach can assist freelancers in making the most of ChatGPT while reducing possible issues.

Another key challenge regarding ChatGPT is client confidentiality. Freelancers may need to discuss sensitive or confidential information when utilizing ChatGPT. To ensure that data is safeguarded and managed responsibly, it is critical to understand the platform’s privacy and security rules.

A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is a contract between you and your client that specifies your obligations to keep any information considered sensitive by your client, such as financial information and customer data, confidential.

Breaching the NDA by revealing sensitive information to a third party may result in termination of the contract. As a result, it is critical to keep the NDA in mind at all times.

When using ChatGPT or similar services, it's easy to forget that you're dealing with a third-party company. As a result, revealing private information with ChatGPT without prior authorization from your client may constitute a breach of the NDA. 

Consider the following suggestions to maintain compliance with your confidentiality obligations:

  • Examine your NDA.
  • Regarding the use of ChatGPT, consult with your client. 
  • Remove all private information by eliminating it or altering it to non-real data before sending it to ChatGPT.
  • Opt out of having your data used for training purposes. By visiting the ChatGPT website and following the instructions, you may deactivate such use.

By following these guidelines, you may guarantee that you meet your confidentiality commitments and avoid violating your NDA.

How Indy Can Assist

Freelancers are expected to not only specialize in their industry, but also handle their own proposals, contracts, and business communications. Thankfully, Indy's Digital Assistant is here to help. If you're afraid that a block of text will be tiresome to write, or repetitious, or you just don't have the time, simply click the Digital Assistant button in the corner, and the box will be automatically filled with appropriate material. Digital Assistant is now available in text boxes inside Contracts, Proposals, and while composing emails on the ‘send’ pages.

Here are some other ways Indy can help:

  • Invoices can be created and sent in minutes with our free invoicing software. You can review your prior invoices and make new invoices through your dashboard. Just simply include your information and send directly to your clients.
  • Our integrated to-do list app makes it simple to keep track of all your tasks. With list and board views, you can see what's coming up and even keep track of your tasks from your calendar—which integrates with Google Calendar!

With Indy, you can manage all of your business tasks, keep track of your time, and safely store important files all in one place! Sign up today and try for yourself.


ChatGPT can aid freelancers with research, coming up with ideas, and making work satisfaction more efficient. From research assistance and SEO writing, to content structure and idea generation, ChatGPT can be a helpful tool for freelancers from any industry. Allowing you access to a wide range of information, ChatGPT can help you save time and effort, ensure your content is efficient, and keep track of business tasks.

Interested in using an AI chatbot for your freelance business? You can find more information about Indy's Digital Assistant in our article Introducing ‘Digital Assistant’: Your Very Own AI Assistant for Writing Contracts and Proposals!

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