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Zapier Integrations Are Coming to Indy

Dec 1, 2022
(updated: Apr 4, 2023)
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We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to make sure you have all the tools you need to streamline your workflow, which is why we’re excited to announce a major update coming to Indy!

Our tool suite is integrating with Zapier so you can connect to thousands of your favorite apps and automate your workflow.

Indy’s core mission has always been to simplify freelancing, so you can focus more on the work that matters. Zapier is helping us deliver on that promise more than ever. Ready to learn more? Let’s dive in!

Introducing Zapier

Zapier lets you connect your apps together without having to write any code. This gives you the power to automate recurring tasks between Indy and the other apps you use with automated workflows called “Zaps.” A Zap allows you to integrate two or more apps together by creating “triggers” that lead to powerful actions in another application.

Just think of your apps as the orchestra, and Zapier as the conductor keeping your apps in sync.

Zaps can be set up in minutes. When you turn a Zap on, the software does the heavy lifting for you, freeing you up to focus on other activities while the automation runs in the background. 

So where does Indy come in? Indy’s tool suite will now have the power to trigger actions in the other apps you use, giving you a more integrated workflow. You can read more about the many creative ways you can now automate your workflow with Indy.

How does it work?

To start creating your Zaps with Indy, all you have to do is connect Indy to Zapier and designate Indy as the trigger. Integrating Zapier with Indy is really easy and with this connection you’ll discover thousands of possibilities for your independent business. For step-by-step instructions showing how to connect Indy to other apps, check out this article. In just a few short minutes, you can be up and running and ready to start creating your first Zaps!

Wrapping up

We’re thrilled to unveil this highly requested partnership with Zapier and can’t wait to see the exciting new ways that you automate your workflow. Zapier integrations are available now as part of Indy’s Pro Bundle, which you can sign up for at just $9/month when paid yearly.

We look forward to rolling out new updates to continually expand upon the functionality of everything Zapier has to offer.

Until next time,

✌️ Team Indy

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