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Harnessing Your Enneagram for Effective Work—This Week’s Must-Read Tips

Mar 28, 2024
(updated: Apr 2, 2024)
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Feeling a bit scattered or lacking motivation lately? It's time to tap into your unique personality strengths. 

Dive into this week's edition to uncover personalized tips on maximizing your productivity with Enneagram insights, conquering scope creep, and much more!

Weekly Must-Read Tips

How to Work Most Effectively, According to Your Enneagram

Ever wondered how your personality type influences your work habits? Click to discover personalized tips that'll transform your workflow.

Can Freelancers Claim a Home Office Deduction?

Learn how to maximize your deductions by claiming your home office space. Don't miss out on potential savings.

How to Avoid Scope Creep

Scope creep sneaking up on your projects? Click to learn practical strategies for keeping your projects focused and profitable.

Progress Reports - What They Are and How to Create One

Ready to showcase your progress like a pro? Dive into our guide to create compelling progress reports that impress clients.

How to Write a Professional LinkedIn Headline

Your LinkedIn headline is like your personal spotlight - make it shine! Click to learn how to craft a standout headline that grabs attention and opens doors.


Time keeps on tickin’, and it’s important to know where it’s all going. With these strategies, you can master your time, unlocking more earning potential and freeing up precious moments for what truly matters.

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