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How to Get Sponsored on Facebook

May 23, 2023
(updated: May 19, 2023)
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Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world, with over 2.96 billion users across the world. Those that are publishing on the platform and have a large follower count can often find themselves in the perfect position to earn revenue on the platform through brand collaborations.

In this article, we will discuss how to find collaboration with brand entities more easily, how to build a process to improve efficiency, and also how to earn more money. We will also detail how Indy can help you pitch Facebook brands to achieve a successful sponsorship deal.

Why Do Brands Use Facebook Influencers in Their Marketing Strategy?

There are numerous reasons why brands use Facebook influencers to market products and services. For one, influencers have more power at convincing audiences to purchase a product or service. They tend to have a large number of followers and contacts that can help brands to reach a target audience and new audiences that they don't know yet.

In addition, an influencer on Facebook or Instagram is more trustworthy to audiences. Part of this is because they are seen as being more independent than the brand selling the product. They expect the influencer to give a fair review and work with brands that match their values/ethical approach.

In the past few years, Facebook and Instagram brand collaborations have seen significant gains for the companies. A successful brand collaboration can help brands improve sales, get more recognition from new potential customers, and improve the domain authority. Therefore, there are lots of reasons why brand collaborations are on the rise.

And for social media influencers, there is a potential to earn big.

Research in 2021 found that Facebook influencers with fewer than 5,000 followers could earn $190 per post. Most influencers publish about 1–3 posts per day, so could earn about $208,000 a year. Those that have a larger follower count could charge up to $5000 per post.

And you can sometimes be the first to try out new products or services. Being on trend with such innovations can be a great boost to mental health.

What Kind of Brand Collaborations Work?

There are numerous types of brand collaborations that you can use to earn money on Facebook. For instance, you can include brands on Instagram and Facebook posts where they're mentioned to sponsor the post. Sponsored photos can work well in this context.

Another option is to create content branded for the company. Videos are very effective for this, and with enough followers, you can gain access to the Facebook video creators program. Video content is very popular across the Meta Network.

Then there are other options such as unboxing videos, product reviews, and more. You might be the main focus, or you could be a small part of a product launch.

There are numerous brand collaborations that you could be part of so you can pick and choose your niche, the companies that you work with, and your positioning in the market.

How to Find Brand Collaborations for Facebook

If you want to find brands on Facebook to work with, you need to follow the following steps to ensure you maximize the sponsorship opportunities available to you.

Step 1 - Choose a niche

Before you even get going with a brand collaboration, you need to choose a niche for your brand. What sector are you going to work in, what content are you going to focus on, and what brand collaborations are you aiming to attract?

You need to choose something you're passionate about. And you need to have something that is going to attract audiences to your personal brand.

Step 2 - Build a content schedule

Now for Facebook and Instagram brand collaborations, you need to have a content schedule. This is a rough guide of when you're going to publish content and what you're going to publish at what times.

Step 3 - Create social media profiles

Now you need to build your social media community. To start with, create a page on Facebook and an account on Instagram. Fill in as much information on Facebook as possible. One of the advantages of Facebook is that you can directly invite friends on the platform to like your page.

This can help you build trust with your audience because it gives you a baseline to build up from.

Step 4 - Get the right equipment

Now you need to get the right equipment for your content. A good camera is a must. The higher the quality of your images and videos, the better the response will be.

You will also find that if you have better equipment, the potential is higher that the brand reaches its target audience with sponsored content.

Step 5 - Create content

Now you can create content that will represent your personal brand. Have about two to three weeks' worth of content created so you look like a busy brand with lots to say. Choose the best hashtag for the content, as this will entice users to follow you.

You might want to connect to other creators and see if they will give you a small boost and collaborate with you. Though this might be more costly.

Step 6 - Increase followers

A brand pays for the number of followers you have. Therefore, to maximize the potential revenue you can get, you need to have lots of followers. The best way to do this is to advertise your page on Facebook. Getting more likes is fairly simple. With the right targeting, you can get 5,000 likes for less than $500 or 10,000 likes for $1,000.

Advertising doesn't guarantee success though. You still need to create content regularly and continue to search for new audiences.

Keep a careful eye on the paid ad engagement rate. The average cost for a new 'like' should be about $0.10 to $0.50 with almost any audience. However, if the engagement rate is below this, you might need to consider retargeting to a different audience or improving the content to make it more aligned with the audience's needs.

Step 7 - Build a website

To get your business going, you need to build a website. A website is a sales platform, allowing for increased sales of brand collaborations and other partnerships. On the website, you should include core statistics of your follower list, what demographics you promote to, costings, and contact information.

In addition, have a portfolio page where you highlight the high-quality content you create on your social channels. Don't forget to also include a Facebook and Instagram feed on your website. It might also be a good idea to create a link to your Facebook page and Instagram profile.

For your website content to attract the right audience and brands, you need to use specific keywords that match both.

Step 8 - Find brands to work with

Before you can work with brands, you need to find relevant business profiles to work with. Sending out a few brand collaboration proposals to small brands in your local area can be a good start. 

You need to make sure they're a good fit for your values and content. In the emails or calls, highlight the value of the brand collaborations and how collaboration can help them reach a target audience.

Getting statistics about how many followers are engaged with your brand and using engagement rates from past content can be a great incentive for companies.

You might also want to join a couple of influencer marketing platforms to identify brands that are looking for cross-brand collaborations.

Step 9 - Respond positively to inquiries

You may also be contacted by brands via Instagram, Facebook, or email about the possibility of brand collaboration. When you're contacted about brand collaborations, the company should say what they're looking for specifically and what their budget is.

If not, you might need to speak to them further. Remember when working with brands on Instagram, Facebook, or other social media platforms, you need to do in-depth research. You need to know that they have the same values as you. A mismatch can ruin the trust between you and the audience.

Step 10 - Negotiations

Now you need to negotiate with your potential customers. They might not have the budget you're asking for. If this is the case, consider offering a service where they get content published on your social media network, but at a time when engagement rates are lower. Sometimes this can work to get those first few brand collaborations going.

Remember that you need to ask for a copy of their media kit. Otherwise, you might not be able to get a high-quality image of their logo or have the specific keywords that they want to be included in any content.

Remember to clarify whether they want any paid ads, and remember to charge for them. They might also want some content on your Instagram page, a blog post, and other options.

Step 11 - Brand collaboration contract

Now you need to send the brand collaboration contract. You will find brands react very positively when you set out the deal in a professional contract. It sets the tone for the work, ensures everyone understands their responsibilities, and sets the expectations of all parties involved.

Step 12 - Create content

As a content creator, you might have thought that creating content was the main part of the work, but it takes a long time to get to this point. You do need to find brands first, for instance, and know what content is required for great brand collaborations.

Remember that there may be other brands that are involved in the project with your client. You might need to speak to these other brands to ensure the project works well. This is an excellent opportunity to meet other influencers and find ways to work together on numerous projects and boost your follower count.

Step 13 - Get paid for brand collabs

As a content creator, you will want to be paid. So now is the time to collect the results of the collaboration and then invoice the customer. Don't forget that when you collaborate with brands, you want to keep statistics from high-performance campaigns and add them to your media kit.

Then when you look to collaborate with brands on Instagram or Facebook in the future, you can showcase how you've helped other brands in the past.

Step 14 - Rinse and repeat

Now you need to continue to attract new clients to your business and get more brand collaborations going. You might also need to look for new and innovative ways to promote your brand. As a content creator, you always need to stay on trend, using the right hashtags.

Being up to date with trends makes you a more valuable prospective partner with brands.

How Can Indy Help a Content Creator on Facebook?

It’s an exciting time to be a Facebook influencer. Yet we know that there are going to be challenges. Indy is there to help to make all the moving parts of your influencer business easier to manage so you can turn a passion into full-time profits. With Indy you can send multiple proposals to prospective clients, write and manage contracts and manage workloads and get paid effortlessly.

  • Create, edit and manage proposals with brands that highlight the benefits of working with you and how a partnership could work.
  • Use Indy’s contract creator to draw up legally binding contracts to send to clients to get them to sign and finalize deals.
  • Manage clients with the use of scheduling tools, integrated with Google Calendar.
  • Use Indy’s professional invoicing tool to get paid faster with multiple payment options available.

Indy has all the tools you need in one place to ensure the success of your influence platform. Learn more about the needs of your clients through a forms tool. In addition, manage your projects through a brilliant Kanban-style project manager. Indy allows you to make your freelance admin work as smooth and easy as possible.


Being a micro-influencer and a content creator in a certain niche opens up opportunities for you to offer collaborations with brands where you can be paid for your work. Numerous big brands take advantage of this, including brands like Coca Cola and Squarespace. If you're a good fit for the business, you can help reach a wider audience with a single post. And you can get paid for your work—a win-win situation for both you and the business.

Indy can help freelancers improve their returns from Facebook collaborations with several time-saving tools. You can try Indy today with a free account.

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