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The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing Proposals

Feb 11, 2021
(updated: Dec 6, 2022)
Lesson duration: 5 min

Just like any proposal, a good digital marketing proposal should be structured in a way that provides your client with all the information they need. A good digital marketing proposal for clients should include the following information:

  • What is the goal of the digital marketing campaign?
  • What work will you do, and what digital marketing services will you provide?
  • When will you finish your work?
  • How much will you charge for your services?

Knowing how to create your very own SEO proposal template or write a social media proposal may seem intimidating, but it doesn't have to be. Read on to learn more about how to craft each component of the perfect digital marketing proposal that can help you land the clients of your dreams.

digital marketing

Overview & Goals

Any good digital marketing proposal should include a clearly stated overview of your client's project and goals. Take the time to understand what your client wants and needs, such as what their sales process looks like, what they're looking for in a digital marketing campaign, and what digital marketing services might be beneficial for them. If you're unable to identify their goals or what they're looking for in your proposal, it's likely that your digital marketing proposal won't feel like a good fit to your potential client.

Scope Of Work

Digital marketing can include a wide variety of different components. Your digital marketing proposal should include information about all the different components you plan to use to make your digital marketing campaign a success. Remember to always reframe each component in the context of the goals of your client and demonstrate exactly how your plans align with their needs.


Providing SEO services is enormously attractive to clients who are hoping to boost organic traffic to their website. Consider drafting an SEO proposal template that lists all the SEO services you offer (whether they be on-page optimizations, content strategy, keyword research, or technical SEO) and then customize it to suit the needs of each specific client. Remember to be as specific as possible when discussing what SEO services you offer and what outcomes they can have for your client to show that you truly understand their needs and are capable of addressing them.


PPC can be a good option for clients who want to increase their conversions relatively quickly. Again, be specific when discussing paid ads or paid social in your social media proposal. Make as much as you can as clear as possible, whether it's specifying who will create the landing pages or how much optimization there should be when managing ads. Clearly demonstrating that you understand your client's marketing process, and knowing where you fall into it, can make your proposal stand out.

Social Media

Generating and managing social media are two time-consuming components of a successful digital marketing campaign. Make sure your proposal clearly defines which one (or both) you'll be in charge of in your digital marketing proposal, and use your experience, budget, and goals to support your rationale. A clearly written social media proposal will show a potential client that you have the skills to help them achieve their goals — and help you avoid scope creep in the future.

Social media as a part of digital marketer work

Content Strategy

Content strategy can mean a variety of different things, from creating a website or blog content to generating social media content or even understanding what a client's competition is doing. To avoid confusion and demonstrate that you clearly understand your client's goals, be specific about what content services you can offer that align with their goals.


If a design is a part of your digital marketing proposal, don't forget to include examples of your past work. A strong portfolio not only shows clients what skills you have but can also demonstrate that you have experience doing the type of work they want to see in their digital marketing campaign. Including visual elements in your pitch is an easy way to bolster your proposal and help you stand out.


An important aspect of any digital marketing proposal is a clear timeline. If your client has a specific date by which they need your work to be completed, frame your timeline in that context. Be straightforward and specific about when you can finish certain tasks or projects; include the dates by which you'll have produced each deliverable or provided each of your digital marketing services. Additionally, don't forget to include any bottlenecks in your strategy in advance so your client can plan for them.

Overall, it's crucial to break down all the components of your project and establish a timeline for each one. Providing a timeline is more than just a helpful exercise — it's the first step in creating a bond of trust and respect with your client.

timeline importance while writing a digital marketing proposal

Pricing And Fees

Tiered Pricing

Whether you provide only SEO services or a greater variety of digital marketing services, the scope of a digital marketing campaign can vary widely. Consider adopting a tiered pricing system (i.e., one of good, better, best) to allow your clients to select the pricing and scope option that works best for them and their goals.

Type Of Engagement

When writing your digital marketing proposal, consider the type of engagement that makes the most sense for the digital marketing services you're proposing (i.e., retainer, hourly, or project-based). Knowing that simple fact can help you structure your pricing scheme and determine how much to charge your client.

Duration Vs. Market Value

Pricing is often a delicate trade-off between how long a project takes and what its worth on the market is. If you have years of experience that make your work more valuable than that of someone just starting out in the field of digital marketing, make sure your pricing and proposal reflect that.

workhard anywhere and creating a successful digital marketing proposal

How To Present Your Digital Marketing Proposal

The more digital marketing services you include in your proposal, the more information you'll need to provide. If you're providing details about a wide variety of services, make sure to include plenty of information about each component of your proposed work and present it in a cohesive way. Adding supplemental information, such as case studies, can also help provide support for higher-cost or more detailed proposals.

Digital Marketing Pitch Example

A great digital marketing proposal will showcase your skills and clearly demonstrate how they can align with a potential client's goals. If you're looking for a sample digital marketing proposal, check out our free proposal builder and get started on building a strong, effective proposal today.

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