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From Apologies to Opportunities: How to Handle Mistakes at Work–This Week’s Must-Read Tips

Feb 19, 2024
(updated: Feb 20, 2024)
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As much as we don’t want them to…mistakes can happen while freelancing.

In this week’s tips, we’re sharing tips for apologizing when things go wrong, managing client meetings, and how to find opportunities when clients give you a new point of contact.

This Week’s Must-See Tips

How to Apologize for a Mistake at Work

Apologies can be tough, especially in the professional realm. Learn the art of gracefully admitting mistakes and turning them into opportunities for growth.

How to Find Opportunity with a Point of Contact

Ever find yourself at a career crossroads, unsure of the next move? We've got your back this week with insights on seizing opportunities. Discover how a simple point of contact can be your gateway to new possibilities.

How to Manage Meetings Effectively

Do meetings leave you feeling drained and unproductive? Dive into strategies that will reshape the way you manage meetings, making them efficient and impactful.

Techniques for Improving Your Memory

Memory lapses holding you back? Explore practical techniques to enhance your memory and boost cognitive performance.

How to Set Goals at Work

Ready to crush your professional goals? Learn the art of setting impactful and achievable goals at work. Don't just dream it—achieve it!


Although bumps and hiccups are unavoidable, what matters most is how you respond to them.

If you’re looking for an easier way to manage client relationships, Indy helps you create strong contracts that manage client expectations, communicate more effectively with clients, and get paid faster through simple yet powerful invoicing.

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