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Freelancers and ChatGPT: Why Freelancers Need to Embrace Automation to Stay Competitive

May 29, 2023
(updated: May 25, 2023)
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Technology is changing the way we do freelance jobs. Before, freelance was about working in the local area, where telephone, fax, and email were the best ways to keep in contact. Remote jobs were not easy to complete. Now you've got a freelance tool that allows you to apply for jobs online and manage interesting projects over the Internet. And soon artificial intelligence (AI) and data science will change how freelance jobs are done.

In this article, we will look at how artificial intelligence and data science can start working in freelance jobs and how you can implement it in your company. In addition, we will look at how Indy can help you manage your processes, projects, and other aspects to help you.

The Rise of Automation in the Freelance Industry

Artificial intelligence is continuing to grow traction in many areas of the world, including healthcare and the private sector. It has helped numerous businesses to be more 

competitive through effective AI and data science implementation. And as more companies uptake AI, freelancer jobs will change as well to embrace it.

Implementing AI into company structures

Statistically, about 35% of all businesses use artificial intelligence in their workplace at the moment. And 90% of the best-known companies in the world are currently investing in their AI. In addition, about 83% of all businesses expect that AI technology will help them have a competitive edge.

Of course, some aspects have worried workers. Many people expect that artificial intelligence will reduce jobs. However, reports have suggested that there will be more jobs in the future thanks to the positive impact that artificial intelligence will have on the economy.

There are several benefits to AI

Automation does have several benefits for work and projects. For one, it can make some mundane tasks automatic. Therefore, you don't need to complete the work yourself. One example of this is customer service. AI can assist most people with common queries, reducing the need for a customer service representative to deal with simple queries (like opening times, stock availability, etc.). This leaves the customer service agent more time to deal with more complex customer queries.

Another way that artificial intelligence can help is to help find freelance jobs. Before you might have had to scour marketplaces for the right jobs. Not with artificial intelligence—AI can automatically find freelance jobs that are more suitable and even send off initial queries highlighting your skills.

One of the big problems is the pushback from professionals. And freelancers need to embrace artificial intelligence to make their business better and work smarter, not harder.

The Benefits of Embracing Automation

There are so many different benefits of using artificial intelligence in your work and projects. Here are some of the benefits that you and global clients can get when you integrate artificial intelligence into your work.

Improved productivity and efficiency 

AI streamlines mundane and repetitive tasks, allowing for a lot of automation that frees up time for the freelancers to complete other tasks that add more value to the organization's operations. Facebook has some AI in the chat options where a customer can ask a question and the response is automatically provided to the customer.

However, other options are available. Some AI can determine when an invoice needs to be sent, especially for recurring work. The invoicing system might also note when a payment is automatically made, calculate the tax, and close the account. In addition, if the client hasn't paid, the artificial intelligence job might be to remind the customer to pay their invoice.

Another way that freelancers might benefit is with writing work. AI can help writers collect notes and article briefs. Artificial intelligence can scour knowledge centers for information, collating everything needed to write the article in a document.

This can save the writer hours of research time, allowing them to improve productivity and increase potential earnings. 

Enhanced service quality

When working a job, it can sometimes be hard to maintain service quality; if you're ill or not feeling at your best, the output can suffer. Not with artificial intelligence. There are no bad days for the software. Therefore, when you do research or compile a load of reports for a company, the quality will always be the same.

ChatGPT is an excellent illustration of how standardized reporting can be offered. Numerous businesses are using ChatGPT now in their customer service because it provides consistent service to customers, answering their questions with ease.

In addition, ChatGPT can help answer numerous questions which can be added to research for articles or reports for any company.

Increased scalability and capacity

By removing some of the long and boring jobs that require few skills to complete, you can increase the capacity that you have for completing projects. You might ask an artificial intelligence system to collect some data for one project. Normally this would take you hours, but the AI can do it for you within a few minutes.

In that time you've saved, you can take on more work. Alternatively, you can improve your work-life balance and take more time for yourself.

ChatGPT has been used extensively recently dealing with customer inquiries and support for many businesses. While this is thought to put some jobs at risk, it is making numerous jobs more worthwhile.

AI can filter out those inquiries which are not ready for purchase, providing them with a great service, but not putting them through to a sales team.

Then if there is someone who is at the point of purchase, ChatGPT can forward that person to a human sales representative to close the deal. Therefore, the sales representative can secure more work, earn more commission, and work less with people who aren't ready to purchase. It will make them feel more fulfilled and help them earn more money.

Competitive advantage

With all the benefits that are above, the competitive advantage will increase. Therefore, freelancers can earn more money, take on more interesting projects, and improve the quality of the jobs that they take on.

In addition, it can create more opportunities outside of their comfort zone, allowing freelancers to expand.

Some freelancers use artificial intelligence to create drafts for articles. These can then be edited by the writer to improve upon their content. Or some media content creators have used AI to render images for marketing purposes. They no longer need to hire expensive models and go to locations; they can create the image on their computer within minutes. One of these AI-generated tools was used to win a photography competition in 2023.

Addressing Concerns and Misconceptions

Numerous fears abound that AI and data science will cause a mass upset in the world, especially for freelance jobs. Here are some of the concerns that some people have expressed.

Potential impact on job security

There are significant concerns that AI will take over many traditional jobs. Some think there will be an AI freelance machine that can complete all the tasks that humans can do, therefore there will be no need for freelancers at all.

While there are justified concerns, research has found that 30% of jobs could be affected by AI. However, research has also shown that there will be new jobs created by AI, outweighing the number of jobs lost.

What needs to happen is that people need to embrace the new technology and learn new skills. Training will be essential for this.

And freelancers are unlikely to lose their jobs. AI will more likely complement them. They can run projects through the AI system and check for mistakes, collect research, and improve their knowledge in less time.

AI can also help them to be more relevant to companies across the world. And as AI use across the world increases, so will the demand for engineers with relevant skills who can provide AI solutions.

Maintaining a personal touch

Another concern people have with AI is that companies and freelancers will lose that human touch. Humans need to have a personal connection—it's important for our mental health. But utilizing AI in our projects doesn't mean we will lose this.

Every job will still need to be managed by a person. And communications will still be managed mostly at a personal level. What AI allows is for some of the less personal and more boring tasks (like data collection) to be carried out. Therefore, the freelancer should have more time to speak to customers and clients.

For example, a freelancer might email and speak to their clients on the phone, while AI scours the internet and other sources for data related to the project. Then the freelancer can relay the information back to the client. Anyone using AI can also be more sure that the data is accurate because the AI can check a wide range of data points, certainly more than even an experienced human can.

How Freelancers Can Implement ChatGPT Automation

There are several ways that freelancers can use an AI freelance machine, like ChatGPT, in their company and their projects. Here are some of the suggestions for you to consider.

Researching and selecting the right ChatGPT tools

The first thing you need to do is to ensure you have the right AI system for your company. You might need to have something that can chat with prospective clients, create draft proposals, or research for you.

Numerous options are available for your company.

Integrating ChatGPT into workflow and client communications

Next, you need to integrate AI into your workflow. Ensure you have a company policy on how AI can be used and when it should be used. You might want to include it in the research phase, or you might have it check all your written work before it goes out to clients.

In addition, try adding AI to your client communications. Then when someone speaks to you, the AI can determine if it can forward the correct answer or needs to ping you to respond for a more personalized response.

Managing the learning curve and adapting to new technologies

You need to spend some time and learn about AI. AI has so many potential uses that a freelance machine can be added to your business in ways to help projects flow by building on existing workflows, or it can be used in new innovative ways to open up opportunities.

You might also be able to open up to the world, offering your services to a wider range of companies that may be interested in your work.

Balancing automation with the human touch

Remember that automation is not supposed to replace you. Whenever you're working on a project, you need to continue to work with the project team leader to ensure you are getting that connection. People buy from people and not from AI, so if you want return customers, this is vital.

However, don't be afraid to use AI when you need to. It can save you time and improve the output of your work.

How Indy Can Help

Indy knows that running a business is not easy. However, with their help and the use of their Digital Assistant feature, you can improve the workflow of your company. The Digital Assistant can help you in numerous aspects of your company, from managing conversations with your clients to crafting contracts. But that’s not everything. Some of the Indy features you might find helpful are:

  • A task management tool that can help you manage any job you have ongoing at the moment. With the scheduler, you will never miss a deadline and can manage numerous projects at the same time.
  • Integrated communications where you can talk to your clients within one dashboard. You can also bring in multiple members of a client's company to discuss important matters, like the data collected from a survey.
  • A CRM system that can help you keep your contacts organized, so you know who to speak to at companies and who might have the data you need.
  • Indy allows for the quick and professional creation of contracts and proposals.

Indy is an all-in-one freelancing app that helps manage proposals, clients, projects, tasks, contracts, invoices, and more. With Indy, your freelance company can take its projects to the next level, succeeding with the help of AI.


AI is a new technology that is going to stay and has a wide range of applications. Whether you're looking to take your data science to the next level or automate your freelance work to save time and improve the quality of work, AI can help freelancers remain relevant.

And to help you get started, why not use Indy? You can start a free trial today to see how our Digital Assistant can help you.

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