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26 Freelance Jobs You Can Do From Home

Dec 16, 2020
(updated: Feb 14, 2023)
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Work from home freelance jobs no longer means small, low paying tasks like survey taking. Working as a freelancer now means having a career you love built around your schedule. Run your own business, work with a small business or freelance for a major corporation. The idea of a full-time desk job is continuing to shift to a work from home model, especially since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Working as a freelancer allows you to design your own schedule, spend more time home with the kids, and have the opportunity to gain new work experience and grow your portfolio. Whether you have a high school degree or a PhD, there are freelance opportunities out there to match your skill sets and interests. 

1. Virtual Assistant 

A buzzword in work from the home job world, virtual assistant is a catch-all term that has many different meanings depending on who is hiring. Small businesses of varying industries are looking for VAs all the time to assist with email marketing, product management, podcast editing, social media posting, client communication, the list never ends. Market your skills and ways you can be an asset to a business’ productivity, and you will find a virtual assistant job that's a good fit for you and the company’s needs.

2. Social Media Manager 

Social media is often the first task businesses begin to outsource as they grow. Creating content and posting it can become a tedious task that takes away from other projects business owners need to focus on, and that’s where a social media manager comes in handy. Create a portfolio of the social channels you have experience with, the analytic data of the audiences you’ve grown, and the engagement you create to show potential clients what services you can offer them.

 3. Influencer

Use your own website or social media channels as a journal to share your passions, opinions, and knowledge/expertise. Authenticity helps to build an audience and create relationships, and those connections can lead to brand deals, creating merchandise, and other opportunities to generate income in exchange for reaching your audience. 

4. Web Designer

Anyone who’s visited a webpage knows that sites that are visually appealing drive more traffic and increase sales. Having an eye for design isn’t a universal skill, and brands are looking for web designers that can give them a fresh, professional look. 

5. Graphic Designer

Marketing materials, social media graphics, branding guides, there are so many projects that require graphic design experience. If you have an eye for design your skills can be used to help businesses present themselves with high-quality, branded content. 

6. Web Developer

Building a website from the ground up and customizing it to run the way a client wants are high-demand skills. Websites are being built every day, and courses can help you level up your skills to offer high-level coding and enhanced search engine optimization. 

7. Freelance writer

Content is everywhere - websites, emails, newsletters, social media, magazines. Writing is not a skill for everyone, but it’s one that every business needs to succeed. Freelance writing skills allow you to work with multiple companies across varying industries to craft a brand’s voice with a written copy. 

8. Copy Editor

Any writer’s work can use the second set of eyes. Sometimes their grammar and spelling can also use some work. Offer your editing skills to companies whose content needs help with tone of voice, spelling, or overall quality. 

9. Tutor

Technology has put education at our fingertips, allowing students to learn from experts all over the world. Whether you use third-party tutoring job boards to connect you with students in other countries looking to learn your native language, or you advertise your own expertise in an area of study you’re fluent in, there are virtual tutoring opportunities at all elementary through college levels. 

10. Curriculum Creator

Use your educational background or work experience to apply for curriculum writer jobs. Some schools bring together teachers to design curriculum, some textbook companies look for academic professionals to update materials or create new educational resources for the elementary through college levels.

11. Data entry

Upload forms, create spreadsheets and enter information into databases. Not all data entry jobs require previous experience, look for ones that provide training for future employees and practice your typing skills to increase your speeds. 

12. Customer Service Representative

Whether over email, chat boxes, or phone, companies all over the world need kind, patient customer service reps to assist customers with product difficulties, missing packages, and incorrect orders. 

13. Photographer/Videographer 

Freelance photography and videography is a giant umbrella of opportunities. Capture weddings, nature, families, portraits, products and more. Many clients are looking for high quality, professionally shot content and others are looking for raw, phone-shot footage for social media. Choose if you are looking for part time or full time work to guide your decision of how many clients you are aiming to work with and if you want to start your own business or work for someone else’s. 

14. Video Editor 

Put your video editing skills to work helping clients with all kinds of projects from simply piecing together video clips to high level green screen or animation editing. 

15. Consultant

Everyone can't be good at everything. Sometimes a business owner needs help, or a company needs a set of fresh eyes to come in, look at a project, and direct a new perspective on it. Use your work experience and the skills you have gained to offer consulting on anything from social media to workflows to software. 

16. Fitness Instructor

The gym is not for everyone and those looking to work out and get fit sometimes need a group class setting or an experienced personal trainer. Bring clients to your home or lead virtual training sessions over video. 

17. Real Estate Processor

Real estate loan processors review loan applications, interview applicants and work with appraisers to close loan packages. It is not a job that requires previous real estate experience, meaning you can register for training, take exams and pivot from a previous career. 

18. Course Creator

Get paid to teach others your skills by selling digital education products. Share your skills in a digital course form with video lessons, educational e-books or downloadable modules. 

19. Voiceover Actor

Narrating videos, commercials and movies is all work that goes into creating video content. Not all voiceover jobs require studios or high-level equipment so many projects can be work at home opportunities. 

20. Translator

Bilingual skills are in high demand. If you speak multiple languages there are opportunities for translating books, documents, movie scripts, conversations and so much more.

21. Branding Designer

Help businesses present a uniform image by developing color palettes, logos, print and digital formatting layouts, etc. Brands with a cohesive design build more trust and generate sales. 

22. Accountant

Help businesses keep their finances in order by offering bookkeeping services to track payments and highlight tax write-offs. Every single business needs accounting, providing plenty of freelance work for trained accountants and licensed CPAs. 

23. Audio Transcriber

As more and more video producers make their content accessible, the opportunity to transcribe audio into written captions increases. Transcription freelance sites offer all kinds of work from short audio snippets to long-form video. 

24. Digital Ads Manager

No one wants to spend money on advertising only to have the ads flop. Companies are always looking for advertising professionals to run their digital ad campaigns to meet targeted results and sales goals.

25. Software Development Engineer

If your resume includes programming language skills such as C++, Java, Python and more, a freelance job in software development may be for you. Bring concepts to life by developing software for a wide variety of industries including the tech space, medical fields or video game industry. Beta test new programs, modify old programs, and design updates for current software.

26. Public Relations

Businesses are always looking for word-of-mouth advertising or public relations. Help connect brands with their target audience through media placement, planned events and more. If you are well-connected in an industry, leverage your connections to build a public relations list you can use to promote your clients and help brands grow their reach. 

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