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Scope Of Work Template For Social Media Manager

May 3, 2023
(updated: May 5, 2023)
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Scope of work is such an important tool for freelancers to help them stay on the right path and meet the requirements of the project. It enables them to know the exact tasks that will be needed, what and when they need to deliver the project, and the roles of each of the team members on hand. Scope of work will enable them to ensure everything successfully meets the deadlines and they are consistent and on time with the work. As part of good project management comes a thorough and well-thought-out scope of work.

If you have a good project management program on hand, you can ensure that all the elements of the task are in one place and easily accessible. Any updates and changes can be made quickly and you can look back at the progress. With project management software like Indy, you can do this and add your scope of work templates, to ensure the project goes to plan. Here in this article, we discuss the best scope of work template for a social media manager.

The Main Divisions of a Scope of Work Document


This section of the scope of work document would give an overview of the project at hand. After discussing the specific project with the client, this would be discussed in this division with an overview of the necessary task. You may list the purpose of the task and why it is being undertaken. Perhaps it would be to increase the followers on the social media account or to conduct essential keyword research.

You could also look at the objectives of the job and outline what you need to achieve to hit the necessary target as a social media manager. The introduction should also discuss the scope of the project. You can also mention exactly who is involved in the project. For instance, if there is a client, perhaps a photographer and even a PR manager involved, you should mention this all in the scope of work document in the introduction section.


Moving on from the introduction, the section you next need in the scope of work template is the deliverables. This goes deeper into the objectives of the task as it looks at the finished product or service that will be produced through this project. Whether it’s compiling a social media plan of action or producing several engaging posts, the service you are providing needs to be discussed in full detail so you know exactly what is expected at the end of the project.

This deliverable also enables you to customize it to include the set criteria that need to be hit for the completed work. For instance, you can discuss any quality standards that you need to reach for the posts to be acceptable and delivered successfully.


The next division you need to discuss on the scope of work template is the timeline. This looks at the schedule of the project ahead with every part of the project mapped out. For instance, if you have to make a social media strategy by a particular date and then have to send the posts within a particular time, this will all be detailed in this section.

You will include any milestones you need to hit in this section. It’s also worth adding the start date of the project and when you will need to complete it. This will help you plan everything out properly as well as charge the right amount. Add any deliverables deadlines where you need to send drafts or particular sections too in this section of the scope to work template.


In this section of the document, you will look at the particular activities that need to be completed along the way of the project. You will detail each step of the task and will make a note of who is going to complete this section. There may be particular tasks you need to outsource to social media other freelancers so you can then assign these responsibilities for each section of the task.

When talking through the social media tasks, you can then look at deadlines and when each task needs to be completed during the project. That way, every subtask on the social media scope of the project will be completed with the end goal in mind.


You will need to mention in the next part of the template the resources you need to use on this specific project. To undertake the task, there is likely a whole list of items and pieces of tech you need to complete within the set deadline. In this division, you will look at all the tools and materials you will need as well as the equipment required to finish the task successfully.

You will need to consider the skills you will need too in case you do need other freelancers to hit those goals. As you discuss the required resources, you will need to look at how and when you can get them. You will also need to make a note of any costs and fees you will need to pay when you do implement a resource contract.


This looks at the different roles that will be needed for the task at hand. It defines every role needed to complete the project and defines who will be taking on the responsibility from the team. This will help ensure that the task is completed effectively with every role being understood from the start. It also ensures everything runs timely with the person in charge of a particular task informed correctly.

This section can also discuss the communication needed and when the person needs to write and send first drafts for example. This will ensure everyone has the right point of call so the project runs smoothly.


The final division of the scope of work template looks at the management of the task. This is a crucial part as this discusses who and how the project will be managed from the start to the end. It looks at who will monitor each stage such as the social media manager and who will control each section of the project. It also looks at who will evaluate the project to ensure that everything is running to plan and going well with the project.

This section will also look at what will occur if anything goes wrong with the tasks during the project. This will explain who should be contacted and what potential risks could occur. That way any issues can be handled and resolved quickly.

Managing the Scope of Work Template Using Indy

When it comes to a successful scope of work template, it’s a good idea to use a program such as Indy to help with the process. Indy has everything an independent contractor needs to be able to compile a scope of work as well as complete the project to the deadline and surpass their potential client expectations. The program offers everything from helping to create social media proposals to creating and sending invoices to clients.

The service has essential tools that can assist you in ensuring the scope of work is followed properly and every expectation is met. From ensuring the deliverables are carried out to making sure the work is on-time, the tools that Indy provides will enable you to carry out the work successfully and hopefully lead to further work from the client when it comes to digital marketing scope social media management.


The article has discussed everything you need to ensure your scope of work helps you to complete the project at hand to the highest level possible and meet those deadlines. As we have discussed, the scope of work delves into each part of the project, ensuring the who, what and when are all covered when it comes to the project. We have also discussed how Indy can help you to follow this to the word and ensure that everything runs to plan.

With templates and everything laid out in front of the team, everyone will know exactly what they are meant to be doing and can go to the program for clarification of timings and what they need to complete. Therefore, we hope we have shown how important a scope of work template is to a social media manager.

Social Media Proposal Template


The job at hand is overseeing an account for fashion store Embargo. The project that will be undertaken will be creating a social media strategy to ensure an increase in engagement and followers to help build the following for the client’s branding online. The parties involved in this project will be the client Embargo and the social media team.

The purpose of the project is to build their online footprint and the objectives are to increase customer interaction, their brand exposure, build their following on all their major social media platforms and analyze the trends in customer interaction and report back to the marketing team.


The main service that will be provided is the running of the social media accounts from Embargo which will be their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. A social media plan will be produced by the social media team with a calendar of posts planned for the months ahead. The takeover of running each social media and the trends will be analyzed by the team.

The posts must be relevant to the industry-specific, intended target audience of 18-25 years old who will be interested in shopping at the Embargo store. All content needs to be approved by the marketing manager at Embargo.


The project will initially begin for three months with an aim for this being a long-standing arrangement. The project will begin on the 14th of May with a proposed meeting to discuss the findings on the 15th of August. The first milestone will be to produce a social media plan with intended posts and their specific dates.

The client has an expectation of two posts a day on each of their social media site once the social media plan has been approved regarding the set posts. A social media advertising campaign proposal also needs to be discussed and approved by the 30th of May.


The social media marketer needs to work on creating a plan which then needs to be approved by the social media manager. There will also be set social media marketers who will work on each of the sites and will post and make customer interactions daily. They will need to feed these back to the clients every week. There will also be another team member who will be analyzing data and identifying any trends in customers' reactions and comments that will be relayed to the client.


For this project, we need to have funding available for social media campaigns which will be placed on Instagram and Facebook. There will also be funding set aside for influencers in the field who will be sourced and paid to post with products from the company. There will also need to be a budget in place for the software to analyze the posts and report our findings.


The responsibility of creating a strategy for Embargo will fall on the social media manager. With the assistance of the social media team, they will help to create a plan by liaising with the client and getting all the important dates of any promotions, new product launches and potential sales. The overseeing of the campaigns will be down to the social marketers who will each take on the responsibility of a different social media account with the task of increasing followers and communicating daily.


The social media manager will manage the project, overseeing the accounts and liaising with the client on what is occurring with Embargo. While the social media team will monitor the posts and any advertising campaigns in place, this will also be overseen by the social media manager.

If there is any bad feedback on the client’s social media accounts, this will be handled quickly with communication taking place in private messages and the issue details being flagged back with the clients. If advertising campaigns are not working, these will need to be adjusted to ensure the most success.

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