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Top 5 Freelance Groups on Facebook You Need to Know About

Nov 24, 2020
(updated: May 2, 2023)
Lesson duration: 5 min

1. 1...2…Freelance: A Community for Creative Freelancers

If you’re a creative, we highly recommend you check this one out. It has everything from job opportunities to answers to helpful questions.

We especially like it because there’s an “introduction thread” where you can get to know the other freelancers in the group a little better. You can just pop in and say hi or you can let other freelancers know what you do and that you’re actively looking for clients. 

It’s a great place to start building your freelance community as well.

2. Freelancing Females

Sorry guys, this one’s for the ladies! Or for any non-binary, transgender, fluid, or female identifying people out there.

If you identify as female, go join this group now! This is a community of over 200,000 women who are redefining the 9-5. It’s an AMAZING source of information and full of inspiring and helpful advice for any other freelancers out there.

Since this community is so large, there are now offsets for each state. For example, if you live in California, there’s a Freelancing Females California group. We encourage you to join the larger group and whatever subset you belong to as well.

I’ve found incredible opportunities through this one!

3. Binders Full of Writing Jobs

As a writer myself, I can’t recommend this group highly enough! The writers here are amazing and really want to help out fellow writers.

This group constantly has TOP NOTCH writing jobs for all levels. Similar to Freelancing Females, there are also subsets depending on what kind of writer you are and what you specialize in. Do you research and join whatever groups seem like the right fit and community for you.

Some of the other binders groups include - Binders Full of Byline and Content Marketing Writers and Binders With Day Jobs Who Also Freelance. Do your research and figure out which one is best for you.

4. Digital Nomad Jobs: Remote Job Opportunities

This group is great to join if you’re looking for remote work or if you want to become a digital nomad. 

Members list remote jobs from all over the world and tips on how to become a digital nomad.

It’s often hard to figure out what remote jobs are legit and worth pursuing, but with this group, the job posting is usually coming from the source itself, so it can be a great resource. 

As with anything, we still encourage you to do your research on any job postings you apply for.

5. Social Media, Marketing, and PR Jobs

If you’re in social media or the marketing field, you’ll want to join this group! The best part about it is that only paid postings are allowed.

That means if you’re applying to a posting, it’s guaranteed to be paid. Obviously still do your research on the job and if the pay is right for you, but it’s nice to know this upfront.

I’ve had some great success from this particular group with finding clients and gigs.

These are just a few of my favorite freelance groups on Facebook. Remember, there are loads of groups on there, so do your research and join the groups that are tailored to your specific niche and are the best fit for YOU!

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