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New Indy Pro Prices Taking Effect March 1st, 2023

Feb 22, 2023
(updated: Mar 13, 2023)
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Our goal at Indy is to make freelancing simple. From the way you manage your workload to how you balance multiple clients and organize your time, we’re solving these challenges so that you can achieve your dream of independence and a better work-life balance. 

Many big updates came to the Pro plan last year, including Zapier integrations that let you automate your repetitive tasks, integrations with your favorite apps, double the file storage, and even more ways for you to customize your work and build your brand. We are continually evolving our tool suite to keep you on the cutting edge. 

We can’t wait to show you everything planned for the coming months. Because of these exciting plans and a desire to continue delivering a quality product to you, we have some increases in our operating costs.

As of March 1st, 2023, the value of our monthly Pro subscription has increased to $12 for new subscribers. Our Yearly plan will continue to reward subscribers with three months for FREE. The Yearly plan is $108/year (a 25% savings over the monthly subscription of $144).

But don’t worry, if you are already subscribed to the Pro plan, this price change does not impact you. Your price has been locked in for the lifetime of your current subscription. 

Good news for existing subscribers

We’re happy to announce that existing subscribers will continue enjoying their current subscription rates for the lifetime of their subscription. There are some additional details we would like to highlight in this quick FAQ:

Q: I’m a yearly subscriber. How does this impact me?

A: It doesn’t! You can sit back and relax with the current Pro plan price that you signed up for. As long as you keep your current subscription active, you’ll continue enjoying the price that you locked in.

Q: I’m a monthly subscriber. How does this impact me?

A: It won’t! You’re sitting pretty with your existing subscription pricing as long as your current subscription remains active. But if you switch to paying yearly, it will be at the new yearly price.

Q: What happens if I unsubscribe temporarily?

A: If you downgrade to a free account and then decide to upgrade to Pro again, it will be considered a new subscription at the new price point.

Want to help your friends save time and money?

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Until next time! 

Thank you for being a valued subscriber or someone who’s considered Indy for your business needs. We look forward to continuing to deliver a great product that makes your work life easier.

- Jonathan Ramos, Co-Founder of Indy

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