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The Power of Personal Branding as a Freelancer – This Week’s Must-Read Tips

Jun 16, 2023
(updated: Jun 14, 2023)
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Ever wonder why some freelancers can make six (and even seven) figures…while others get paid way less for the same tasks? Here’s the BIGGEST reason: Personal Branding!

When you build a strong brand, you can charge way more for the same projects. In this week’s tips, we’re showing exactly how you can develop your personal brand, so you can start earning more money today.

Weekly Must-Read Tips

The Ultimate Guide to Building a Personal Brand

Branding is everything, which is why many professionals use this tactic to make six figures every year. Personal brands are the key to commanding whatever price you want for projects. 

In our how-to guide, you’ll see how you can start developing your personal brand today.

How to Build a Strong Personal Brand Statement

Personal brand statements are the billboard of your freelance business. In two sentences, you need to convince clients what makes you unique. Here’s how you can quickly grab the attention of clients by writing an engaging personal brand statement.

6 Effective Ways to Market Your Freelance Business

Once you’ve developed your brand strategy, it’s important to have a killer marketing plan to attract more clients. These 6 strategies can help bring clients to you, instead of you having to chase after them.

Do You Really Need a Logo and Brand Strategy?

Every invoice has a place to add your business logo, but is showcasing your brand really that big of a deal? It may seem subtle, but it’s a powerful way to reinforce your expertise to clients. Here’s why you shouldn’t ignore business logos.

Is Having an Inactive Social Channel Bad for Your Brand?

Have you ever created a profile only to abandon it weeks later? When clients are looking to hire you, they often head straight to your socials to learn more. Find out what can happen if you neglect to keep your socials active.


The sooner you develop your personal brand, the faster you’ll be able to reach your income goals (and set your sights even higher).

And if you’re looking for an easier way to manage client relationships, Indy helps you create strong contracts that manage client expectations, communicate more effectively with clients, and get paid faster through simple yet powerful invoicing.

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