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Top Ways that Copywriters Approach Landing Page Copy

Dec 24, 2020
(updated: Dec 2, 2022)
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As a freelance copywriter, you will likely need to write copy that promotes a business, product, or service. If you are writing website content, such as a landing page, you need to understand the web content's unique considerations. Learn how to write landing page content that will highlight a company's brand or service and inform and engage your site visitors.

Why Landing Pages are Important

Landing page content is often the first thing visitors see on a website. Landing pages need to be well written, informative, and easily understood. Your heading should include keywords and grab a reader's attention while the first few sentences should be highly engaging.

Effective Landing Pages Increase Leads

Ensure that you know each landing page’s purpose. If you are writing a landing page for a product, be sure to include an accurate product description, size, color options, technical specifications, and any other pertinent information that a consumer may find beneficial. The content should highlight benefits of the product and be honest by not misleading the consumer. 

According to HubSpot, a common underlying purpose of landing pages is for increasing leads. If you are writing a landing page for a business or service, be sure to highlight what the company or service provides, its service area, purpose, and any relevant background information. Additionally it helps to include what makes the business or service unique.

Identify Your Target Audience

Whether you are writing landing page content for your freelance website or content for a client's website, it is essential to identify the target audience. Is your target audience senior-level business personnel, recent college graduates, busy working moms, or young students? The tone and style of your content should be appropriate for your target audience. 

Prospective leads will quickly leave a page if the tone and style do not reach their level of interest or understanding. It's essential to know your audience and use appropriate terminology. You do not want to confuse your audience with words they do not understand or utilize specific industry jargon that may confuse them.

Understanding Landing Page Structure

Landing page content should be clear and concise. The content should be directly related towards each topic or theme and provide the reader with relevant information. Before you begin writing, always read your client's request carefully and pay attention to the requested keywords and specific SEO requirements. Depending on each particular industry you are writing in, your client may want you to include internal links towards a relevant blog post within your pages content.

Clearly label each section with an appropriate heading or subheading, which will lead the reader naturally down the page. Headings and subheadings help keep a page organized and ensure that a reader can quickly locate the specific information they are looking for.

Conduct Research Before You Begin Writing

Conduct any necessary research and ensure that all of your information is accurate and useful. Before you begin writing, research your topic and ensure that you know the writing project's full scope. Ensure that your sources are accurate, up to date, and from a reputable source. It is typically imperative not to link towards direct competitors or source your information from Wikipedia or other questionable sources. Once you understand your client's request, target audience, customer persona, topic, and scope, the next step will be to create your content outline.

Landing page content should maintain the tone and brand style, align with your content marketing strategy, and ultimately lead your prospect through the sales funnel, transforming a lead into a repeat customer.

Create an Outline

Create an outline for ensuring that your content will include all necessary information. Creating a detailed overview will ensure that you present content in an organized manner and that content includes all crucial information. Planning the content ahead of time will help you write a subject-focused article and make the writing process more manageable. Refer back to the client's content request often during the outlining process to ensure that you don't accidentally overlook a specified requirement.

Consider Including Customer Testimonials

It can be beneficial to have customer testimonials within landing page content; customer testimonials typically appear near the end of the page content. Customer testimonials help prospective customers decide if the business or service is right for them based on previous customer satisfaction. Customer testimonials can also increase a lead's trust in the company's ability of achieving customer satisfaction.

Develop an Effective Call to Action

One crucial aspect of your post will be the call to action (CTA). A CTA will encourage your site visitor to do something such as purchase a product, contact the company or engage with the site somehow. A compelling CTA should be relevant to each page's content, interest most readers, and increase conversion rates. High converting landing pages will cause your readers to want to respond. Be sure to highlight how each lead will benefit by answering the call to action. The CTA typically occurs near the conclusion.

You may want to state a reason that the customer would like to reach out to the business. Here are some examples of a CTA: "Contact us today. For more information," or "sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date with the latest news from our company." Each CTA should feel organic, and the reader should feel naturally inclined to reach out or take action. It is crucial not to appear to press for sales or action too hard or risk pushing the lead away.

New Freelance copywriters have a lot to learn that is unique for the field of copywriting. There is a big learning curve for new freelancers, from knowing how to write a successful landing page to know how much to charge for services. The good news is that freelance writing is a viable career. There are many beneficial tools and resources available for helping freelance copywriters break into the field and sharpen their skills.

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