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22 Best Coworking Spaces in Seattle

Sep 7, 2022
(updated: Dec 5, 2022)
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Seattle is one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. With Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, Amazon, and Starbucks establishing their headquarters in the city, freelancers are flocking to Seattle to start their ventures. Real estate in Seattle is not only expensive (at an average price of $41.40 per square foot for office space), but hard to come by. If you are a freelancer, you should consider coworking. 

Coworking spaces not only offer the amenities you need, including conference rooms, private offices, event spaces, and dedicated desks, but also opportunities for networking with some of the companies sharing your space. Seattle coworking spaces offer a professional environment where you can meet clients or simply take some time to focus on your work in a private space.

We've compiled a list of the best coworking spaces in Seattle, whether you are looking for virtual office services, a creatively inspired coworking space, or just free coffee and a few phone rooms. Some of these spaces even offer childcare (or are pet-friendly) which can make it easy to juggle your work-life balance!

The 22 Best coworking spaces in Seattle

What makes a great coworking space? Whether you are looking for a convenient location, affordable rates, or opportunities to mingle with people in your industry, you should evaluate your options carefully before choosing. Here are our favorite coworking spaces in the city, in no particular order:

1. The Cloud Room 

The Cloud Room coworking space

Source: The Cloud Room

The Cloud Room is located in Capitol Hill within Chopside Row. It’s owned by women and promotes a diverse and collaborative coworking culture. There’s an in-house bar, elegant desks and tables, and a large outdoor patio. You can enjoy unlimited access for $330 per month, or buy a $35 day pass when you need a place to focus or meet clients. 

2. Thinkspace

Thinkspace in Redmond

Source: Thinkspace

If you mainly work from home, but feel like getting out of the house for a few days per week, Thinkspace’s Office Divvy product gives you great flexibility in a beautiful office with views over Lake Union. Set in downtown Redmond, Thinkspace is equipped with charging stations, hot desks, huddle rooms, phone booths, locker storage, and informal spaces where you can work or relax. No long-term commitment is required. 

3. Industrious 


Source: Industrious

Industrious in downtown Seattle is perfect for small teams that want to work in a trendy environment close to the many bars and restaurants in the city. Industrious offers members a complimentary breakfast prepared by onsite chefs, along with free coffee and snacks throughout the day. 

There are all of the amenities you’d expect from a coworking space in Seattle: color printing, phone booths, event space, and comfortable furniture. At $735 per person, it’s not the cheapest option on the list, but if you love kickstarting your working day with a cheese omelet and a good cup of local coffee, you won’t find a better spot unless you are willing to check into a hotel for the next year or so. 

4. WeWork Sunset North

WeWork Sunset North

Source: WeWork

While WeWork’s financial woes have been widely publicized, their coworking spaces remain excellent. Now rechristened the We Company, there are several beautiful locations across Seattle to consider. 

The modern Midwestern decor at the Sunset North office creates a warm interior for those rainy Seattle afternoons, but there are several perks on offer to really warm your heart. This includes mail handling, support staff, fast internet, and locally crafted coffees and beers to spoil yourself after a long hard day. There are fifteen locations to consider, and pricing varies. Hot desking starts at around the $300-mark, but you can also book a permanent desk for $500 per month. 

5. Office Nomads

Office Nomads

Source: Office Nomads

Office Nomads is one of the earliest coworking spaces in Seattle. It’s known for its focus on creating collaboration and connection between individuals sharing the space. The company provides free meeting rooms that can be booked for up to two hours every day, along with private phone booths, printing and copying, and storage space. 

6. The Pioneer Collective

The Belltown branch of the Pioneer Collective

Source: The Pioneer Collective

The Pioneer Collective, set in the historic Pioneer Square, is perfectly suited to entrepreneurs and artists. It offers private offices, event space, meeting rooms, and solo or group memberships for single freelancers and teams. There are private showers for those that want to jog or cycle to work, color printing, fast Wi-Fi, local coffee, and more, in a convenient location close to the Metro and Sounder train station. The neighborhood is as trendy as it gets, with boutique shops, bars, and restaurants to enjoy. 

7. Galvanize Seattle 

Galvanize Seattle

Source: Galvanize Seattle

Galvanize consists of 51 private offices and 12 coworking desks. Located within Seattle Plaza’s 600 Business Center, between the retail heart of the city and South Lake Union, this is the perfect spot to position yourself if you want to mingle with tech and retail giants. 

The building itself makes the trip to work worth it. This iconic 20-story high-rise features tall ceilings, large windows, and natural light. There are plenty of eateries and high-class restaurants where you can pick up a bite to eat during breaks, too. 

8. The Riveter

The riveter coworking space in female-run

Source: The Riveter

The Riveter Seattle is a female-centric workspace designed according to what female entrepreneurs may want and need from a coworking space. Members can enjoy perks like 24/7 access, expert programming, and a notable mother’s room for women that need to balance motherhood and their career. 

Aside from the encouraging environment, comfortable seats, and calming decor, there are free passes to try out and numerous events you can participate in. Memberships start at around $99 for ten hours a day, and full-time access will cost around $375 per month. There are dedicated desks and private offices if hotdesking isn’t your thing, and Riveter also partners with hotels so that you can enjoy unlimited lobby working for just $25 per month. If all this sounds good, there are three spaces to choose from, including Capitol Hill, Fremont, and Bellevue. 

9. WeWork Holyoke

WeWork Holyoke

Source: WeWork Holyoke Building 

WeWork’s Holyoke is one of the most exciting coworking spaces in the city. It occupies all six floors of the historic Holyoke building, the first to be constructed after the Great Seattle Fire of 1889. There are exposed brick and stone walls, high ceilings, tall windows, and luscious common spaces. Like most WeWork spaces, you can bring your dog to work to break the ice. The Seattle Ferry Terminal is within easy walking distance, and there’s a bus stop nearby, as well as parking in a building across the street. 

10. Seattle Makers

The coworking Studio space at Seattle Makers

Source: Seattle Makers

If you love working with your hands, Seattle Makers is the best coworking spot you can hope for. Housed in the old School of Visual Concepts building, they have a range of tools, including hand and power tools, laser cutters, 3D printers, metal and wood CNC mills, and even sewing machines. If you are still a beginner, you can even sign up for workshop courses to refine your skills. Best of all? The price. You will pay just $87 for a five-day pass or $97 for monthly unlimited access. 

11. Atlas Workbase

Shared Space at Atlas Workbase

Source: Atlas Workbase

Atlas Workbase provides a quiet, productive, and flexible way of working. The amenities are highly professional (and comfortable). There’s gourmet coffee, showers, a spa, and even more to enjoy. You can make use of their hotdesking options with a $19 day pass, which also gives you access to the lounge, or spend $350 for full-time membership. Alternatively, if you need virtual office services, you’ll spend $39 per month. 

12. Works Progress

The ultra-trendy Works Progress coworking space in Seattle

Source: Works Progress

Works Progress is located in Seattle’s Maple Leaf neighborhood and has created a coworking space where diverse professionals can connect and grow. Memberships include comfortable workspaces, unlimited printing, conference rooms, call rooms, kitchen space, and refreshments. Here’s what makes it different though: Works Progress also houses AV recording studios, VR labs, and other unique spaces creative freelancers can use. 

The services are thorough as well. There are discussion boards, business agents, and virtual office packages to support your venture as it grows. Perhaps best of all? You can bring your dog to work. Coworking prices start at $6 per hour or $325 for unlimited access every month. 

13. Black Dot

Black Dot offers a unique ecosystem for freelancers

Source: Black Dot

Black Dot was created to help freelancers excel through shared knowledge and support. The space focuses on individuals of African descent, shared community values, and cultural responsiveness. They offer shared and private office spaces, training rooms, coworking labs, and conference rooms that can be booked at an hourly rate. 

14. Regus Columbia Center

Regus kitchen space in Columbia Center

Source: Regus Columbia Center

If you need a coworking space with a view, you can do worse than the 42nd floor of the Columbia Center, the city’s tallest building. Regus Columbia Center offers more than a prestigious address, though. Set in the heart of the bustling financial district, the site is professional without being overly stuffy, with a fitness facility, coffee bar, outside seating, virtual office services, and meeting rooms with VC capabilities. 

There are incredible views over the entire Seattle Metropolitan area to keep you inspired. Pricing starts at $420 per month, which is on the pricier side, but it’s a great place to hobnob with Seattle’s financial captains of industry. 

15. WeWork Hawk Tower

wework Hawk Tower

Source: WeWork

WeWork Hawk Tower on South King Street is positioned right in the heart of the startup tech community in Pioneer Square. The building itself has been newly constructed, facing CenturyLink Field. There are regular gameday views, Seahawks viewing parties, and much more, including bike storage and a mother’s room. Transportation is quick and easy via King Street station, with plenty of entertainment options for after-work fun. 

16. Hing Hay Coworks

Hing Hay is a nonprofit coworking space in Seattle

Source: Hing Hay

Hing Hay Coworks focus on collaborative, collective growth and motivation. As a nonprofit coworking space, there are multiple flexible membership options to suit the needs of coworkers, with large meeting rooms and event spaces that are beautifully decorated. 

There are focus booths, dedicated desks, and a mail service available. You can purchase a single-day pass for just $30 or $300 for unlimited hotdesking. For $50 extra, you can choose a dedicated desk. Set in the heart of Chinatown International District, this is one of the most diverse areas of Seattle to work from and a great hub for networking.

17. Knack Coworking

an inspiring mural at Knack Coworking

Source: Knack Coworking

Knack Coworking is a creative and upbeat coworking space that provides every startup and business with access to critical resources, including unlimited copying and printing, a podcast studio, high-speed internet, private phone booths, meeting rooms, and local tea and coffee. There are also plenty of workshops and happy hours so you can meet other members. 

18. Surf Incubator

The coworking space for tech companies, Surf Incubator

Source: Surf Incubator

If you are a freelancer in the tech industry, Surf Incubator may be the space you’ve been searching for. This collaborative, respectful, and focused working environment offers mentoring sessions, educational events, resources, and spectacular views for $400 per month for a dedicated desk. You can also rent a private office for $1500 per month and book meeting rooms for $20 per hour. 

19. Inc Coworking

there are quiet, parents-only rooms at Inc Coworking where you can GSD

Source: Inc Coworking

Inc Coworking has a simple motto: Get Stuff Done. This nonprofit space offers playschool facilities for young parents that need childcare while they work. If you are juggling a freelance career and the needs of a young child at the same time, you’ll appreciate the quiet parents-only rooms, play areas, and the support of other working moms and dads.

Membership is very straightforward. It will cost $50 per quarter, with $15 per hour for the playroom. You can also buy punch cards with a fixed number of hours of access to childcare, valid for two months, for emergencies. 

20. Collective Chemistry

Collective chemistry

Source: Collective Chemistry

Collective Chemistry focuses on the creative sciences, including graphic design, photographers, cinematographers, and web designers. There’s a common area with shared working spaces, a lounge, a phone room, a conference room, and a screening room. The company believes that “freelancers support freelancers,” so there will be plenty of opportunities to mingle in this space. 

21. Spaces 2+U

Spaces 2+U

Source: Spaces 2+U

Spaces 2+U is located in downtown Seattle’s business district, where big names like Amazon have made their homes. There are ping-pong tables and bean bag chairs, but also professional meeting rooms, fast Wi-Fi, and shared spaces. The building itself is modern and overlooks Puget Sound. As with most Spaces companies, you can choose between hot desks, dedicated desks, and private offices for up to 20 people. 

22. Expansive Workspace

expansive workspace

Source: Expansive

Expansive offers six stories of elegant workspaces in the historic Pioneer Building, known for its large central atrium. This bright and airy workspace has been fitted with the best modern amenities you can hope for, including top technology and fast Wi-Fi. There are many benefits you can access as a member, including community activation, marketing opportunities, and VIP treatment at any location nationwide. There’s also a dedicated mother’s room for workers with small infants, with soft seating, a dedicated fridge, and a locking door. 

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right coworking space isn’t easy, but Seattle offers plenty of flexible options for freelancers that want to work with others. Whether you want aesthetics and a great view to inspire you or swanky meeting rooms to impress your clients, you will find something on this list to meet your needs. 

Always ask whether or not the company offers day trials, and make sure you take a full tour before committing to a monthly contract. Some venues may advertise perks that cost extra, and others require long lock-ins that might not suit your current career trajectory. 

When you do find the space that’s right for you, use it! One of the hardest things about being a freelancer is that you need to find your clients and collaborators on your own. Coworking can help you make that part of your job a little easier. Attend classes and networking sessions to make sure you use your new contacts. Happy coworking!

And to manage your freelance business, you’ll need a system like Indy to organize and manage your work in one place. Indy has the necessary productivity tools for your freelance business, including proposals to turn leads into clients, contracts to help you protect your work, and invoices to get paid fast. 

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