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10 Best AI Tools for Music Production in 2024

Jan 23, 2024
(updated: Jan 22, 2024)
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Welcome to the future of music production. In the last few years, the fusion of artificial intelligence and creativity has taken center stage, revolutionizing the way we make music. Whether you're a seasoned producer or just starting your musical journey, these AI tools are here to amplify your skills and inspire your sonic adventures.

In this article, we're exploring 10 top-notch AI companions that are changing the game in music production.

10 Best AI Tools for Music Production in 2024

There's tools out there for every scenario; whether you want to produce AI-generated music from scratch or make adjustments to your own music, these are the best AI tools for music production.

1. Soundraw

Need royalty-free background music? Kicking off our list is Soundraw, a powerhouse in the realm of AI-assisted music creation. While professional musicians will want more control over their music, this AI music generator is perfect for you if you need royalty-free tracks for YouTube videos, podcasts, and other projects. Just choose the mood of the track you want it to produce, and you'll have an original song for your videos.

This takes the fear out of getting a copyright strike from music labels. Plus, you can create better moods for your videos without having to click through hundreds of tracks or worry about another creator using similar songs.

2. Stable Audio

Every music producer needs a stable foundation, and that's precisely what Stable Audio provides. If you've heard of ChatGPT and Midjourney, you can get a pretty good idea of how Stable Audio works. You can type in a prompt for the type of sound you're looking for, and Stable Audio will create AI-generated songs based on your prompt. Like Soundraw, it's perfect for when you want to create royalty-free music. But unlike Soundraw, you can have more control over the kind of music that you want.

3. Loudly

Loudly is another platform that allows you to create AI-generated music. Unlike Stable Audio, Loudly is a bit easier to use because you don't have to be a prompter to achieve great results. You can simply click on the type of music you're looking for, select its energy level, and choose how long you want the track to be. Then, click "Generate," and it will produce an original track in seconds.

While you won't have nearly as much control over the final sound as you would with software like Stable Audio, which enables you to craft your own custom prompts, Loudly is the perfect choice if you're seeking a quick way to create high-quality music in your favorite genres.

4. Synplant

In the world of AI tools, Synplant stands out as a virtual garden for cultivating musical ideas. In fact, Flume (one of the world's most popular DJs) loves this software and has used it to produce some of his tracks. This innovative tool goes beyond traditional synthesizers, using AI to evolve and grow unique sounds.

Ditching the traditional "knobs and faders" style that synthesizers use, Synplant lets you create music using "seeds" and "branches." Start with a "seed." Then, grow different "branches" out of the seed to produce high-quality music. It may sound more confusing than it is until you get your hands on it. This tool puts a unique spin on music-making, assisting you in generating unique tracks.

5. Google Tone Transfer

Part of the fun of AI is being able to do things that were previously never possible. Enter Google Tone Transfer; a platform that allows you to create interesting music by transforming tones into other sounds.

For example, you could change the tone of a car horn into an organ or transform animal sounds into instrumentals. The power of Google Tone Transfer lies in its ability to take everyday sounds and turn them into music that resonates with your personal touch. If you like to experiment with sounds, this is the perfect software for you.

6. Dreamtonics Synthesizer V

Love producing music and writing lyrics but don't have easy access to someone who can sing it? Dreamtonics is a dream software for you. It easily replicates human singing, so you can add high-quality voices to your tracks and produce the next famous musician right from your home studio. The best part about Dreamtonics is that it can be used 100% offline, so you can work on the go without an internet connection.

7. Landr Studio

Trusted by Grammy award winners, Landr is one of the most popular post-production platforms, helping you master tracks with the help of AI to produce studio-quality music tailored to you.

It even has its own distribution platform built right in, so you can easily release tracks to 150 different streaming platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music, with Landr acting as your "music label."

8. Voicify

As the name suggests, Voicify focuses on producing voices that can sound like anyone, including famous musicians. You can create "models" by feeding voice samples into the software and it will produce a "cloned" voice of that artist. So, if you ever want to compose music for your favorite artists, Voicify can make that possible.

However, please note, that selling music that uses an artist's voice is illegal without the celebrity's consent. Even uploading tracks for free that recreate an artist's voice can potentially garner a lawsuit. That being said, you can also use Voicify to create original voices and even blend voices together into new creations.

9. can remove vocals or specific instruments from music without any loss of quality. This is great for when you want to create instrumentals out of your favorite tracks, play around with remixing music, or break down songs to better understand their composition.

10. Playbeat

Playbeat by Audiomodern takes beat making to the next level by using an algorithm to analyze how you use the software to help it learn your style and make suggestions that it thinks you would like. It can be great for coming up with new ideas that you might not have thought before. Playbeat can be your perfect brainstorming partner that gives you new inspiration for your next track.

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A Quick Recap

And there you have it – a glimpse into the future of music production with these cutting-edge AI tools. As technology continues to intertwine with artistry, the possibilities are endless. Whether you're seeking inspiration or looking to generate tracks, refine your sound, and push creative boundaries, these AI companions are your partners in musical innovation. Embrace the future, embrace the sound, and let the AI symphony begin!

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