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The Top 8 Project Management Bloggers to Read Right Now

Nov 29, 2020
(updated: Dec 5, 2022)
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Project management went from being this basic concept of time management to a profitable career path that's expected to grow 33 percent by 2027, that's an estimated 22 million new jobs. Needless to say that starting a career in project management today will probably give you a great return on investment tomorrow. 

Truth be told, whether you're thinking about a change of careers or you already are a project manager, following some top bloggers in this field can help you stay in-the-know about latest techniques, software, and more. 

Leading Top Project Management Bloggers

Let's start with the big names when it comes to project management tips. These experts are considered celebrities in this world. Once you start following their blogs and advice, you'll understand what we mean. 

Brad Egeland's Blog

Don't let this vintage-looking blog throw you away. Brad Egeland has over 25 years of professional experience as a project manager, consultant, and author. He also just happened to be named among the top ten project management influencers (yes, that's a thing). His blog touches on plenty of related topics ranging from methodologies, task delegation, and business strategy articles to help you get a better grasp on this subject.

Peter Taylor - The Lazy Project Manager

Not only is Peter Taylor a bestselling author, but he also takes teachings from his books and pours them into his blog, "The Lazy Project Manager." Taylor is all about working smarter and not harder. He explores how to go from nada to complete, explaining the project management's ins and outs while still giving you enough time to find work-life balance. 

Ron Rosenhead

The CEO of Project Agency, Ron Rosenhead, has over 15 years of risk and project management training and coaching experience. Here, readers can get straight-from-the-source tips and the answers to every project manager's most frequent questions. While the blog hasn't been updated recently, it still has endless information that can be extremely valuable, even today. 

Elizabeth Harrin - A Girl's Guide to Project Management

The unique perspective Elizabeth Harring brings to the project management career is utterly engaging. After realizing not many women were blogging about project management, she started writing the blog, and today she's one of the top project management bloggers out there. Although she provides tips and advice for women, specifically, everyone can benefit from her insight and advice on managing projects from the start. She's always sharing news about the latest developments in the project management industry and covering events. 

By far, one of the boat project management blogs out there right now. Leigh Espy has over 15 years of experience as a successful project leader under his belt. Project Bliss is your spot for how-to articles, tips on growing your business, and complete guides for beginners. If you're new to project management, this is the blog you want to be regularly checking. Everything is set in simple words that you can understand and learn as you become more confident in your abilities.

Mike Cohn's Blog

It would take an entire blog post alone to talk about Mike Cohn's credentials. One of the founders of Scrum Alliance, Mike's blog is an excellent resource for every Agile and Scrum team. His blog covers each of Agile and Scrum elements, shares user stories, the latest on project management tools, and so much more. For anyone looking for the best ways to lead a successful team and installing Agile and Scrum to get things done faster, this is a must-read. 

Gina Abudi

Gina Abudi just happens to be the president of the Project Management Institute Massachusetts Bay Chapter Board of Directors. When it comes to getting the most extensive information about project management you can think of, Gina's blog is that space. She's continuously sharing news about corporate events, conferences, and project management forums. She also uses this blog to share her own experience with team building, business process management, HR, and so much more. 

Susanne Madsen

The author of two project management books, Susanne Madsen, is a project management rising star. She's a coach, trainer, and consultant with over two decades of experience under her belt. Her blog is just one of the many ways she connects with her audience. Here, her blog offers actionable tips and tricks that can help you clarify tricky concepts of project management. Plus, she shares her way of gaining insight and a new perspective when working with different project management styles. Beyond her blog, it's a must to follow her videos, webinars, and podcasts to get the most out of her resources. 

Worthy Mentions

To be honest, there are so many top management bloggers out there this list could grow forever. We couldn't end the list without adding some worthy mentions:

These project management blogs will help you gain the knowledge you need to continue your career growth in the project management industry. Whether you're just getting started or you've been on this career path for some time, these blogs are an excellent resource to continue making progress. 

If you’re interested in learning more about mastering project management, the Indy team also has a blog for you here

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