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16 Best Google Calendar Alternatives in 2024

Jan 24, 2024
(updated: Jan 23, 2024)
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In today's fast-paced world, staying organized is key to managing our daily lives efficiently. While Google Calendar has been a go-to for many, it's always a good idea to explore alternatives that may better suit your needs. Whether you're looking for enhanced features, a seamless integration with other tools, or a fresh interface, we've got you covered.

In this article, we'll dive into 16 of the best Google Calendar alternatives that can elevate your scheduling and productivity game.

Why Look for a Google Calendar Alternative?

While Google Calendar remains a popular choice for many users, exploring alternatives can offer a range of benefits and features that may better align with your preferences and needs. Here are a few compelling reasons to consider looking for a Google Calendar alternative:

Diverse feature sets

Google Calendar alternatives often come with diverse feature sets that cater to specific user requirements. Whether you're seeking advanced customization options, seamless integrations with other tools, or unique visualizations of your schedule, alternatives provide a range of functionalities beyond the standard calendar offerings.

Enhanced customization

Prioritizing extensive customization options, some calendar apps allow users to tailor the experience to their preferences. From choosing different calendar views to personalizing the overall appearance of the app, exploring such alternatives can offer the flexibility you desire for a highly personalized calendar experience.

Specialized use cases

Tailored for specific organizational needs, some calendar apps cater to unique use cases such as business or personal organization. These solutions provide features designed to meet the specific requirements of teams, projects, or family coordination. Exploring alternatives enables you to find a calendar app that aligns with your organizational needs.

Innovative design and user experience

If you appreciate innovative design and a delightful user experience in a calendar app, there are alternatives that focus on providing visually appealing interfaces. These apps prioritize a user-friendly design without compromising on functionality, offering a fresh and enjoyable approach to managing your schedule.

Privacy and data control

Concerns about data privacy and control over personal information may drive users to seek alternatives. Some calendar apps prioritize user privacy and offer additional security features. Exploring alternatives allows you to choose a calendar app that aligns with your preferences for data protection.

16 Best Google Calendar Alternatives

There's no shortage of Google Calendar alternatives available, which can make it challenging to figure out which one might be right for you.

From simple calendars with just the basics to robust planners that can also help you manage other areas of your business, we've put together a list of the 16 best options available to help you find your ultimate project scheduling calendar.

1. Indy Calendar

For freelancers, solopreneurs, and independent business owners, Indy Calendar isn't just a calendar app; it's your all-in-one productivity powerhouse! Seamlessly integrating with Indy's tasks, proposals, contracts, and invoicing, Indy Calendar empowers you to not only keep track of your entire day, week, and month but also effortlessly manage your projects from start to finish.

You can sync Indy Calendar with Google Calendar to see all of your events in one place. Plus, its integration with project management tools allows you to effortlessly navigate through tasks and deadlines. What's more, collaborating seamlessly with clients through dedicated client portals fosters efficient communication and project progress tracking.

So, if you're ready to elevate your organizational game, Indy Calendar is the go-to solution. It's time to experience productivity redefined – because managing your schedule and projects has never been this intuitive!

2. Apple Calendar

For those deeply ingrained in the Apple ecosystem, the Apple Calendar is a natural choice. With its clean design and seamless integration across all Apple devices, managing your schedule becomes a breeze. The ability to sync events with iCloud ensures that your calendar is always up-to-date, whether you're on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

Apple Calendar's intuitive interface makes creating and managing events a simple task, and its compatibility with other Apple apps enhances the overall user experience. If you're committed to the Apple ecosystem, this calendar app is a reliable companion for keeping your life organized. Like other Apple products, Apple Calendar may not offer extensive flexibility, but its simplicity and user-friendly interface make it effortless to get started.

3. Microsoft Outlook Calendar

Microsoft Outlook Calendar is a powerful tool for professionals. Its robust features include not only scheduling but also email management and task tracking. The seamless integration with Microsoft Office tools makes it a great choice for those working in corporate environments. For instance, with Teams Meetings, you can effortlessly plan, host, and join online meetings and events using Microsoft Teams, all without the hassle of opening a separate window.

The calendar's user-friendly interface allows for easy event creation and management, while its integration with Outlook's broader suite of productivity tools ensures a seamless workflow.

4. Cal

Cal's smart suggestions for event titles and locations make adding events a breeze, and its integration with for task management adds an extra layer of productivity. With its intuitive design, smart scheduling features, and easy event sharing, Cal stands out as a user-friendly alternative that doesn't compromise on functionality.

The app's aesthetics set it apart, offering a visually appealing way to interact with your schedule. If you're someone who appreciates a calendar app that combines functionality with a visually pleasing design, Cal could be a good fit.

5. Zoho Calendar

Zoho Calendar caters to businesses with its suite of productivity tools. Offering collaboration features and integration with Zoho Mail and Zoho Projects, it's a suitable choice for teams looking for an all-in-one solution for communication and project management. Zoho Calendar's ability to create multiple calendars for different aspects of your life or work allows for effective organization.

The seamless integration with other Zoho apps ensures that your calendar is part of a larger ecosystem, enhancing overall productivity. If you're part of a team or business that relies on Zoho's suite of tools, Zoho Calendar provides a cohesive and feature-rich solution for managing schedules.

6. Asana

While primarily known as a project management tool, Asana also offers a calendar feature. The ability to visualize tasks and deadlines in a calendar view makes Asana a versatile option for teams. Asana's calendar integrates seamlessly with its task management features, providing a comprehensive overview of project timelines.

The ability to switch between different views, including a timeline view for long-term planning, adds flexibility to how you interact with your schedule. Asana's collaborative features make it easy for team members to stay on the same page, ensuring that everyone is aware of upcoming deadlines and milestones.

7. nTask

nTask goes beyond just scheduling by providing task management and team collaboration features. The calendar function seamlessly integrates with other nTask modules, offering a comprehensive solution for project-oriented teams. nTask's calendar allows for easy visualization of tasks and events, providing a clear overview of your schedule.

The integration with task management features means that your to-dos and events coexist in one platform. The collaborative nature of nTask ensures that teams can stay connected and informed about project timelines.

8. Calendly

Calendly heavily focuses on scheduling, making it a good contender for those who frequently schedule appointments. With its user-friendly interface, users can set their availability, share a personalized link, and allow others to schedule meetings within those time slots.

The seamless integration with popular calendars ensures that your availability is always up-to-date. Whether you're coordinating with colleagues or setting up client meetings, Calendly streamlines the scheduling process, saving you time and reducing the back-and-forth of finding suitable time slots.

9. Basecamp

Basecamp's calendar feature is part of its project management platform. With features like to-do lists, file sharing, and messaging, Basecamp's calendar is suited for teams that need a centralized hub for both planning and execution. The ability to attach files, create to-do lists, and communicate within the platform ensures that all aspects of a project are managed in one place.

Basecamp's calendar becomes a tool for collaborative project planning, offering a holistic approach to team organization. For teams seeking a project management solution with integrated scheduling, Basecamp provides a cohesive platform.

10. Teamup Calendar

Teamup Calendar is designed with collaboration in mind. Offering color-coded sub-calendars, easy sharing options, and real-time updates, it's a suitable choice for teams looking to stay in sync with each other's schedules. Teamup Calendar's color-coded sub-calendars provide a visually intuitive way to organize different aspects of your life or work.

The easy sharing options, including customizable access permissions, make it simple to collaborate with others. Real-time updates ensure that everyone stays informed about schedule changes. Whether you're managing a team's projects or coordinating family events, Teamup Calendar offers a flexible and collaborative approach to scheduling. Its emphasis on simplicity and collaboration makes it a valuable alternative for those who prioritize shared calendars.

11. Cozi

Tailored for families, Cozi combines a shared calendar with shopping lists and to-do lists. The family-friendly interface makes it easy for everyone to stay on top of events and responsibilities, making it a standout choice for household organization. Cozi's focus on family organization sets it apart from traditional calendar apps. In addition to scheduling events, Cozi allows families to create and share shopping lists, to-do lists, and meal plans.

The shared family calendar provides a centralized view of everyone's activities. The ability to assign colors to different family members adds a personal touch to the calendar. If you're looking for a family-oriented calendar app that goes beyond basic scheduling, Cozi offers a solid solution for keeping your household organized.

12. Trello

Known for its kanban-style boards, Trello's calendar feature provides a visual representation of tasks and deadlines. If you're a fan of Trello's card-based organization, integrating the calendar view can enhance your project management experience. Trello's calendar view complements its kanban boards by offering a time-based perspective on tasks.

The drag-and-drop functionality makes it easy to move tasks between dates. Trello's flexibility allows users to customize their boards and calendars to suit their preferred workflow. For those who appreciate a visual and customizable approach to task and project management, Trello's calendar feature adds an extra layer of organization to the Trello ecosystem.

13. Edo Agenda

Edo Agenda focuses on simplicity and elegance. With a clean design and intuitive interface, it's a great option for individuals who want a straightforward calendar app without unnecessary complexities. Edo Agenda's strength lies in its minimalist design that doesn't sacrifice functionality. The clean interface provides a distraction-free environment for managing your schedule. Edo Agenda's straightforward event creation and management make it easy to use for individuals who prefer a no-frills approach to calendar apps.

The app's focus on simplicity extends to its customization options, allowing users to tailor the app to their preferences without overwhelming them with unnecessary features. If you're seeking a calendar app that prioritizes elegance and ease of use, Edo Agenda offers a streamlined solution for organizing your time.

14. One Calendar

One Calendar is a universal calendar app for Windows 10 that integrates with various calendar services, including Google Calendar, Outlook, and more. Its clean and customizable interface makes it a solid choice for Windows users seeking flexibility. One Calendar's universal compatibility ensures that you can sync and manage multiple calendars in one place. The customizable interface allows users to personalize the app to their preferences.

With support for different calendar services, including Google Calendar and Outlook, One Calendar provides a unified view of all your events. Whether you're managing personal, work, or shared calendars, One Calendar's seamless integration and user-friendly design make it a reliable choice for Windows users looking for a versatile calendar app.

15. DigiCal Calendar Agenda

DigiCal stands out with its rich customization options. From color-coding events to choosing different calendar views, DigiCal allows users to tailor the app to their preferences. It's a feature-packed alternative for those who value personalization. DigiCal's strength lies in its extensive customization features. Users can color-code events, choose from various calendar views, and personalize the overall appearance of the app.

DigiCal's widget support adds convenience to your home screen, providing quick access to your schedule. If you're someone who appreciates a high level of personalization in a calendar app, DigiCal offers a feature-rich experience that allows you to make the app truly your own.

16. Fantastical

With natural language input, a day ticker, and calendar sets, Fantastical offers a great experience for users who want both style and substance. Fantastical's standout feature is its natural language input, allowing users to create events using plain language. The day ticker provides a unique visual representation of your schedule, making it easy to glance at your day's events. Calendar sets allow users to organize different calendars into sets for streamlined viewing.

Fantastical's attention to detail in both design and functionality makes it a solid choice for users who appreciate a polished and feature-rich calendar app. If you're looking for a calendar app that combines elegance with advanced features, Fantastical offers a great experience for managing your schedule.

How to Choose the Best Google Calendar Alternative for You

Selecting the right calendar app is a personal choice that depends on various factors, including your workflow, preferences, and specific needs. To help you make an informed decision, consider the following factors when choosing the best Google Calendar alternative for you:

1. Identify your priorities

Assess whether you prefer a minimalist interface, advanced customization options, or collaborative features. Understanding your workflow priorities will guide you toward an alternative that aligns with your preferences. If you're looking for a calendar that goes beyond scheduling and helps you manage tasks, invoicing, and more, consider using a comprehensive solution like Indy. It offers much more than just schedule management, allowing you to streamline every aspect of your business.

2. Integration with ecosystem

If you're deeply integrated into a specific ecosystem (e.g., Apple or Microsoft), choose an alternative that seamlessly integrates with your devices and applications. This ensures a cohesive experience across your digital environment.

3. Customization and personalization

Take into account your aesthetic preferences and evaluate the significance of visual design in a calendar app. Some alternatives prioritize offering a visually pleasing design along with extensive customization options.

4. Collaboration needs

If you collaborate in a team or require a calendar for family coordination, prioritize alternatives with robust collaboration features. Solutions designed with collaboration in mind can enhance teamwork and coordination.

5. Privacy and security

When privacy is a concern, delve into the approach each alternative takes towards data security and privacy features. Some calendar apps emphasize providing users with control over personal information and additional security measures.

6. Project management integration

Evaluate whether your need extends to a calendar app seamlessly integrating with task and project management features. Solutions catering to project-oriented individuals and teams often provide integrated project management solutions.

7. Ease of use

Consider the user-friendly nature and intuitiveness of the interface. Some apps focus on delivering a delightful user experience, emphasizing simplicity in event creation and management.

8. Scheduling efficiency

If efficient meeting scheduling is crucial, explore alternatives that streamline the process of setting up appointments and syncing with your existing calendar. Some solutions, for example, prioritize scheduling efficiency to simplify the coordination of meetings.

How Can Indy Help?

When it comes to monitoring your schedule, managing tasks, and collaborating with clients, Indy can do it all, making it the perfect alternative to Google Calendar for running your entire business.

Here's how Indy helps you:

  • Calendar: Schedule meetings and get a daily, weekly, and monthly view of everything that's due or overdue. Indy's Calendar integrates seamlessly with Google Calendar to keep everything in the same place.
  • Proposals: Craft compelling project proposals effortlessly and win more clients.
  • Contracts: Get ready-made contracts that protect your business and build trust with clients.
  • Invoices: Generate polished invoices with ease and get paid right through Indy.
  • Tasks: Manage projects with to-do lists and Kanban boards. Plus, organize your tasks within their own project workspaces.
  • Client Portals: Collaborate with clients in a centralized communication hub where you can chat in real-time, share files, and keep everyone on the same page every step of the way.
  • Time Tracker: Automatically track and log the time spent on each project to make billing easier.
  • Files: Upload, store, and share documents with clients and get feedback and approval.
  • Forms: Indy has questionnaires, intake forms, project briefs, and feedback forms to help you get the information you need from clients to nail your projects and grow your business.

Indy has everything you need to manage your business under one roof. Get started today for free!

A Quick Recap

In the world of calendar apps, the choices are abundant, catering to a diverse range of preferences and needs. Whether you prioritize a seamless integration with your existing ecosystem, collaborative features for team projects, or a simple yet elegant design, these Google Calendar alternatives have something for everyone.

Take the time to explore these options, find the one that resonates with your workflow, and elevate your productivity to new heights. After all, a well-organized schedule is the foundation of a successful and balanced life.

If you're seeking more than just a basic calendar, Indy stands out as the clear winner. It lets you streamline your entire business in one, unified platform, including calendars, contracts, client management, and invoicing. Get started today for free!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why should I consider using a Google Calendar alternative?

While Google Calendar is a widely used and reliable option, considering alternatives can provide you with features and functionalities that might better align with your preferences and needs. Some alternatives offer unique design elements, enhanced customization, and integrations that could enhance your overall scheduling experience. Exploring different options allows you to find a calendar app that suits your specific workflow and personalizes your organizational approach.

Are these alternatives compatible with multiple devices?

Yes, the majority of the mentioned alternatives are designed to be compatible with multiple devices. For example, Apple Calendar seamlessly integrates across Apple devices, including iPhones, iPads, and Macs. Microsoft Outlook Calendar is accessible on various platforms, and Cal has a user-friendly interface that works well on both mobile and desktop devices. Ensuring compatibility across different devices ensures you have the flexibility to manage your schedule wherever you are.

Can I sync these alternatives with my existing calendars?

Absolutely. Most alternatives are equipped with the capability to sync with popular calendar services, including Google Calendar and Outlook. For instance, Indy Calendar syncs with Google Calendar events, ensuring that your events are consistently up-to-date across all your calendar platforms.

Are these calendar apps suitable for business use?

Yes, several alternatives are tailored to meet the demands of business use. Indy Calendar, Microsoft Outlook Calendar, Zoho Calendar, Asana, and Basecamp, for instance, provide features that go beyond basic scheduling. They offer collaboration tools, task tracking, and integrations that enhance productivity in a professional setting. Choosing a business-oriented calendar app can streamline communication and project management within a team.

How do family-oriented calendar apps like Cozi work?

Family-oriented apps like Cozi are designed to facilitate coordination and organization within a family unit. Cozi, for example, allows multiple family members to share and view a common calendar. In addition to scheduling events, it includes features like shared shopping lists and to-do lists. This makes it an ideal choice for managing family activities, appointments, and responsibilities in a centralized and collaborative manner. Cozi ensures that everyone in the family stays informed and organized.

Do I need a calendar app or project management software?

While there are many popular calendar apps that can keep track of each calendar appointment, for business owners dealing with complex projects, contracts, and invoicing, a comprehensive project management software like Indy becomes essential. Whether you require a streamlined personal calendar for everyday appointments or a robust business calendar for managing large projects and scheduling recurring events and tasks, Indy is the ultimate all-in-one solution, catering to your needs.

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