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Cross-Tools Automation Now Available for Proposals, Contracts, and Invoices

Dec 28, 2022
(updated: Jun 7, 2023)
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A major update just dropped for Proposals, Contracts, and Invoices! This is the biggest upgrade we’ve made to these tools in a while, and we’re excited to unveil Indy’s newest feature.

You now have the ability to automate select client communications within Indy’s tools, freeing up needed time to get more work accomplished or simply relax. You deserve it.

Sound exciting?

Let’s take a closer look!

How it works

Prior to this update, if your proposals and contracts were approved or declined and you wanted to send a follow-up email, you needed to carve out precious time to create the email and send it. While follow-up emails are highly effective for converting prospects into dedicated clients, it can be tedious to manage multiple clients in the various stages of onboarding them into your business.

Not to mention, when trying to book new clients—timing is everything! And waiting too long to respond can mean the difference between reeling the client in, or losing them to another freelancer who responded sooner.

All the while this feeling of urgency is pulling you away from other critical tasks needing to be finished.

That is…until now. 

We’re excited to release this new update to Contracts, Proposals, and Invoices, allowing you to automate any follow-up emails, so you can send the perfect message at exactly the right time without having to lift a finger (once the automation is set up).

You can also auto-send clients a contract once they approve your proposal, or have Indy automatically create a billable invoice once a contract gets signed!

cross-tools automation

Just create a “trigger” for when a proposal or contract is:

  • Sent to a client
  • Viewed by a client
  • Approved by a client
  • Declined by a client
  • Expired

Then create an “action” that automatically sends an email to the client immediately after the prospective client triggers one of the steps listed above.

cross-tools automation

We have an email template to help you get started. You can edit and customize the template’s messaging to fit your needs and business brand.

After that, it takes just a moment to set up the automation, saving you countless hours of having to manage the communication of multiple clients going forward.

Now you can communicate with clients any time they need you without having to interrupt the flow of current projects (or even when you’re resting)!

Who can use it?

For a limited time, this automation is available to everyone while the feature is in Beta. This gives you time to test drive it and experience first-hand how much it accelerates your workflow. 

When the full version is released, these cross-tool automations will be part of the Pro plan, along with the rest of our automated tools, for $9.00/month or just $6.50/month when paid yearly.

Wrapping up

We’re excited to continue bringing you the latest advancements in productivity and can’t wait to see how our cross-tools automation simplifies your freelancing.

We’ll be rolling out more triggers for Proposals, Contracts, and Invoices in the coming months, along with expanding this functionality to more of Indy’s tools, including Time Tracker and Tasks.

Thank you for choosing Indy as your partner in freelancing. We appreciate your support and, as always, your feedback is welcome!

Until next time,

Jonathan Ramos

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