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How to Create an Electronic Signature and Sign up for a Contract

Aug 18, 2021
(updated: Jun 7, 2023)
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Traditional signatures take over three days, while e-signatures take less than an hour to obtain signed documents. This blog demonstrates how to use platforms like Indy to sign contracts online. If signing and handling contracts is a source of frustration for you, keep reading. 

What is an E-signature?

An e-signature is a method of providing legal consent or approval over the internet. It allows you to sign almost anything without having to print and sign a document physically. E-Signatures are becoming increasingly popular because of their convenience. E-signatures can:

E-signatures are primarily used in marketing and sales deals to speed up the process and get people to sign legally binding NDAs and other contracts (when hiring people online).

Why use an E-signature?

Using an e-signature instead of a handwritten signature allows parties to agree on a contract without being in the same room; you can do it via email, mobile technology, or a contracting platform in the browser. Signing contracts and other documents online is usually more convenient.

‍Top Benefits of Using E-signatures

Below are the top reasons to sign any contract online.

More secure

Handwritten signatures online can be more secure than people imagine. It's pretty easy to tamper with paper documents by scanning and reprinting them. Using electronic signatures, all parties receive a copy of the document that cannot be tampered with once it is signed. The correct contract management software can detect even the tiniest change in a record.

Fast turnaround time

Email is to traditional signatures what e-Signatures are to snail mail. They speed up the process by completing tasks practically immediately, regardless of where the relevant participants are. You won't have to physically transfer your contracts to your stakeholders if you sign them electronically. Your arrangements don't even need to be printed. You may move straight from drafting your agreement to having it signed by employing an online signature.

Lower costs

E-Signatures lower the risk of human error besides saving money on packaging, paper, and ink. Signature errors can hamper development. At their worst, they result in significant financial losses. An online signature eliminates these signing errors because of its automated nature. They can also send out notifications regarding difficulties with records or compliance.

Simple and intuitive

The most important advantage of adopting an electronic signing is its simplicity. Using e-signature software, you may effortlessly upload your document, sign it, and send a highly secure link to the recipient. The recipient will then sign the document and will complete the process. Isn't that simple? By opening the link and making a few clicks, you can use the signatures. As a result, there's no need to waste time manually signing contacts and documents.


In today's globally connected business world, companies and freelancers deal with many customers and partners. If you choose manual signing and paperwork in this situation, it will take a long time. However, an online signature like Indy makes remote authentication possible. You can sign the document with just a few clicks. Don't bother with document printing and scanning. 

how to create an electronic signature

Requirements for an E-Signature to be Legally Binding

Consent to do business electronically

The consent to conduct business electronically must be expressed or implied by both parties. Before signing, Indy asks users to confirm their consent before any signature request.

‍Intent to opt-out or sign a clause

E-signatures are only legitimate, like traditional wet ink signatures, if the user shows a clear intent to sign. Most platforms allow users to decline signature requests, allowing them to opt-out of electronically signing a document.

‍The signature associated with a record

E-signatures must be linked to the document that is being signed. Most e-signature platforms, for example, do not allow e-signatures to be sent to anyone unless they are part of a signed document sent by the signer.

Record retention

The E-Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN Act) guarantees the validity of e-signature records as long as they accurately reflect the agreement and can be replicated as needed. Most popular e-signature software solves this problem by giving them a fully executed signed copy or downloading a copy of the signed document. 

electronic signature

How to Create an E-signature?

Step-by-Step Signing Process

Type it

The signing process starts by choosing a typeface and type your name or initials. You can choose between handwriting-like fonts and standard fonts using e-Signature platforms. You can also change the signature color. You can download your signature once you're satisfied with it. Your new signature will be saved as a PNG file on your computer and will be ready to use.

Draw it

Drawing your signature is also a great option if you want to. Draw it with your mouse, trackpad, or stylus on your preferred platform. You can also change your signature's angle, thickness, and color to make it unique. When you're finished, save it as a PNG. It will then be ready to use.

Upload it

Finally, you can upload a photo of your wet ink signature to make your signature seem precisely like it. Make a copy of your signature on a blank sheet of paper and scan or photograph it. Your signature will be this image of your signature.

Is it Legal to Sign Contracts Online?

Most e-Signature platforms offer legally binding Signature solutions for your online contract requirements. The media must meet the needs of the United States. Regarding e-signatures and transmissions, the E-Signature in Global and National Commerce Act of 2000 (ESIGN), the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA), and the European Union eIDAS (EUNo.910/2014). As a result, eSignatures are quick, simple, and legally binding. (source)

Signing Documents Electronically

Many companies offer specialized software to people signing documents electronically (primarily PDFs). Top platforms to sign documents online include 

They all provide rudimentary document signing functionality, with an affordable entry-level price for the most basic features. 

Online signatures are the most convenient way to sign contracts and documents. They save money and time, and they can be used by anyone with an internet connection anywhere in the world. To begin signing contracts online, all you need is an online signature and a platform like Indy to ensure that your e-Signatures are valid and legally binding.

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