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locationGeorgetown, TX United States

Abby C

professional organizer + declutter expert || central TX
Organizational Logistics LLC.

About me

I work to help clients transform chaos into tranquility. Through a no-judgmental process, I help identify problematic systems in homes and learn what my clients' ideal life would consist of. With this information I tackle whole homes, the result is a long-lasting and the process is uniquely catered to each client.

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How do you keep the creative fires burning?

The satisfaction I get from clients is totally the fire for me. For a lot of clients when we first meet they are anxious and stressed, their clutter is bringing stress into their life. After all the decluttering and organizing the clients generally are more centered and grounded. Helping bring peace and calmness into other lives truly fulfills the inner healer inside me.

What does the perfect job look like to you?

The perfect job is all about the client relationship. I love when there is mutual understanding between both parties, clear boundaries, trust, goals and expectations. While letting go of control is not easy, it is crucial for every client to give a little and gain trust in their organizer. Acknowledging how difficult it is to let someone into your home and give them access to parts of your life, the end result is quiet magical. ,

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